4 Reasons to Carry a Tactical Flashlight


I review a LOT of tactical flashlights on here and I’m sure I’ve written before about why a tactical flashlight is a good tool to have. However, today I want to list 4 very real reasons to carry a tactical flashlight. Not everyone carries a tactical flashlight in their everyday gear which I believe to be a mistake. The great thing is tactical flashlights come in all shapes and sizes so you can find a really small tactical flashlight to carry with you such as the Nitecore E4K EDC flashlight. That torch is around four and a half inches in length making it easy to carry in a pocket. The benefits that a tactical flashlight can bring you far outweighs the possible inconvenience carrying a flashlight may cause. Let’s look at why I recommend you carry a tactical flashlight.

LED Flashlights Light Up the Night

Let’s just start with the most obvious shall we? You can guarantee that night is going to come and with it, darkness, unless you live in Alaska when the sun is out constantly. Having a tactical flashlight on hand gives you the ability to light up the night and see around you. This especially comes in handy after daylight savings time ends where it gets darker maybe even before you leave work. Not all streets and parking lots are illuminated and it can be difficult to find your way around. The thing about a tactical flashlight or any LED flashlight for that matter, is that a lot of people don’t expect they need one until suddenly they’re in a situation where they really wish they had one. Having a tactical flashlight just allows you to be prepared.

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Not only that, a tactical flashlight can be extremely handy when dealing with power outages whether you’re at home, at work, or at a friend’s house. They can also be useful if you’ve dropped something in a dark place like underneath the couch or inside your car. Just carry a tactical flashlight with you for a week and see how often you pull it out. You may be surprised by how frequently you end up using a flashlight.

Tactical Flashlights Can Help Prevent Crime

Imagine walking down an unlit street or parking lot to get to your car. You feel uneasy, paranoid, and just want to hurry and get to your car. We are all familiar with that creepy feeling of being in the dark and out in the open. Having a flashlight not only gives you peace of mind, but it can also deter potential attackers. Many attackers prefer to attack in darkness and having a flashlight not only can blind them, but can also call attention to what’s going on. It’s a lot easier for you to fight in a self-defense situation or run if you can see what’s happening. You can see this study done in New York that shows outdoor lighting cut crime by 39%. Obviously, a small flashlight is not going to make up for multiple street lights, but it could still help to deter a potential attacker who wishes to not be seen.

Tactical Flashlight Self-Defense

Let’s say you do find yourself in a nasty situation where self-defense is required. Your tactical flashlight will offer more than just light. First of all, if you were to see someone coming at you, you can use a high-powered tactical flashlight to temporarily blind the person coming at you. The bright light will call attention to you and disorienting the attacker will allow you to get away. Many times tactical flashlights will come with a momentary on which means that you can shine the beam out of the flashlight without actually turning the flashlight on all the way. It can often cut down on time and allows you to quickly release your finger turning off the light and run away while the attacker still needs to adjust to the blinding light. 

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Many LED flashlights also offer a strobe mode. This mode is extremely disorienting because it rapidly flashes light into an attacker’s face. I’ve also been told that it is a good idea to move the flashlight around while strobing and keeping the beam focused on the attacker as this is more disorienting. The strobe will disorient the attacker, call attention to what’s going on, and allow you valuable time to get away. Not all flashlights have an instant strobe and many everyday carry flashlights may not even have a strobe. The momentary on feature can create that strobe effect if you barely press and impress the flashlight.

Finally, many tactical flashlights come with a strike bezel. Some strike bezels are better than others, but a good portion of them can still do damage in a self-defense situation. If you find that the attacker’s on you, you can use the strike bezel of a tactical flashlight as a weapon to help you get away from the attacker. 

Tactical Flashlights to the Rescue

We’re onto the fourth and final reason to carry a tactical flashlight and that is: a tactical flashlight can help in an emergency. I already said before that having a tactical flashlight allows you to be prepared and you have no idea how true that is until you find yourself in an emergency situation. For example, imagine your car breaking down and having to pull over to the side of the road in the middle of the night. With a flashlight on hand, you can examine the car and discover what the issue may be. 

It’s also a handy thing to have if there’s a power outage. Every year in the central US, severe thunderstorms are extremely common which means power outages during are also common. Being out when a power outage happens is really not fun and having a tactical flashlight on hand helps you to navigate in the dark.

Another way that an LED flashlight can come to the rescue is to aid other people. If you see someone else’s car broken down when it’s cold and dark, it’s your tactical flashlight to the rescue. You can also help others who have dropped items under their car, who may need assistance in the dark, and more. In fact, this flashlight forum is one of my favorite to go to so that I can read stories about how having a tactical flashlight or an LED flashlight has helped others.

two modes on nitecore e4k flashlight

So there you have it! 4 very good reasons to carry a tactical flashlight with you. Tactical flashlights used to be quite a bit bigger, but as LED technology advances and flashlight technology advances, we’re starting to see more power with smaller flashlights. This way brands are able to combine and everyday carry flashlights with a tactical flashlight, designing tactical features in a flashlight small enough to carry in your pocket. For this reason, you don’t have anything to lose by carrying a tactical flashlight. If you’re now on the hunt for a good flashlight, check out my list of the best tactical flashlights to give you a good idea of what you may want.