4000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Acebeam L30 Gen II


Another tactical flashlight review coming at you! Today I’m taking a look at the Acebeam L30 Gen II 4000 lumen flashlight. It looks like 4000 and more lumens is becoming a fairly common number. It keeps popping up with tactical flashlights. It’s exciting to see flashlights become brighter and brighter. So in this review I’m going to go over the features of the L30 Gen II and talk about my opinions overall on the LED flashlight.

Acebeam L30 Gen II First Impressions

Right out of the box, I really like how this flashlight looks. It has a good design to it with a classic tactical look. The knurling design on the body is fairly standard but does provide a good grip and that’s really what matters. There are some heat dissipation fins which is always good to see. With these higher-powered flashlights, they heat up very quickly and due to temperature regulation functions it will drop in output. Having these heat dissipation fins helps to keep the flashlight safe and hopefully you’ll see a longer run time with the turbo mode.

I wouldn’t consider this a pocket flashlight or even an everyday carry flashlight because it’s nearly six and a half inches in length and the larger head on the flashlight would make it difficult to put in a pocket. It does come with a pocket clip and I could see myself clipping it to the outside of my pocket rather than the inside. But I wouldn’t want to carry any everyday carry flashlights on the outside of my pocket.

I’ve already mentioned, it delivers a whopping 4000 lumens which is extremely impressive. It’s sporting a Cree XHP70.2 LED and it has a a fairly significant hotspot with a good spill. It has a pretty good balance between the hot spot and the spill. I really couldn’t tell you which one is more significant. I can tell you that L30 Gen II has a maximum distance of 373 meter giving you some range without hotspot.

Rechargeable 21700 Flashlight

rechargeable tactical flashlight acebeam l30 gen ii

A rechargeable tactical flashlight! This always makes my day. The L30 Gen II is a micro USB rechargeable flashlight that features a micro USB port cover on it. I will admit, I’m spoiled by the Nitecore i4000R with their rotary cover for the port. It’s nice not having to worry about port covers coming off or forgetting to secure them on. Nevertheless, I appreciate that it is micro USB rechargeable.

The L30 Gen II tactical flashlight runs on a 21700 lithium-ion battery but it is compatible with an 18650 or two CR123s, you just need to use that 18650 battery adapter that it comes with. I’m impressed that this 21700 flashlight can run on three different kinds of batteries. This is extremely useful. On top of that, the light is able to charge both a 21700 and an 18650 battery. Very impressive. Also, Acebeam does provide a 21700 battery with this light which is a plus.

Acebeam L30 Gen II Easy Operation

You have an easy operation with the L30 Gen II. There are two switches, the tail switch on the side switch. The tail switch gives you a momentary on, an instant turbo, and that’s all it does. The side switch operates the flashlight entirely from turning it on and off to cycling through all the brightness levels. It also features a few shortcuts – double press for turbo and triple press for strobe. It can also lockout if you would prefer to just use a single output with the tail switch or to prevent accidental illumination while carrying the light.

This is actually a very interesting interface. I like that the tail switch operates only the turbo. I could see this being particularly useful for police officers and security guards who really may just need that momentary on and turbo. With a tactical flashlight, I always recommend getting one that has an instant turbo and this is it. So well done to Acebeam on the user interface because I think it’s really great.

best led flashlight acebeam l30 gen ii

Multiple Outputs on the Acebeam L30 Gen II

With this tactical flashlight we have six total outputs and that includes a strobe. There’s the turbo at 4000 lumens, high at 2000 lumens, medium 1000 lumens, low at 200 lumens, and a moonlight at 1 lumen. I think a Moonlight mode is a great feature on this light. Moonlight modes can be helpful anytime you need to be stealthy or draw a little attention to yourself. The spacing between the brightness levels is pretty good. It could be tweaked to provide something between the 200 lumen low and moonlight of 1 lumen, but that’s a picky comment at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.

The run time with the moonlight mode is 65 days so plan your usage right and this flashlight can last a long time before you need to worry about charging it. These specs were measured using that included Acebeam battery so I’m not really sure what would change if you were to use an 18650 battery or two CR123 batteries. I imagine that the outputs along with the run times will change but I don’t know what they would be. That’s something to keep in mind however. If you were getting this flashlight for the 4000 lumen output, you’ll definitely want to make sure to use the 21700 battery with this light.

This light also features a mode memory function which is excellent. Since you have the instant turbo, you can use the mode memory function to conserve the battery by sticking with a lower output with the side switch. I like mode memory functions for a multitude of reasons, but especially for battery conservation.

The L30 Gen II tactical flashlight has a low battery warning. The light will flash 3 times every 5 Seconds when the voltage is very low. I know some users ignore or simply don’t notice the low voltage indicator. Acebeam ensures that you can’t ignore it which is a good thing. Once the low voltage indicator starts going off you need to start charging that battery. If that battery drops below a certain voltage, you won’t be able to charge it via the micro USB on the flashlight and will need to use a battery charger. A lot of the time, flashlights don’t come with low voltage indicators so you may drain the battery too much without noticing. Thankfully, that’s not the case with this Acebeam flashlight which is a big positive.

Durable Tactical Flashlight

durable tactical flashlight

I was expecting this light to be just as durable as most of the other ones I review, but it actually has more going for it. It’s made out of aircraft grade aluminum and is impact-resistant up to one meter. However it’s waterproof up to 5 meters which means you can submerge it 5 meters into the water. Now I don’t know exactly where this rating is because Acebeam didn’t actually specify a rating. If they did, I missed it. However, IP68 or IPX8, the rating we most often see with high quality tactical flashlights, indicates that the flashlight can be submerged in 2 meters of water for half an hour. The Acebeam L30 Gen II can be submerged in 5 meters of water, but I’m not really sure what the specified time would be. Nevertheless, I suspect that this light is going to hold up extremely well in heavy rains and even accidental drops in the pool.

Final Thoughts on the Acebeam L30 Gen II

Pros: My favorite thing about this light is the user interface. I like that the tail switch only operates in Turbo. I know there are some users who prefer single output flashlights due to the simplicity, and I think the Acebeam L30 Gen II gives you the best of both worlds here by giving you a single output on the tail switch and multiple outputs and shortcuts on the side switch. I also appreciate that it can run on three different batteries and it’s a 21700 flashlight. I think the low voltage warning is great and the 4000 lumens is very impressive.

Cons: These are some nitpicky details, but aren’t deal breakers for me so I just want to point that out now. I would’ve liked this LED flashlight be a USB-C rechargeable. Micro USB isn’t quite as fast and with the 21700 battery you’re going to be seeing longer charge times.

Conclusion: This is fantastic tactical flashlight. I could easily see it being used by police officers and law enforcement and I could see it being used by flashlight enthusiasts. It’s a simple but very functional flashlight that has a lot to offer. It’s extremely durable, look sleek, have some versatility to it. so if you’re on the hunt for a new light, check out the Acebeam L30 Gen II tactical flashlight.