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Acebeam X50 Powerful Tactical Flashlight Review

In the world of flashlights, there are plenty of heavy hitters throwing out a mind-boggling amount of lumens. However, the battle is mainly concentrated between two brands – Acebeam and Imalent.

While these monster outputs may seem like overkill, they are super useful for professionals engaged in specific outdoor activities like search and rescue.

The Acebeam X50 is a fantastic high-brightness flashlight from the X-series lineup of the brand. Back in 2021, it was the brightest handheld searchlight on the market with its 40,000-lumen output. Today, it isn’t the brightest flashlight available but it remains a solid option.

Let’s talk about it and find out more.

Operating the Acebeam X50 Flashlight

The packaging of the X50 looks great with a dual-toned box and works perfectly if you intend to give this light as a gift. Apart from the X50 flashlight with a built-in battery pack, there are plenty of other items in the box that make it a complete flashlight kit. 

  • 65 W AC adapter with USB-C port
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • Nylon holster with multiple connection options
  • Acebeam carry handle with a screw
  • Lanyard
  • Two spare o-rings
  • Manual
  • Warranty card


Note, the X50 is available in two color temperature options. You can choose a cool white or a neutral white beam. The 6500K cool white has a peak output of 40,000 Lumens. The max output of the 5000K neutral white beam is slightly lower at 38,000 Lumens. But in reality, the difference is almost imperceptible to the eye.

Acebeam has used A6061-T6 aluminum alloy for the body with a hard anodized, anti-abrasive finish. The stubby soda can design looks cool, especially due to the cutout of the cooling fins that run around the top portion. 

Also, it has an IP66 water resistance rating and 1-meter impact resistance to survive harsh conditions. The hardened glass at the top end is dual AR coated. In terms of build quality, Acebeam has done a stellar job. 

Attaching the aluminum handle bulks up the light and makes it difficult to carry around. But if you are planning to use the super bright Turbo mode frequently, connecting the detachable handle is a must. The light gets uncomfortably hot in the turbo mode and the handle will save you from burning your fingers.

Keep in mind, the X50 can’t be mounted on a weapon and there are no Picatinny rail adaptors available for it. You can’t use it as a tactical headlamp either. However, the handle can be connected with a UNC1/4″ tripod thread. The included holster has a bottomless design and is well-made. 

I like the fact that the handle has slots. That allows you to run the lanyard through it and use it as a wrist strap. There’s no knurling on the body, but thanks to the cutouts, I never faced any issues with gripping the light.

The operation is through a single stainless steel switch with a battery level indicator placed beside it. Finding the button is easy even without looking at the light. Below the e-switch, there’s a toggle lockout switch to prevent any accidental activation. A separate charging indicator light rests beside the charging port. 

The simple interface is another aspect of the X50 that I love. A single press of the switch turns the light on and off. When it’s on, you can long press to cycle through all the modes. In any mode, a quick double tap will activate the turbo. Double-tapping in turbo will lead you back to the memorized mode. A triple-press will activate the strobe mode.

After fixing the handle, I noted that the switch is on the opposite side. That means you will need to use both hands to operate the light while holding it by the handle. A small irritant in the otherwise excellent ergonomics.

acebeam x50 flashlight

Acebeam X50 Specs

Acebeam has used 8 CREE XHP70.2 emitters in this light with a deep reflector. The maximum beam intensity is 160,000 candelas with a maximum beam distance of 800 meters.

Acebeam mentions that the Turbo mode has a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. But in reality, the intelligent temperature controller will step down the output after a minute or so. Once the temperature drops the output will rise slightly again. 

Note, this happens in all modes except the strobe mode. Strobe will deliver 12,000 lumens for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The X50 comes with a 10.8V/4250mAh Li-ion with a built-in Li-ion battery pack that is charged by using USB-C fast charging. The charging port is located at the bottom of the flashlight with a thick press-in cover. The cool thing is, the battery pack can also be used as a power bank to charge other gadgets.

Acebeam X50 Features

The beam angle of the X50 is 120 degrees and it delivers a bright and wide beam. That makes it perfect for lighting up large outdoor spaces. The hotspot isn’t the brightest, but that is expected from a flood light.

Obviously, the highlight is the massive 40,000-lumens output from the 6500K version. As expected, Acebeam uses a constant current LED driver with a high-efficiency rate. That means, the output is fully regulated at every stage.

I tell you what though, that much lumen power in a flashlight is like having a small-scale sun in your hands. Even the most powerful flashlights from some brands, for example, the brightest Streamlight flashlights offer a small fraction of what the X50 delivers. If you haven’t used compact searchlights before, be prepared to get dazzled.

Other than that, the X50 comes with a 5-year warranty. That notches up the reliability by a few degrees.

acebeam x50 beam pattern

X50 Lighting Modes

The X50 has 8 light modes including strobe. This gives you a ton of versatility and the ability to stretch the battery life to 24 hours in ultra-low mode.

There is a slight difference in the outputs depending on the color temperature you pick. The 5000K version delivers a slightly lower output in all the modes. Acebeeam is a brand you can depend on, so the lumen outputs should hit the advertised numbers.

None of the Acebeam LED flashlights I have used previously had any issues related to PWM. The X50 is no different.

Listed below are the details of the lighting modes.


6500K Color temperature


Mode Output (lumens)   Runtime
Turbo  40,000 1 hour 30 minutes
High2 26,000 1 hour 45 minutes
High1 14,000 1 hour 50 minutes
Med2 6,500 2 hours
Med1 2,250 3 hours 40 minutes
Low 650 11 hours
Ultra Low 230 24 hours


5000K Color temperature


Mode Output (lumens)   Runtime
Turbo  38,000 1 hour 30 minutes
High2 24,000 1 hour 45 minutes
High1 13,500 1 hour 50 minutes
Med2 6,200 2 hours
Med1 2,150 3 hours 40 minutes
Low 600 11 hours
Ultra Low 200 24 hours


Like other models of the Acebeam X series, the X50 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack is proprietary and delivers a solid performance. Using the 35W USB type-C charging you can charge up the battery in less than 2 hours, which is impressive. The runtimes mentioned by Acebeam hit the mark in most scenarios.

The charging cable is thick and on the longer side. With plenty of flashlights, I have run short of charging cables in outdoor settings. So, for me, this is a big plus. 

Depending on the battery level, the battery indicator will glow green, red, or red flashing. Red flashing indicates that the battery level is below 10%.

Keep in mind, you can’t run the X50 by using standard 18650s, and the spare battery packs are expensive. While that may be a con for some users, Acebeam has engineered the battery pack to optimize the output.


Dimensions and Weight

A big advantage of the X50 is the much smaller form factor than its big brother, the Acebeam X70. It’s just 5.32 inches in length and weighs 24.3oz with the battery pack.

I wouldn’t count it among the other lightweight flashlights, but considering the high brightness, it’s quite slim. And with a base diameter of 2.02 inches, the X50 is comfortable to hold.

Acebeam X50 Pros & Cons

Acebeam X50 flashlight


  • Well-designed and excellent durability
  • Easy-to-understand UI
  • Super bright output
  • Quick charging with USB C
  • Functions as a power bank flashlight


  • The ultra-low mode could have been lower
  • Cannot be used with regular rechargeable batteries


What is the range of Acebeam X50?

The maximum range of the X50 is 800 meters in the turbo mode. In the low mode, you get a beam throw of 120 meters. Keep in mind, the range will depend on the battery level.


What is a searchlight?

A searchlight projects a powerful beam of light over a long distance. Usually, they are larger and heavier than flashlights.


What is the Brightest flashlight in the world?

The Imalent MS18 is the brightest flashlight in the world with an output of 100,000 lumens.


Who can benefit from using the Acebeam X50 flashlight?

The output and the beam profile of the X50 are perfect for using it for security and surveillance as well as emergency response. You can also use it as a theft deterrent or as livestock security.



Do I recommend the Acebeam X50?


The X50 is a multipurpose flashlight that is extremely powerful and delivers an efficient performance. And the best part is, it comes in a compact size and is surprisingly light. For what it’s worth, I feel it offers excellent value.

Obviously, it’s too powerful to be used as a regular EDC flashlight. If you need something less dazzling, there are other practical options from Fenix or Olight. Those looking for a higher beam throw should take a look at the Acebeam K75 with its monstrous max beam distance of 2500 meters. 

And in case you are looking for a slightly higher output with a similar form factor, the Acebeam X50 2.0 is a good option. It delivers a max output of 45,000 lumens and has a fantastic 60W quick charge feature.

But for users who need a powerful and reliable handheld flashlight without too much bulk, the X50 is a solid deal. I’d say it is a great investment that will stand the test of time.

So give it a go.

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