New 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight for Everyday Carry


New 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight for Everyday Carry

1000 lumens is an excellent amount of light for any tactical flashlight. It’s powerful enough that it illuminates a large area easily and is useful in a variety of situations. I was intrigued when I first heard about the Klarus XT1A 2018 flashlight. Klarus was promising 1000 lumens out of this small pocket flashlight and I had my doubts about it. I’ve seen flashlights that are compact and deliver a ton of lumens but typically at a cost and that cost is usually in the runtime. However, after carrying this pocket flashlight around for a couple weeks and using it regularly, I can say that Klarus did an excellent job with this compact flashlight delivering those 1000 lumens. So today I want to talk about the Klarus XT1A and review this really great everyday carry flashlight. I’ll talk about the features and important things for any user to know as well as my thoughts including pros and cons and a conclusion about this flashlight.


1000 Lumen Everyday Carry Flashlight

1000 Lumen EDC Flashlight
Klarus XT1A Everyday Carry Flashlight

As you’ve probably already read in the paragraph above, the XT1A pocket flashlight delivers up to 1000 lumens. It features a smooth and slightly deeper reflector so you got a really nice hot spot and a good amount spill. I was surprised to find out that the 1000 lumens actually lasts for about an hour on a fully charged battery. I’ve seen everyday carry flashlights that last 15 maybe 20 minutes with that 1000 lumens so color me impressed with the XT1A.

It’s also extremely compact and easy to clip on a pocket and forget about it until you need it which is pretty much what I have been doing the last couple weeks. It’s a very lightweight flashlight and when you clip it onto your pocket it’s very easy to get used to and pull out when you need it. For me, it’s important that my everyday carry flashlight is lightweight and compact enough that I will forget that I have it on me until I need it. if it’s too heavy or too bulky and I can feel it too often then it’s uncomfortable and I don’t want to keep carrying it. The XT1A was the perfect weight and size for a pocket flashlight.


Tactical Flashlight with Multiple Outputs

high intensity flashlight
1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Klarus XT1A

You do have a few different brightness levels and outputs with the XT1A. To be precise, you have 5 total outputs which include three brightness levels, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode. Having those multiple outputs is really great because it allows you to be prepared for anything. The brightness levels are as follows: high is 1000 lumens, medium is 80 lumens, and low is 5 lumens. Now I know I complained about this with other flashlights and I know I should get used to this, but I’m not. I am not a fan of the jump between the medium brightness level and the high brightness level. 80 lumens is a good amount of light, but I think I would rather see somewhere between 200 to 400 lumens because that’s a better middle between that 5 lumen low and that 1000 lumen high.

Either way, it’s always great to see different brightness levels which gives you some options. I also like seeing both a strobe mode and an SOS mode in any tactical flashlight. A strobe mode is a great way to protect yourself while the SOS mode is a great way to signal attention to yourself. I like that the XT1A pocket flashlight ensures that you’re prepared for anything that comes your way.

The XT1A also has a really great switch design. It has dual tail switches that are really easy to differentiate and easily allow you to use the flashlight with a single hand. I really like both the shape difference and texture difference on the tail switches. You can’t get confused about which switch you’re on and it allows you to use the XT1A very quickly which is a must for any tactical flashlight.


Tactical Flashlight with Programmable Settings

A really cool feature of the Klarus XT1A EDC flashlight is the two programmable settings that you can choose between. You have the Tactical Setting that gives you a momentary on, a one-touch turbo, and a one-touch strobe. Next, you have the Outdoor Setting that gives you a momentary on, a one-touch turbo, and a one-touch low. Both of these settings have their pros and cons and I can see users enjoying both of these settings. If you find yourself needing to use that low mode more than the strobe then the Outdoor Setting is perfect for you. But if you really want that strobe mode then keep the flashlight in the Tactical Setting. Either way, you can switch between the settings whenever you’d like to and I really like that about the XT1A.


AA Flashlight

Klarus XT1A AA Sized Flashlight
AA Sized Flashlight

The Klarus XT1A is an AA sized flashlight, to give you an idea of how compact this light is. It’s compatible with a 14500 lithium ion battery and an AA battery which is excellent because AA batteries are so easy to come by and very inexpensive. I recommend using AA batteries as backup batteries because the XT1A comes with a 14500 battery already. Klarus includes a USB rechargeable 14500 battery so you actually have a micro USB port located right on the battery. I cannot tell you how much I love USB rechargeable batteries. I do have battery chargers and I do use them, but if I need to charge a battery on the road or at work I don’t always have what I need with me. However, I almost always have a USB adapter and a micro USB cord so I will always be able to charge that battery.

Another convenient feature the XT1A has is a battery level indicator. Based on the colors that you see on this indicator when you first turn the flashlight on, you can tell about how much charge is left in your battery and plan your usage based on that. I have used this myself when I know I’ll be out all day and I’ll need my flashlight. When I know that my battery is a little low on its charge then I know I’m going to be using that low brightness level more than anything else to make sure that this battery lasts. Having a battery power indicator is extremely convenient.


Durable Tactical Flashlight

Just like with any high quality tactical flashlight, the Klarus XT1A is made out of rugged and long-lasting material. It’s crafted from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish. It does feature a high temperature protection system and has other protections in place such as a low battery capacity protection and reverse polarity protection. Not to mention this flashlight is also impact-resistant up to 1 meter and is waterproof up to IPX8 standards so I can tell you this flashlight is going to last you a long time. For those who may not know what IPX8 means, you’re able to submerge the flashlight under 2 meters of water for 30 minutes and the flashlight will work just fine. This lets you use the flashlight in various weather conditions and not worry about it. The XT1A a fantastic everyday carry flashlight.



1000 Lumen Everyday Carry Flashlight
Klarus XT1A SUPER BUNDLE with EDC Tactical Flashlight

I’ve sprinkled my thoughts and opinions into this review already but now I’ll sum them up in a little package.

Pros: This is definitely one of the most powerful everyday carry flashlights I’ve come across and that is a big pro for me. It’s incredibly versatile with its multiple outputs and programmable settings. I really like the dual tail switches that are easy to find in the dark and the user interface is very easy to learn becoming second nature quickly. I also like that it is an AA flashlight so you can equip it with any AA battery.

Cons: I already mentioned this before, but my biggest complaint about this flashlight is still going to be that jump in lumens between the medium and the high modes. I would really like to see either another brightness level or I would like the medium mode to be more powerful.

Final Thoughts: The Klarus XT1A is a phenomenal pocket flashlight that you will love as soon as you carry it with you. It fits so comfortably onto a pocket and in your hand. It’s really powerful and great for many different situations. I highly recommend you check out the Klarus XT1A tactical flashlight if you’re looking for a new everyday carry flashlight.