Best Hunting Flashlight Fenix HT18 LED Flashlight


Fenix recently announced the new HT18 hunting flashlight. I’m a huge fan of Fenix flashlights so I’m always excited when they come out with a new one. This one was designed with hunting in mind with a long range distance and its ability to be mounted on a weapon. Let’s go over the features of the Fenix HT18 hunting flashlight.

1500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

First and foremost, let’s talk about the lumen count. The HT18 delivers 1500 lumens, an excellent amount of light considering that the beam is going to be extremely narrow and concentrated. With a 1500 lumen concentrated beam, it’ll be like shining a laser around. The maximum beam distance is 925 meters! That is an insane beam throw! I’m quite impressed with this high lumen output and I’m excited to see that extremely focused beam.

1500 lumen tactical flashlight fenix ht18

It’s fairly compact considering that many search lights can be rather large. Many high lumen and long-range flashlights often take a couple of 18650 batteries so you can expect a longer body. That’s not the case with the HT18 flashlight. It’s over 7 inches in length, too big for an everyday carry flashlight, but still a good size for a hunting flashlight or even an outdoor flashlight. The design of the HT18 is quite sleek. The head of the flashlight itself looks very enlarged which could make carrying the flashlight a little more difficult.

Nevertheless, Fenix flashlights are extremely durable and it looks like the HT18 is going to be the same. It’s has an aluminum alloy body with a hard anodized finish, is impact resistant, and is waterproof up to IP68 standards. That is exactly what you want with a hunting flashlight. On top of that, this flashlight does have a double spring structure inside the body to make sure that the battery is held in place. You definitely want this structure with a hunting flashlight so that the flashlight and battery won’t be damaged due to recoil.

Hunting Flashlight Accessories

hunting flashlight fenix ht18

One thing that really interested me about this flashlight is the accessories. Most tactical flashlights will come with your standard accessories and usually include a holster, lanyard, spare o-ring, spare rubber switch boot, and a USB cable if the battery or flashlight is USB rechargeable. The HT18 comes with a few more accessories so that you’ve got pretty much everything you need right off the bat for your hunting flashlight.

Of course, you do get your standard accessories with this flashlight such as a holster, a lanyard, a USB type-c cable, a spare o-ring, and a spare rubber switch boot. However, you get a lot more with this light including a 21700 battery, a battery carrier for 18650 batteries, a red filter, and a green filter. It’s awesome to see a hunting flashlight that actually comes with really convenient accessories tailored to hunting. Most of the time, you need to purchase these accessories separately. So it’s great to see two common colored filters included with the HT18.

21700 Flashlight

You can probably assume this based on what I was talking about above with the accessories, but the HT18 is a 21700 flashlight. 21700 batteries are amazing batteries due to their fairly small size but high capacity. You can get impressive run times and impressive outputs with this battery.

Fenix does include a 21700 battery with this flashlight that is USB rechargeable hence why they included the USB type-c charging cable. So if your battery is running low on energy, pop it out of that flashlight and go ahead and charge it up using that included cable. I’m also excited to see that the battery does take a USB type-c cable so you can expect a quicker charge time with the battery. As we continue to see more and more rechargeable flashlights and rechargeable batteries I hope to see more of the USB type-c charging function.

21700 tactical flashlight

Also, you can equip the HT18 with an 18650 battery using that included battery carrier that comes with the light. It’s great when a 21700 flashlight can accept 18650 batteries. On top of that, the 21700 battery is USB rechargeable so it’s all the more convenient. If you do choose to use an 18650 battery, you should definitely expect a difference in outputs and run times which is something to keep in mind.

The HT18 hunting flashlight features a battery capacity indicator which is a little LED on the side switch. You can refer to this indicator to give you an idea of what your battery is at. If the indicator is a solid green it means you have 85% to 100% of a charge left. If it’s flashing green you have 50% to 85% of a charge left. If it’s a solid red it means you have 25 to 50% of a charge left. Finally, if it’s flashing red it means you have less than 25% of a charge and it’s about time you charge up that battery. 

Tactical Flashlight Operation

Operating the HT18 is easy and pretty standard for Fenix tactical flashlights. It does have a tail switch that gives you a momentary-on as well as the on and off function. The side switch will cycle through the different brightness levels and give you a strobe mode. It’s a very easy user interface that’s very standard among many tactical flashlights.

Multiple Outputs

The Fenix HT18 LED flashlight does feature multiple outputs which is really what you want in any outdoor flashlight. There are four total brightness levels with a strobe mode and depending on which battery you use, the 21700 battery or the 18650 battery, it will depend on the outputs and run times. So, using a 21700 battery you’re going to get a turbo of 1500 lumens, a high of 500 lumens, a medium of 150 lumens, and a low of 30 lumens. The runtime on the turbo mode is 1.4 hours while the runtime on the low mode is 61 hours.

best tactical flashlight for hunting

Using an 18650 battery, you will see a turbo mode of 1100 lumens, a high of 500 lumens, a medium of 150 lumens, and a low of 30 lumens. The run time on the turbo mode using an 18650 battery is going to be 1.4 hours while on the low mode it’s going to be 53 hours. So you’ll definitely see a drop in output in runtime using that 18650 battery. Good thing Fenix does include a rechargeable 21700 battery with this flashlight so you can get that maximum 1500 lumens right at the start.

Final Thoughts

Pros: My absolute favorite thing about this light is the high lumen output with a concentrated beam. Obviously, I’ll have to wait for the flashlight to come out to see exactly what the beam looks like. But I have high hopes given the lumen output and maximum beam distance.

I’m also a huge fan of the hunting accessories that are included with the light and the USB type-c rechargeable 21700 battery. I would love to see more flashlights using either a USB type-c rechargeable battery or feature a USB type-c function. It’s also great that the HT18 can take both 21700 batteries and 18650 batteries with the included carrier.

Cons: I thought way too hard in trying to find a single criticism about this flashlight. It’s really tough because I love pretty much everything about it! I will say that I’m not really big on the very enlarged head of this flashlight. It may make it a little difficult for transport. It’s also fairly costly, but you do need to remember that you are also getting many amazing accessories with this flashlight and that’s going to add to the cost.

Conclusion: Wow is this flashlight impressive and I am so excited to see it! I expect that this could easily be the best hunting flashlight out there! Make sure to check out the Fenix HT18 hunting flashlight.