10000 Lumen LED Flashlight Review – Fenix LR35R


Fenix released an incredible LED flashlight – the LR35R 10,000 lumen flashlight. I’m excited to review this flashlight today and take a look at all its features. So let’s get started and discuss the Fenix LR35R LED flashlight.

Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

Did you read the 10,000 lumens above? That number is correct. I had to read it a few times myself to confirm it and make sure it wasn’t 1000 lumens. But there it is, a 10,000 lumen output. Saying I’m impressed is an understatement. especially given the compact size of the flashlight itself. It’s about five and a half inches in length with a 2 inch head diameter. So it’s impressively small. 

10000 lumen compact flashlight fenix lr35r

While it’s too thick to be considered an everyday carry flashlight, taking the LR35R with you wouldn’t be too difficult. Just strap it into its holster and you’re good to go. Given how bright the output is, I’m surprised by the compact form factor of this light.

The beam pattern on it is very wide. Fenix boasts a 90 degree angle with this beam. That’s going to light up in front of you like crazy. It features six LEDs which help to give it that power and the short reflectors help to give it the wide beam angle. 

21700 Flashlight

21700 flashlight fenix lr35r

The LR35R Fenix flashlight runs on two 21700 batteries. As you may know, I’m a huge fan of 21700 flashlights and this is the first dual 21700 flashlight that I’ve reviewed. Fenix includes two 21700 batteries that are cold resistant and have a 30A current output. The current output helps to deliver the 10,000 Lumen power. If you use other 21700 batteries that don’t have that output, you’re not going to be seeing 10,000 lumens.

I’m glad that you can use any 21700 battery in this flashlight and it’ll work. Other 21700 batteries may only reach 8500 lumens or so, but that’s still an insane amount of light. And it’s always a good option to have backup batteries. Although, you can also purchase the Fenix batteries that come with the LR35R if you want the same backup batteries. 

Operating the Fenix LR35R 10000 Lumen Flashlight

fenix flashlight lr35r

This LED flashlight is super easy to operate. It just has a single side switch that’s recessed to prevent accidentally turning it on in your bag or in the holster. You press and hold it for less than a second to turn it on and off. While it’s on, you can click it to cycle through the brightness levels. It’s going to start at the lowest brightness level and move on from there. You can also hold the side switch down for about a second to access the strobe mode. This light also has a memory mode that will remember the last brightness level you had the flashlight in. This is a feature I really like in most LED flashlights.

Let’s go into the outputs of this light. You have 6 total outputs and that includes a strobe. The brightness levels are as follows: turbo at 10,000 lumens, high at 3000 lumens, medium at 1200 lumens, low at 450 lumens, and eco at 50 lumens. Quite a bit of versatility with all those outputs. 

Rechargeable Flashlight

The LR35R ultra bright flashlight is USB-C rechargeable! It has inner waterproofing treatment on the port itself so if you forget to close off the port cover, it’s protected from water. This is always good news. According to Fenix, the LR35R charges fully in three and a half hours which is insane. This is why I recommend USB-C rechargeable flashlights. They charge significantly faster than micro USB.

rechargeable fenix flashlight lr35r

This LED flashlight does have a charging indicator located on the side switch. You’ll see red when it’s charging and green when it’s fully charged. The same indicator functions as a battery level indicator. This battery level indicator will light up the first turn on the flashlight for about 3 seconds or so. If you see a constant green then your batteries have at least 85% of its charge. If it’s flashing green then they have about 50 to 85%, constant red means they have about 25 to 50%, and flashing red means they have less than 25% of their charge. 

When you’re using the flashlight and the batteries have less than 25% energy, the indicator will flash red to let you know that it’s time to charge the batteries. That’s the low voltage warning. So if you’re using your flashlight and you look down and see that flashing red, it’s time to charge your batteries. 

I like both the battery capacity indicator and the low voltage warning. Many LED flashlight’s battery indicators work the same way as the LR35R. The only downside to this is that when you’re using the flashlight, you won’t see the battery status level unless you turn off the flashlight and turn it back on again. That’s where that low voltage warning comes in handy. So good on Fenix for including that.

fenix flashlight lr35r 10000 lumens


Final Thoughts on the Fenix LR35R LED Flashlight

>Pros: I have to say that the first pro of this LED light is the 10,000 lumen power coupled with how compact as it is. This extremely impressive ultra powerful flashlight is compact enough to carry with you if you were to need it.

I love that it runs on 21700 lithium-ion batteries and uses USB-C charging. It’s very impressive that it charges as quickly as it does. That means less time on the charger and more time in use. It’s also great to see a battery level indicator and low voltage level indicator. I’m a big fan of battery level indicators, but when you add in the low-voltage warning indicator, it just works out so much better. 

Cons: This is a nit-picky detail, but it would be nice if you could use other 21700 batteries and still achieve 10,000 lumens. The batteries that the LR35R come with are not exactly proprietary, but are needed in order to get the full output. However, as I said before, 8500 lumens is still a great amount of light.

Conclusion: I’m extremely impressed with the LR35R. And I’m still in shock that such a small flashlight can deliver such incredible power. I think that this may be one of Fenix’s most popular products simply because of that alone. However, it has more going for it including a lot of great features that we touched on today. If you’re wanting an ultra powerful light, check out the Fenix LR35R 10,000 Lumen flashlight.