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5 Best Rechargeable Pocket Flashlights

I know everyone has their preference when it comes to their pocket flashlights or everyday carry flashlights. For me personally, I prefer a rechargeable pocket flashlight because I will most likely be using it quite a bit and would rather recharge it then have to worry about replacing the battery. So today I want to look at the 5 best rechargeable pocket flashlights. These flashlights are from different manufacturers, have different features, have different outputs, and each is unique in its own way.

Fenix E30R 1600 Lumen EDC Light

Fenix E30R best edc flashlight

The first flashlight I want to talk about is a Fenix light. It’s also the smallest flashlight on this list at less than 4 inches in length. The Fenix E30R is a powerful little flashlight. It has a two-way pocket clip, it’s easy to carry with you and is lightweight and features a wonderfully wide beam. 

It has a single side switch that turns the light on and off, cycles through the brightness levels, and accesses strobe. And also features a lockout function to prevent your flashlight from turning on while in your pocket or in a bag. The E30R LED flashlight features 5 brightness levels that range from 3 lumens to 1600 lumens. 

This is an 18650 flashlight that uses a magnetic charging function. So you have the included proprietary magnetic cable that snaps into place on the flashlight and charges it without a fuss. The E30R can also run onto CR123 batteries. This is a powerful pocket flashlight so I highly recommend you look into the Fenix E30R.

Nitecore NM02 21700 Rechargeable Flashlight

nitecore nm02 everyday carry flashlight

Next we have a Nitecore flashlight, the Nitecore NM02. This flashlight is less than 5 inches in length, features a removable pocket clip, and has 4 Cree LEDs. These LEDs help this light hit its 2700 lumen maximum output. What an impressive amount of light!

Operating the NM02 is simple due to its single tail switch design. You can turn the flashlight on and off, cycle through the brightness levels, and hold the switch down to get to the turbo mode. The NM02 LED light has 5 outputs ranging from 5 lumens to 2700 lumens and it does not feature a strobe mode.

This pocket flashlight has a built-in 21700 battery which means you’re not able to change the battery at all. It is micro USB rechargeable so charging the battery is really easy. If you’re wanting a powerful rechargeable flashlight, check out the Nitecore NM02.

Surefire Stiletto Pro Rechargeable Flashlight

surefire stiletto pro tactical flashlight

The Surefire Stiletto Pro is a really unique looking flashlight. It’s about 4.5 inches in length and has an attached pocket clip for easy carrying. It features a maximum output of 1000 lumens with a nice balance beam.

The Stiletto Pro features a triple switch design with a tail switch and two side switches. The tail switch activates a momentary-on and has access to the high brightness level and strobe mode. One of the side switches cycles through the brightness level while the other side switch swaps the settings. Speaking of, the Stiletto Pro has two settings to choose from. In the first setting, you can choose for the levels to cycle from low to high and in the second setting you can choose for the levels to cycle from high to low. 

This pocket flashlight features only three outputs: high at 1000 lumens, medium at 300 lumens, and low at 25 lumens. It also features a strobe mode. However, there are no other shortcuts with this light. So no instant turbo or low. 

The Stiletto Pro flashlight features a built-in lithium polymer battery which means you can’t remove it. It’s micro USB rechargeable as well. The Stiletto Pro is easy to use and has some versatility with the two settings. If you’re a big fan of Surefire flashlights, make sure to check out the Surefire Stiletto Pro.

JETBeam KO-02 Tactical Pocket Flashlight

1800 lumen tactical flashlight jetbeam ko 02

We’re onto the JETBeam KO-02, a tactical pocket flashlight. It has a maximum output of 1800 lumens, is around 5 inches in length, and has a nice tactical look to it. The only thing it’s missing to be truly tactical is a tail switch. It features a single side switch that turns the light on and off, cycles through the brightness levels, and accesses the strobe mode. Speaking of, the JETBeam KO-02 features 5 brightness levels that range between 12 lumens and 1800 lumens.

This pocket light is compatible with three different lithium-ion batteries. You can use a 21700 battery, a 20700 battery, or an 18650 battery and that’s really nice. It also charges using USB type-C charging. USB type-C typically charges faster than micro USB so I like to recommend USB type-C rechargeable flashlights especially if they run on 21700 batteries.

The KO-02 is an awesome flashlight because it’s powerful, compatible with different batteries, and uses USB-C charging. Make sure to take a look at the JETBeam KO-02 flashlight.  

Nitecore TM9K 9500 Lumen Pocket Light

Nitecore TM9K tactical pocket flashlight

Onto our last light on this list. The Nitecore TM9K is a powerhouse pocket flashlight to say the least with its 9500 lumen max power. It’s less than 5 inches in length and can easily be slipped into a bag or pocket. It features 9 Cree LEDs so the beam on this light is extremely wide. 

It features dual tail switches which are always preferred with tactical flashlights. The main tail switch gives you a momentary-on and constant-on while the secondary switch cycles through the brightness levels and accesses turbo and strobe. The TM9K pocket flashlight has 5 brightness levels ranging from 30 lumens to 9500 lumens. It’s important to understand that the 9500 lumen turbo is a burst turbo so it won’t last long at all. It’s meant to be used in very small sessions. 

This LED light has a built-in 21700 battery and features USB-C charging so you get a faster charge with this light. If you’re wanting the most powerful pocket flashlight, check out the Nitecore TM9K

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 5 amazing rechargeable pocket flashlights that are all unique. Take a look at this list and let me know which ones are your favorites.

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