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Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight ReviewA flashlight can be the difference between your arriving home safe or not. Think of walking in the dark alleys without knowing what’s ahead of you? This small but versatile tool lights up your way whether you are in the backyard, camping or out hunting, it can play a vital role for you. With such great importance, picking the best brightest flashlight and efficient flashlight is very crucial. But as well, consider features such as weight, size, battery type and durability. Other things to look at are the manufacturer’s warranty and customer service.

This review clearly guides you on how to find out the brightest flashlight for your various purposes. Since, we’re aware of the many brands and models present in the market, the guidelines below will assist you make a good decision for a great product. Don’t just pick a flashlight because it’s branded as the brightest or its highly priced. There are low budget flashlights that are very bright, well designed, durable and long lasting.

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Supernova Guardian 1300 Professional series is Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight and comes with Remote Pressure Switch & uses BrightStart Technology.

How to identify the best brightest flashlight?

Type of bulb to use

As the technology changes, so do the advancements of the products. Flashlights have experienced a great change since the introduction of LED bulbs. Though, some lights use krypton, xenon and LED bulbs. LED bulbs are the best. They offer the brightest illumination with very little power usage. Furthermore, they are very durable and can last for a maximum of 100, 000 hours. Thus, opt for a flashlight with an LED bulb to get the brightest illumination possible.

High lumens bright flashlight

The best brightest flashlight comes with high lumens. If you want a flashlight that lights the brightest, choose one with many lumens. In most cases, the best flashlights have lumen ranging from 800 to 7,000. Anything from 1000 lumen and above will produce a very bright beam.

best brightest flashlights 2016-2017Flashlight Beam type

The beam of a light can be described in two ways. This is the flood and spot/throw. When you light a torch, it either covers a large area or a great distance. A flashlight with a great flood tends to cover a broad area, but doesn’t reach faraway places. As well, if you want a flashlight that concentrates on a particular spot mostly has a very long throw. This has the ability to light up faraway places. Other flashlights contain a beam range with different flash types such as flood and throw.

Various Mode settings light

Having a tactical flashlight with different modes is a good thing. Many flashlights have just one setting for general purpose use. Others come with a mode setting of low, medium and high settings. If the mode is on high, a lot of power is used thus a short runtime. Low modes will ensure that the flashlight runs for longer hours. Some have special modes such as the strobe for defense and SOS modes.

The brightest flashlightFlashlight Types of battery

When picking a battery, you should consider its availability and performance. Some of the commonly used batteries are rechargeable batteries, disposable batteries and renewable batteries. Disposable batteries are the most used and are such as AAA, AA and CR123A. AAA and AA are easy to find and are very long lasting. When it comes to the rechargeable battery, lithium ion is the commonly used. They can be rechargeable and are very durable.

Size and weight of torch

Whatever purpose you intend to use your flashlight for, it should not be heavy but easy to carry around. When it comes to size, pick a flashlight that can fit anywhere be it in your pocket, backpack, or in the hand. A properly designed flashlight is easy to handle while in use.

Long lasting flashlight

For a longer lasting flashlight, ensure that it is made of a strong material that is durable. The two commonly used materials are aluminum and plastic. Aluminum is very strong and durable. Other flashlights have stainless steel placed in the head of the torch.

Impact and water resistant flashlight

A good feature for longevity is looking for a flashlight with impact resistance. In addition to this, ensure the flashlight is water resistant and is also protected from things like dust. Such features ensure that the flashlight remains operational even after falling down in the water or when it crashes on the wall.

Best Brightest Flashlight in the worldBest Budget flashlight?

There are differently priced flashlights in the market. Whichever budget you’ve set aside for the brightest flashlight, be guaranteed to get a good flashlight. The best brightest flashlights are a bit costly, but come packed with wonderful features.

Common Purposes of flashlights

  • You can use a flashlight for protection or as a self-defense weapon. It’s good to have a bright flashlight that can act as a defensive weapon in case you face any danger outdoor or indoor.
  • When faced with danger or attacked by an outsider, a tactical flashlight can be of great help if it has a strobe mode, which can blind the assailant and give you time to run to safety.
  • Another significance of a flashlight is to light the dark places. Such places can be in the forest while camping, hunting or walking in dark alleys.
  • Last but not least, a flashlight can be applied to find things in your car, under the bed or in cupboards where the normal light doesn’t reach well.

Supernova flashlights review – Supernova Guardian 1300 Professional series Flashlight

Looking for the best brightest flashlight at a very great price? Look no further! The flashlight that we’re about to discuss will ensure that you carry out your activities without any trouble. It has all the amazing features that you might think of from a great design, an easy to carry product, lightweight, and very durable. At just a fair price, it produces 1300 lumens which is very bright. Brightest Flashlight ReviewThe 1300 lumen Supernova guardian flashlight is one of the brightest on the market. This amazing flashlight comes with two rechargeable lithium 18650 batteries together with a charger. It as well has 5 different operating modes that allow you to adjust the brightness in accordance to your likeness. Moreover, it comes with a strobe mode, which can be used as a defensive mechanism. On top of that, it has a stainless steel ridged strike bezel for hitting an assailant. For longevity, the flashlight comes with a waterproof casing and a high quality aluminum finish. With a very bright CREE XM-L U2 LED bulb and 5 year warranty from the manufacturer, you can bet on this flashlight to excellently lighten your path or spot.


  • It’s an extremely bright flashlight.
  • It uses AAA or 18650 lithium batteries that are easily available.
  • Its sturdy and very durable.
  • Has different 5 operating modes for desirable lighting.
  • Comes with 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • I am using it from a couple of months and not notice yet any bad. Just comment below if you find any noticeable problem I will add here.


Selecting the best brightest flashlight is not an easy thing. But with this guide, hope we’ve made your work easier. As you go shopping around for the brightest flashlight, you’ve some key points to look at first. Know what the intended use of the flashlight is so that you pick the one with the right light settings. In addition, the flashlight should be lightweight, perfectly designed, and durable. No matter your budget, be certain to get a great flashlight at a good price that will function as you wish.

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