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Best Hunting Flashlights for Dependability and Range

It goes without saying that a dependable light source is a must for your hunting trips. Not only does a good hunting flashlight help you to track an animal, but it is also immensely helpful while moving around your hunting tent.

Choosing the best hunting flashlight requires keeping in mind some critical factors that can make a big impact on the flashlight’s performance. The advantage of picking from a brand like Fenix is you can be assured of the performance and reliability of the product.

So here are our three top picks as the best flashlight for hunting from the Fenix store.


fenix pd25r flashlight


  • No hidden modes
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Affordable price tag



  • Not a high-power beam
  • The Luminus SST20 LED is not enthusiast-grade

The Fenix PD25R is not the most powerful hunting flashlight you can pick. But it is a reliable EDC flashlight that operates on a rechargeable battery and comes with built-in USB-C charging. And with a maximum range of 250 meters (820 feet) and a top output of 800 lumens, it can also function as a dependable light source during deer hunting trips.

A big plus is you can use the flashlight with two battery types. It can run on a 16340 rechargeable li-ion battery or a CR123A lithium battery. There are six modes including strobe and the Eco mode can extend the battery life to 70 hours.

The user-friendly UI is based on a tail cap as well as a side switch. The smooth reflector ensures a relatively sharp beam profile with a fair amount of spill.

The light has a length of 3.62 inches and weighs 2.75 oz. only. With the two-position body clip, the PD25R can also be used as a headlamp. The compact size makes it a great choice for backpacking or a bug-out bag. Besides, the impact and water-resistant construction with an IP68 rating make it durable enough for outdoor use.

Admittedly, the PD25R is not the best hunting flashlight when you are looking for high output or ultra-long distance beam throw. There are better options from Fenix or Nitecore for that. But it is a convenient and affordable flashlight for any outdoorsman on a budget.


fenix tk20r v3.0 for hunting


  • Great performance and durability
  • Good mix of flood and throw
  • Easy operation with dual switches
  • Memory function and battery level indicator



  • Traces of green tinge in the beam

While the TK20R looks small, it is one mighty flashlight that is a perfect addition to your hunting gear. Fenix packs this light with all the necessary accessories, so it is ready to run right out of the box.

The TK20R delivers a maximum output of 3000 lumens in Turbo mode with a beam distance of 475 meters (1558 feet). Overall, it has five brightness settings including an Eco mode that can stretch the battery life to 48 hours. A strobe mode is also included.

The Luminus SFT70 LED generates a bright hotspot and there is sufficient spill to make it one of the best flashlights for the woods. In short, the focused beam is nicely tuned for both tactical and general-purpose use.

Coming to the battery, the TK20R uses a 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery as the power source. The USB-C charging port is covered by a threaded collar just below the head of the light. Along with the IP68 rating, the collar creates a water and dustproof seal for the port.

The operation of the light is simple through the dual tail switches. Both switches offer good feedback and can be used with gloved hands. The body is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and the finishing is typical Fenix, which is top-notch. 

With a length of 6.02 inches the TK20R provides a solid in-hand feel and a type III HA anodizing on the surface makes it resistant to knocks or drops.

To sum up, the excellent build quality and professional-level output makes the TK20R V2.0 another top-end rechargeable flashlight from Fenix.

Fenix HT18 LED Flashlight

fenix ht18 hunting flashlight rgb


  • Super bright output with 5 modes
  • Tactical tail switch
  • A concentrated and sharp beam
  • Includes a ton of accessories



  • A large head diameter

First and foremost, let’s talk about the lumen count. The HT18 delivers 1500 lumens- an excellent amount of light. It uses the Luminus SFT40 LED that offers around 50,000 hours of life span.

Next, the maximum beam distance is 925 meters (3034 feet)! That is an insane beam throw! 

The ability to use both the USB rechargeable 21700 and the standard 18650 lithium-ion batteries make the HT18 a versatile tactical flashlight. However, the Turbo output is more with the 21700 battery. The 18650 battery delivers an output of 1100 Lumens with a beam distance of 2641 feet.

The Fenix HT18 LED flashlight does feature multiple outputs including strobe mode. There are four total brightness levels with a strobe mode and the outputs and run times vary depending on the battery you use. 

Fenix also packs a USB type-C charging cable with the accessories included. The flashlight has a durable A6061-T6 aluminum body and an IP68 rating. Accessories include red and green light filters that will help to preserve your night vision.

It’s over 7 inches in length, too big for an everyday carry flashlight. But thanks to the sleek profile, the shape is good for a hunting flashlight or even an outdoor flashlight. That said, the enlarged head could make carrying the flashlight a little more difficult.

Considering the price and performance, we feel the Fenix HT18 offers excellent value as a long-range hunting light.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Flashlight?

If you are a veteran hunter, you will know that the right hunting flashlight can make a big difference in spotting animals. So, there are a few points you need to keep in mind while choosing the best hunting flashlight.

Beam Profile 

Generally, beam profiles can be classified into spotlights and floodlights. A spot beam with a focused hotspot and a large beam distance is a good choice for hunting. Even so, some amount of spill from standard LED lights helps in scanning an area more effectively.

Lights between 800 to 1500 lumens should be good enough to track the eyes of animals. However, bright white light is not the best choice for hunting. A green or red light is a better choice for nocturnal use.


Rugged Design

Even the brightest hunting flashlight will not be a practical choice unless it comes with a rugged casing that offers solid reliability. Fenix lights are made with aluminum bodies that can withstand rough use without cracking or breaking. At the same time, an IP68 rating is necessary, in case you have to move through rain or muddy terrain.



Any good hunting flashlight or even an outdoor flashlight needs to have the right balance of weight and durability. A heavy light will be a burden when you need to move fast. The material used for the body of the light and the weight of the battery pack are two important factors that determine the weight. 

Single-cell designs are usually lighter than flashlights that use AAA batteries. Also, a larger flashlight will also be difficult to mount on the barrel.

hunting flashlight red green light

Frequently Asked Questions 

How bright should a hunting flashlight be?

Ideally, lights with an output between 800 to 1000 lumens are good for hunting. Lights above 1000 lumens are more suited for professional use. They can be used for hunting during pitch-black nights.


What is the best light for hunting?

Keep in mind that deer are sensitive to white light and a super bright white beam can spook them. So, a red light or a green light are the best options for deer hunting.


How far will 1000 lumens shine?

The exact distance a 1000-lumen beam will travel will depend on the design of the flashlight. Laser spotlights with relatively low-powered beams have mega-beam throws. But in terms of brightness, 1000 lumens are a big deal and the beam distance can be more than 250 meters in most cases.

Final Thoughts 

These are three of the best hunting flashlights that can help you to bring home the trophy.

In terms of output and beam throw, the Fenix HT18 is a great option. It is a bright and powerful light that is ideal for tracking blood trails through remote terrains.

For buyers looking for a more affordable and compact option, the PD25R is a value-for-money option.

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