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About Us

I am Brent. I have always been fascinated by flashlights, so one day I decided to start blogging about them on my free time.  Over the past 10 years, I have bought and sold thousands of flashlights, from tactical to everyday carry, from LED to old school Xenon lamps, from made in China to made in the USA.  I have seen it all, including the marketing “tricks” that marketing companies use to trick the public into buying pretty “below average” led flashlights.

I have personally tested a flashlight from every brand that is on this blog, with my current favorite being a Fenix.  Some of the articles were written by my colleague, Brian, who is also a flashlight enthusiast and knows how to quickly tell a bad egg from a good egg. We try to take a practical approach to our reviews and top buyer’s guides…to help people understand which features really matter for the casual vs professional flashlight user. 

A lot of our opinions are swayed by the brand behind the flashlight.  We have owned enough lights to know that the brand backing the light is important and the way they handle their warranty servicing really matters. 

I like doing these reviews for fun and they help provide some fuel to fund my fishing and flashlight addictions. If you have any questions, please message me here. Thanks for stopping by!

  • My favorite tactical flashlight: Klarus XT21X
  • My favorite EDC flashlight: Fenix E35 V3.0 (larger EDC)
  • My favorite thrower flashlight: Fenix TK30 Laser Flashlight
  • My favorite flashlight brands: Fenix, Jetbeam, Olight, Nitecore