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Olight S1 Baton

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You know what’s been on my mind a lot? Everyday carry gear. I have three pocket knives that I love and countless LED flashlights that I carry with me. All this summer it seems as though I’ve been pulling at least one or both out every day either to help myself with something or to help someone else with something. Just the other day I went to a friend’s house to hang out and he was going a bit crazy over an obnoxious mouse he couldn’t seem to trap. Well, with my handy EDC light, we quickly found the two holes and covered them up. I don’t think you realize just how handy an every day carry flashlight is until you have one. If you’re thinking about buying one or replacing yours I thought I’d share some of my favorite EDC flashlights that I personally own and use frequently in my everyday carry kit.

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Klarus Mi7 Flashlight

ng with what I consider the best EDC flashlight of 2017, the Klarus Mi7. Believe it or not, I own two of these because I love this flashlight that much.

best edc flashlight


Features and Aspects I Like:

kes the Klarus Mi7 EDC light so awesome? First, you can equip this flashlight with either a 14500 li-ion battery or a AA battery. I really like that you have the option to use a AA battery. I use the 14500 battery because I have a battery charger and because, with this battery, the Mi7 delivers 700 lumens! There aren’t a ton of EDC flashlights that can deliver this kind of power. With the AA battery, the Mi7 delivers 330 lumens which is exactly what I would expect in a light this size. The Mi7 is small and thin enough that it easily fits in your pocket without creating a bulge and it does come with a pocket clip making it more attractive.

It features 5 total outputs including a strobe mode and an SOS mode. You have immediate access to the turbo and low brightness levels. I can go on and on about how much I love the immediate access to the low brightness level. With EDC lights, you won’t see great runtimes on them so I like conserving the battery and using the lower modes whenever I can. The Mi7 has a single side switch design so it only took me a couple minutes to figure out how the light worked. The Mi7 also a lock-out function that’s easy to access so the light has never gone off in my pocket.


I don’t have any problems with this light. In one review I saw the reviewer mentioned that the pocket clip wasn’t too secure, but I haven’t had that issue with either of my Mi7s. I can say that I would like to see an Mi7 that’s rechargeable. Until then, I can use the newer Klarus 14500 UR75 battery that has a direct micro-USB charging port on the battery itself.  This is definitely the best edc flashlight under 50 dollars!

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Small EDC Flashlight

I carry a keychain flashlight with me everywhere since it’s attached to my keyring. There are times when I don’t bring my Klarus Mi7, but I’m never without a flashlight thanks to my keychain flashlight. The MecArmy X4S is an awesome keychain flashlight that I’m excited to talk about.

Features and Aspects I L

Features and Aspects I Like:

per tiny light, less than 2 inches in length. It delivers 130 lumens which is amazing from such a small key chain light. It features two brightness levels: High which is 130 lumens and Low which is 8 lumens. The interface is really easy with just a twist switch head. Simply twist the head and you’ll go into the low mode. Twist one more time and you’ll enter the high mode. It’s a fairly standard interface with keychain lights.

The Mecarmy X4S is rechargeable and thank goodness for that! It has a 10180 lithium-ion battery and these batteries aren’t always fun to find and I tend to not have any spares. By untwisting the head the charging port will be revealed and you can easily charge your X4S from here. This little light only takes 1 hour to fully charge! There’s also a charging indicator near the charging port that glows red when charging and green when it’s finished.

All of this is really awesome, but I haven’t gotten to my favorite part of this flashlight yet. When you untwist the head of the flashlight to charge it, you can’t actually remove the head of the flashlight as it remains attached to the body. I know some of you might not think this is a big deal, but I’ve misplaced heads of keychain lights before. For those of you who have a cat who happens to find all the wrong things to play with, you may know what I’m talking about. There’s no risk of losing the head of the flashlight with this design and that’s why it’s amazing. Also, I should mention it comes in different colors. When you own a ton of black or gray flashlights, color can stand out to you and look more appealing.


There is a weird quirk about this light that


o know. The charging port on the X4S is a little bit too small for a micro-USB to USB cable. I tested it out and sure enough, it didn’t fit. The Mecarmy X4S comes with a charging cable and that cable does fit so I would consider that a proprietary cable. I’m really not a big fan of that.

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EDC flashlight that’s packed with features giving it a more versatile edge than many other EDC flashlights I’ve seen.

Compact EDC flashlight

Features and Aspects I Like:

The S1 Baton

Features and Aspects I Like:

ittle wider than most EDC flashlights I prefer. It delivers 500 lumens and has an impressive beam distance of 110 meters. Something I would never have guessed in this small torch. It has five total outputs including a strobe mode. The four brightness levels range from 0.5 lumens to 500 lumens so you have quite a range for whatever you need to illuminate.

There’s a single side switch to operate the flashlight and the user interface is easy to pick up on. I really like when the user interface design is intuitive rather than a flashlight I need to take a decent amount of time to get used to. It also has one of my favorite features in any flashlight, a memory function so it will turn onto the last brightness level you used. I really take advantage of this feature because I don’t usually need the turbo mode too often.

Another aspect I like about the S1 Baton is that it runs on a CR123 battery. These batteries are fairly easy to come by and are inexpensive. I usually keep quite a few extras as backups so I almost always have some lying around. Finally, my all-time favorite features of this EDC flashlight is the magnetic tail cap. You can affix the flashlight to any metal surface thanks to the tail cap! With this feature, I find it easier to work on my car or work in the house. I can illuminate the area I need completely hands-free. Also, the S1 Baton can tail stand which is another feature that allows me to work with both hands while illuminating what I need. All-in-all, the Olight S1 Baton is an awesome EDC flashlight.


In order to access the strobe mode you


witch. Not my favorite feature because it takes more time and in a situation where someone might be coming at you, time is essential.

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I have more EDC flashlights to talk about, but I’ll be waiting for another day to do so. Until then, we’ll go back to focusing on some of the brightest tactical flashlights so stay tuned!