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Acebeam X75 Review – The Brightest 80000 Lumens Bank Flashlight

Want a flashlight that can dazzle the eyes more than the midday sun?

Without a doubt, the Acebeam X75 is one of the top options. Acebeam already has a high-beam thrower in the form of the Acebeam X50.2. But with the X75, they have set the barrier really high.

Acebeam has always been a brand that produced reliable flashlights with well-thought-out design features. But not many flashlights have an ultra-powerful output and offer the right blend of functionality and performance. 

So the question is does the Acebeam X75 deliver the right performance? 

The answer is, yes. Without much ado, let’s dive into the details.

acebeam x75 flashlight

What Is the Acebeam X75 Flashlight?

As expected, the X75 comes with a ton of advanced and innovative features. And unlike many other products, Acebeam has delivered just what they mentioned in the specs.

Technically, the Acebeam X5 is the “world’s brightest Power Bank flashlight” that can throw out an incredible output of 80,000 lumens to a distance of 3770 feet (1.1 Km.). However, the title for the brightest flashlight goes to the more powerful Imalent MS18.

That makes the X75 a solid choice for anyone looking for an ultra-powerful flooder light. Additionally, the power-bank capability makes it a practical choice for anyone looking to spend a night in the wilderness.



The flashlight comes in a well-designed cardboard box with red and white accents. Considering the hefty price tag of the X75, I expected the packaging to be more premium. However, the magnetic closure is a nice touch.

Open the box and you will find the flashlight resting on the foam bed. Other than the light itself, the following accessories are included in the box.


  • USB-C PD 60W charger
  • USB-C cable
  • Spare fan with screws, O-rings, and mini wrench
  • User manual and other warranty documents
acebeam x75 in hand

The Acebeam X75 In Use

The first thing I noticed was the size of the flashlight. Considering the immense output, the X75 is not colossal in size, and handling it is not difficult at all.

The overall look is similar to the other models in Acebeam’s “X” lineage with plenty of deep cooling grooves on the surface. The soda can design looks robust and the black body frame is pleasing to the eyes. Even so, I feel Acebeam could have aced it but adding some red or metallic accents. 

The removable aluminum handle makes carrying the flashlight easy. But then it’s meant to be removed. The handle is electronically connected to the main body and controls all the major functions. I loved the ergonomic design of the handle. When you grip it, the perfect balance makes the flashlight a breeze to operate. 

Not to forget, the intelligent cooling fan is user-replaceable. You can fit in the spare unit in case the original gets damaged. The body also contains a standard UNC 1/4″ thread in case you need to use it with a tripod.


How to Operate the Acebeam X75

As mentioned, the dual switch controls are on the handle. It also has a mechanical safe lock switch to prevent accidental activation. Considering how powerful this flashlight is, the lock is a key safety feature. Accidentally shining this light into someone’s eyes can cause serious damage.

Beyond that, there are the main and the auxiliary e-switches that allow you to switch between modes. The auxiliary switch is the larger one at the top. I found the UI to be simple and easy to understand. Here’s a quick overview of the controls.

E-Switch State Action Function
Main Off Single Click Turn Light On
Main On Single Click Turn Light Off
Main Any Double Click Activates Turbo
Main Any Triple Click Activates Strobe
Main On Long Press Cycle through the modes
Main Strobe Long Press Ultra Low Mode
Auxiliary On with Fan Working Single Click Fan turns off
Auxiliary Off 3 Second Long Press Turn Fan On/Off
Auxiliary Off Press 10x Mode Switch Power/Eco
Auxiliary On Press and Hold Momentary Turbo
Auxiliary Off Long Press Windy/ Non-wind Mode
acebeam features

Key Features

One cool feature of the X75 is it can work as a power bank for charging electronic devices. The same USB-C port used for charging can be used for discharging the battery. That makes it a handy device when you are camping in off-grid locations.

As expected, the X75 generates a lot of heat, especially in the turbo mode. For heat dissipation, Acebeam has used a large copper heat radiator along with a built-in cooling fan. The operation of the fan is automatically controlled based on the temperature. 

The regulation kicks in when the temperature hits 167 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, there are air ducts in the flashlight body that help in sucking in cool air and removing the hot air. 

You can turn the fan off manually allowing the light to work in Non-Wind Mode. But I suggest not turning the fan off during high power mode as that might damage the light. 

Even worse, the hot surface of the flashlight can cause burns. Also, do not bring the head of the light too close to any flammable material while it is in turbo or high mode.



Inside the head of the X75 there are 12 CREE LEDs. Keep in mind that the X75 is available in three LED options. The second XHP70.2 option delivers a neutral white light while the XHP70.3 Hi-Eco version bumps up the beam throw to 4200 feet or 1306 meters. We used the XHP70.2 version for this review.

Corresponding to the 80,000-lumen output, the X75 throws out 330,625 candelas. The color temperature options are 5000K and 6500K depending on the LEDs.

The X75 comes with a constant current circuit that operates with 98% efficiency. Apart from the cooling system, there are intelligent temperature regulation systems to ensure better heat management. 



Here is a quick look at the various modes for the XHP70.2 in eco mode.

Turbo  High Mid2 Mid1 Low Ultra Low Strobe
Output Lumens 80,000-12,000- 900 23,000-12,000- 900 11,000- 900 5,000-900 2000 900 60,000-10,000
Runtime  30s+ 42min + 8min 3min+ 40min + 8min 63min+8min 2h23min+8min 5.5h 8h 20min 50min


Keep in mind that these outputs are measured by Acebeam under specific conditions. The actual outputs will depend on various factors like battery level, ambient temperature, humidity, etc. However, the actual outputs are not much different from the specs.

One look at the light outputs will tell you that the modes are stacked at the higher end of the lumen spectrum. The ultra-low mode at 900 lumens is just too bright. A true low output of around 100 lumens could have been a better addition.

Every mode is controlled by the thermal stepdown. For example, the 80,000 lumen output in turbo, lasts for 30 seconds and steps down to 23,000 lumens. After 20 minutes, it further steps down to 900 lumens.

Apart from the above modes, the flashlight can also be operated in Wind and Non-wind modes. The battery indicator on the flashlight body turns red in non-wind mode and glows green in windy mode.


Build Quality

The X75 flashlight can be disassembled into a head and a battery pack. Overall build quality is top-notch with a hard-anodized surface. The X75 is IP68 water-resistant, so using it in wet conditions is not an issue. 

Even with the integrated cooling fan and air outflow ducts, the LED flashlight provides total waterproofing. Kudos to Acebeam for the impressive engineering feat! However, do not immerse the flashlight in the water while it is still hot. 

Acebeam has not provided any impact resistance rating for the flashlight. Thankfully, the X75 comes with a durable silicone sleeve that fits around the head like a glove and protects it from impacts. Interestingly, the sleeve changes color from grey to blue when the temperature of the flashlight rises above 131 degrees Fahrenheit.



Acebeam offers a 5-year (60 months) warranty on the flashlight in case it fails during normal use. In case of a manufacturing defect within 15 days of purchase, Acebeam will replace the flashlight. 

A limited lifetime warranty is offered on the product beyond the period of 60 months. You will need to pay for the cost of spare parts and shipping if any repairs are needed.

acebeam profile image

Acebeam X75 Dimensions and Weight

At 6.93 inches in length, the X75 is on the longer side. The height of the flashlight is 5 inches including the handle and the body diameter is 2.25 inches.

With a weight of 43.7 oz including the battery pack, it feels hefty. Using it as an EDC flashlight or a headlamp is not possible.



The 12 LEDs in the X75 are housed in orange-peel reflectors. Since the reflectors are shallow, you get a relatively floody beam. The glass lens is thick and comes with an anti-reflective coating.



Being the flagship model in the Acebeam stable, the X75 does come with a relatively high price tag. The XHP70.2 version is priced at $399.90 on Amazon. That doesn’t make it a tactical flashlight that buyers on a modest budget will pick.


Beam Shots

While taking beam shots with the X75, the real attractions are the super bright turbo and high modes. As expected from an 80000-lumen flashlight, the beam is incredibly bright and the wide cone offers plenty of sidelight. Lighting up an area 1000 yards away is no problem for the X75.

Overall, the beam is perfect if you are looking to use it as a searchlight and illuminate a large area on a pitch-black night. However, it will generate a wall of light and does not have the brightest spotlight area. If you need a sharper beam that travels through a longer distance, the Acebeam K75 will be a better option.

The medium modes have a good beam throw too. The beam lights up the near and far areas evenly. The ultra-low mode is brighter than what many other rechargeable flashlights on the market throw out. That makes it perfect for lighting up dark trails at night while conserving the battery.


Batteries and Charging

The X75 is operated by 4 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Acebeam also packs a 60W USB-C charging for fast charging the battery within 1.5 hours, which is a great feature. If you use a 100W charger, the full charging time will be even less.

Now, the proprietary battery pack can be an issue for some users. And replacement packs are expensive. That said, Acebeam has optimized the lithium battery for the best performance and added fast charging features.

The USB-C charging port is located below the tail cap. It also contains dual indicator lights that glow green and blue to indicate the charging status. Make sure to fix the cap back on tightly so the light remains water-resistant.

The runtimes are good but not great. The turbo mode lasts for around 50 minutes while the ultra-low mode extends the battery life to more than 8 hours.

Acebeam X75 Vs Acebeam X50

The Acebeam X50 has a max output of 40,000 lumens and is significantly lighter than the X75 at 24.3 oz. The build quality is top-notch and it has features like USB type C charging and the rechargeable battery can be used as a power bank. At $369.99, it is also more affordable than the X75.

You may not need the massive output of the X75 and prefer a more compact flashlight. In that case, the X50 is worth a closer look.


Acebeam X75 Vs Imalent MS18

With an output of 100,000 Lumens, the MS18 is the most powerful flashlight you can buy. What’s more impressive, it can deliver a high output of 22,000 Lumens for almost an hour. The build-quality is as good as the X75. Overall, it’s an incredible light that is designed for professionals and first responders tackling emergency situations.

However, the MS18 is more than 10 inches long and weighs over 4 pounds. At $669.95, it’s also a more expensive option than the X75. If you don’t need extreme brightness for long hours, the X75 is the more affordable choice.


  • Super bright output
  • Rugged build quality
  • Fast USB C charging
  • A replaceable cooling fan
  • Perfect for one-handed operation


  • Lacks a moonlight mode
  • Turbo mode depletes the battery quickly
  • No display for battery status

Acebeam X75 Powerful Flashlight – FAQs


Is the X75 the brightest power bank?

Yes. Acebeam marks the X75 as the brightest power bank available.


What is the throw distance of the Acebeam X75?

The throw distance depends on the LED type and the mode. The maximum beam distance of the X75 with the Cree XHP70.2 LED is 3770 feet.


What kind of LEDs are used in the X75?

Acebeam has used 12 Cree LEDs in the X75. It comes in two options- the Cree XHP70.2 and the Cree XHP70.3


Is the X75 waterproof?

Yes, the X75 has IP68-rated waterproofing.


How do you clean the flashlight if the fan has dust, water, or sand?

The fan can be disassembled and cleaned. However, since the flashlight is IP68 rated, it is protected against the entry of dust and other foreign objects.



To sum up, the Acebeam X75 delivers a massive output that is hard to beat and tops it with a great performance. It doubles as a power bank and has excellent heat safety management. On  top of that, you get rugged build quality, a user-friendly interface, and an ergonomic design for easy handling.For enthusiasts, the sheer power of the X75 is reason enough to buy it. Beyond that, if you are regularly out at night and need a powerful light for scanning large areas, the Acebeam X75 is worth the investment.

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