Best Keychain Flashlight – Fenix E03R Review


I don’t usually do reviews on keychain flashlights, but I came across the Fenix E03R mini flashlights and had to review it. This is an impressive and tiny keychain flashlight that does more than meets the eye. I’ll go over the features of the E03R and give you my opinion of the flashlight at the end.

Small Fenix Flashlight

fenix e03r best keychain flashlight

The E03R is a small keychain flashlight. It’s less than 2 inches in length which means you could easily put it on your keychain or you can just put it in your pocket. It’s incredibly easy to carry around and keychain flashlights are valuable tools. If you forget your EDC light at home, or you prefer not to carry an EDC like, the keychain flashlight is the next best thing.

The E03R delivers a maximum of 260 lumens. Quite impressive for a keychain flashlight. A lot of keychain flashlights usually deliver less than 200, so this one’s brighter than most. It features a red and white LED so it’s multi-functional. A red LED is excellent for preserving night vision and up close work.

USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight

The E03R keychain flashlight has a built-in lithium polymer battery. That means it’s rechargeable and it’s USB-C rechargeable! So this little LED flashlight is going to charge no time. You can see a charging indicator that’s located on the switch. It’ll glow red while charging and green when the battery is finished.

rechargeable pocket flashlight fenix e03r

The charging indicator on this keychain light doubles as a battery capacity indicator.To see the indicator, all you need to do is single click the switch while the flashlight is off and the indicator will tell you the battery status. If it’s a constant green light, the battery has 70% of its charge or more. If the light is flashing green, the battery has about 40% to 70% of its charge. Constant red means that the battery has 10% to 40% of its charge. And a flashing red means that it has 10% or less of its charge.

This LED light comes with a low voltage warning so as the battery drains, the light will drop in output. When the E03R is only working in the lowest mode, the indicator will start flashing red to let you know it’s time to charge the battery.

I really like low voltage warning indicators. I think it’s important for users to know when it’s time to replace their batteries or charge their batteries. Especially with lithium ion batteries as they can drain without being used. So if you see the indicator’s warning you there’s a low voltage, it’s time to charge your battery.


Operating the Fenix E03R Keychain Flashlight

>The user interface with this light is simple. It has a single switch that’s copper, and it looks great. I really like the copper look on the Fenix flashlights. The switch is recessed into the light so it should avoid accidentally turning on in your pocket. That’s a big plus especially with keychain flashlights or pocket flashlights in general.

fenix e03r keychain flashlight

To turn the flashlight on and off, you simply need to hold the switch for half a second. It’ll turn on to the white LED and then you can click to cycle through the white brightness levels. To turn it on using the red LED, you need to press and hold the switch for about one second. Once it’s on, you click again to go to a red flashing mode. Very easy to learn and very intuitive.

Speaking of the outputs, the E03R flashlight features six total outputs. With the white LED you have a high of 260 lumens, a medium of 80 lumens, a low of 30 lumens, and eco 5 lumens. With the red LED you’re going to have a constant red at 4 lumens and a flashing red at 4 lumens. The outputs themselves are quite nice and very robust for a keychain flashlight. I especially like the red flashing mode and the red LED. Red flashing light is quite easy to spot making it great to use as a signal light.


Durable Keychain Flashlight

his keychain flashlight is super durable. I wouldn’t expect less from Fenix, but I’m still surprised by how durable this light is. The body is an all-metal housing which works out better for heat, durability, and looks. I really like the look of a metal keychain flashlight. Many keychain flashlights are made with plastic, so I’m glad to see an aluminum keychain flashlight.

rugged fenix flashlight e03r

The E03R LED flashlight is impact resistant up to 1 meter and is IP66 rated. It’s good to know that you can drop the light accidentally and it should be working just fine. Given how often I drop my keys, it’s a good good thing to have a light that can withstand some drops.

As for the IP66 rating, this means that it can withstand some heavy splashing. So rain shouldn’t really affect it. Even if you would have dropped in a puddle. All in all, I’m quite impressed with this little keychain flashlight.


Final Thoughts on the Fenix E03R

strong>Pros: This is going to be a long list because I like a lot about this light. I like the fact that the keychain flashlight has an all-metal body. I like the look of aluminum a lot better than plastic and I think it works better when it comes to durability and heat dissipation. This flashlight does have a temperature protection system, so the aluminum will help dissipate the heat a little bit better.

I think it’s great that they use both red and white LEDs. It takes this keychain flashlight to the next level giving it a lot more versatility. Red LEDs can be extremely useful so it’s nice to see it on a keychain flashlight.

fenix flashlight e03r keychain light

The user interface is simple and it features great outputs that are very usable. 260 lumens is a great amount of light for a keychain flashlight. The E03R is one of the brighter keychain flashlights that I’ve seen.

Cons: As far as keychain flashlights go, I can’t think of anything bad to say about this. I think Fenix took a keychain flashlight and went above and beyond with it. So no cons for me on the light.

Conclusion: I’m extremely impressed with this little keychain flashlight. I think Fenix did a great job with taking a mini flashlight and turning it into something extremely usable. I wouldn’t replace my EDC light with a keychain flashlight, but I could see users choosing to keep the E03R as a pocket flashlight. If you’re wanting to add a really cool mini light to your everyday carry gear, check out the Fenix E03R keychain flashlight.