Best Hunting Flashlight Review


Best Hunting Flashlight Review

For those of you who enjoy hunting out there then this review is for you. There are a lot of different flashlights on the market today that advertise as being tactical flashlights or hunting flashlights. However, if you pick the wrong flashlight you could find yourself out hunting and in a very annoying situation when the flashlight doesn’t do what you want it to. If you want a flashlight you can weapon mount then you need to make sure you get a flashlight that can withstand the recoil. So in this review I’ll talk about what to look for in the best hunting flashlights and I’ll list three of the best hunting flashlights that you can use. These flashlights are great for mounting on a weapon or carrying in your pocket or in a holster. Without further delay let’s get started.

What to Look for in the Best Hunting Flashlight

While a good portion of what to look for in a hunting flashlight is heavily based on preference there are three features that you absolutely want to look for in a hunting flashlight: power, long beam throw, and durability or weapon mount capability.

Powerful Tactical Flashlight

Klarus XT11GT 2000 Lumen Flashlight
Powerful Tactical Flashlight

Whichever flashlight you choose it should be at least 800 lumens. Anything less will not give you the power that you need to truly cut through the darkness. While in the wilderness you’ll find that a less powerful flashlight really doesn’t allow you to see everything you need to see. Although it may look impressive in a suburban backyard, a flashlight that delivers less than 800 lumens is not going to look as impressive when you’re out in the wilderness.

I would also recommend getting a flashlight that has a momentary on because this allows you to illuminate in front of you for short periods of time without clicking the flashlight all the way on. It’s also important to get a flashlight that has multiple brightness levels. If you’re reading a map or working on something with your hands you really won’t need the brightest output. Those other lower brightness levels will definitely come in handy.

Long Throw Flashlight

When hunting it’s important to see far in the distance so you can see your prey and that’s why you would need a flashlight that features a long beam throw. For this I would recommend that the flashlight to have at least a 250 meter beam distance. So whatever hunting flashlight you’re looking at make sure to check what the max beam distance is. Often you’ll find that flashlights that have a longer beam distance may have a deeper reflector that’s completely smooth. This reflector will help jet the light out further in a more narrow beam.

Weapon Mounted Flashlight

Klarus XT11GT 2000 Lumen Flashlight
Weapon Mounted Klarus XT11GT Tactical Flashlight

If you’re planning on mounting an LED flashlight onto your weapon make sure you get a flashlight that can be weapon-mounted. This may seem obvious, but flashlights that might advertise as tactical or hunting may not actually be able to mount on a weapon. So make sure to double-check that it does.

Also, if you’re planning on mounting a flashlight on to a weapon then it’s important to get a very durable flashlight. LED flashlights that are made from aluminum are lightweight, heat-resistant, and extremely durable so I recommend looking for a flashlight that’s crafted from aluminum. You’ll typically want to look for a flashlight that has dual springs in the body as well. These springs will protect the battery and internal electrical components from accidental drops and recoil.


Top 3 Best Hunting Flashlights

Let’s get into the best hunting flashlights that you can find today. Each of these flashlights has every feature I mentioned above as well as some extra features that put the flashlights above the rest. From this list you can pick your favorite and go from there.

Klarus XT11GT

Our recommended best hunting flashlight – the Klarus XT11GT Weapon Bundle

Klarus XT11GT 2000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight
Klarus XT11GT Tactical Flashlight Weapon Bundle

The XT11GT is an excellent tactical flashlight because it is so powerful, delivering 2000 lumens, and yet compact enough that it’s easy to carry around. With its size, the XT11GT is easy to mount onto a weapon, but you can also hold it in your hand if you’d rather do that. It features four different brightness levels, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode. It also features three different programmable setting: the Tactical Setting, the Outdoor Setting, and the Advanced Tactical Setting. The XT11GT is incredibly versatile because of these unique settings. You can choose which setting you are most comfortable with before going hunting. The XT11GT is also USB rechargeable which is a great bonus.

This tactical flashlight is extremely durable and can hold up to recoil. It’s crafted from aluminum, is impact resistant, and is waterproof. You can also find accessories for this flashlight including filters, gun mounts, and remote pressure switches. All in all the Klarus XT11GT is a fantastic hunting light that won’t let you down.

Klarus XT12S

1600 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight Klarus XT12S
1600 Lumen Ultra Throw Tactical Flashlight

Another great hunting flashlight is the XT12S. This LED flashlight is just as compact and lightweight as the XT11GT. However, it has a significantly longer being throw reaching 402 meters. The XT12S delivers up to 1600 lumens and features four brightness levels, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode. The XT12S also has two programmable settings, the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. Before you go hunting you can pick which setting you’d prefer to have giving you a little more control over the flashlight. The XT12S also features a unique magnetic charging port and comes with a USB magnetic charging cable. This cable and charging port allow you to easily and conveniently charge the XT12S without hassle.

The XT12S is an incredibly durable flashlight that’s crafted from aluminum, is impact-resistant, and is waterproof. It’s an excellent flashlight for any outdoor activity. You can also find more accessories to go with this light including filters, remote pressure switches, and gun mounts. The Klarus XT12S is packed with features and is very versatile making it one of the best hunting flashlights.

Fenix TK32

1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Fenix TK32
Fenix TK32 LED Flashlight Hunting Bundle

If you’d rather not buy filters for your hunting flashlight then the Fenix TK32 might be just for you. It features three different LEDs: a white, red, and green. The white LED delivers 1000 lumens and has a 422 meter beam distance. The red LED delivers up to 105 lumens and has a 65 meter beam distance. The green LED delivers up 165 lumens and has a 105 meter beam distance. These different LEDs give you a lot of versatility in your hunting flashlight. The white LED features four different brightness levels, the red LED has two brightness levels, and the green LED also has two brightness levels.

The TK32 is incredibly durable and great to mount on a weapon. It’s made from aluminum, is impact-resistant, and waterproof. It’s important to note that the TK32 has a larger head diameter so you want to make sure it has a bit of clearance when mounted on a weapon. You can find accessories for this hunting flashlight like remote pressure switches and gun mounts. If you want a multifunctional hunting flashlight then the Fenix TK32 is perfect.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to look for in the best hunting flashlight and you have the top 3 best hunting flashlights on the market today. Take a look at these three different flashlights and pick whichever one fits your needs and preferences. Whichever flashlight you go with you’ll know that it is high quality and won’t let you down while you’re hunting.