5 Reasons to Carry the Brightest Tactical Flashlight


5 Reasons to Carry the Brightest Tactical Flashlight

5 Reasons to Carry the Brightest Tactical Flashlight

Not sure if you need to have the brightest tactical flashlight on hand? Check out this post. We’re sharing 5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave yours at home.

You probably have some sort of flashlight in your house or car.

You likely have more than one, of various types.

Maybe it’s a mini flashlight, or it’s attached to your key ring. Or the big lantern-style flashlights.

But if it’s an emergency, not any flashlight will do.  You need something portable & powerful.

The brightest tactical flashlight we recommend is the Klarus XT11GT – 2000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight.  You can check it out here.

Brightest tactical flashlight

Here are the reasons you need the brightest tactical flashlight.

How bright is the brightest tactical flashlight?

Light is measured in lumens.

With the old-school incandescent light bulbs, you’re probably used to thinking in watts. Watts measure the energy used to light the bulb, not how much light it puts out.

With technology like LEDs, energy use has been cut way down.

Now it’s more important to know how much light you’re getting from a particular bulb. Depending on what you need to see, your lumen requirement will vary.

Plus, you can get a flashlight that allows you to switch between beam intensities. Lumen output ranges anywhere from 110 lumens (keychain) to 2,000 or more.

You also need to pick the best overall flashlight for your needs.

Light up the night

There are a variety of reasons you’d need a flashlight, not all of them sinister.

Yes, you want to be able to light up dark corners or alleys.

But it’s just as important to have the brightest tactical flashlight in case of a power outage.

tactical light

Alert oncoming traffic

If your car breaks down, or you’re at the scene of an accident, a bright flashlight can be crucial.

It can you help you direct traffic, or to help the victims.

Or if it’s something as simple as a flat tire, you need to be able to see to change it.

Self defense

If you need to defend yourself, a tactical flashlight can make the difference.

You can shine it in their eyes (we are talking about the brightest tactical flashlights). It can disorient them for the critical seconds it takes you to get away.

Or, if it comes down to physically defending yourself, you can use it as a weapon. These flashlights are definitely made to stand up to more use than your average model.

You can carry it without a permit

Not only do you not need a permit, you don’t need any special training.

If you can push a button, you can carry a tactical flashlight.

It’s a unisex weapon

That doesn’t mean women don’t carry guns.

According to recent data, the number of women with concealed carry permits increased twice as fast compared to men from 2012-16.

But that still doesn’t mean every person wants to carry a gun.

Not only can you get the brightest tactical flashlight, you can also get one with features like:

  • Serrated edges
  • Ridges on the bevel
  • Larger flashlight = larger weapon

How we can help light your way

We can help you choose the right flashlight for your needs.

Whether you want to slip it into your pocket, or you need it to light up a dark field, we’ve got you covered.

Start here with our top flashlight reviews.