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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to open your apartment door or car door and it was so dark outside, that you had to struggle just to see where the key hole? Of course you have! Everyone of us has faced a similar situation, if not the exact one. All you needed was a small light, but where is that tactical flashlight when you need it the most, right? Imagine if there was a tiny flashlight attached right to your keychain, won’t that be super-convenient? You carry your keys with you all the time anyway. Well, I am here to tell you about just the product you have been looking for: a flashlight that can be attached to your keychain!

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Many market leaders in flashlight market manufacture keychain flashlights and there are plenty of options to choose from. Generally, these flashlights are small and operate on a watch battery or a smaller battery such as a AAA or even a AA battery. Some of the good models are no slouches either when it comes to performance. Some of them can blast out some powerful light beams, so don’t let their miniature sizes fool you.

Is keychain flashlight for you?

A keychain flashlight is for anyone who has keys, as simple as that! It is a very handy tool that can help you in so many situations. It can be used as a very compact Every Day Carry (EDC) flashlight. It is there when you want it and most importantly, it’s right alongside your keys. So, in a nutshell, I would go ahead and say a keychain flashlight is for everyone!

What should look before buying best keychain flashlight?

An ideal keychain flashlight needs to so small, that it can very easily attach to your keychain without adding much bulk. It also needs to withstand some impact as many people have the habit of throwing their keys around. Let’s look at some of the key features that you might want to look at while getting a keychain flashlight.

1. Size

The size of a keychain flashlight is very crucial. In this particular case, the smaller the flashlight, the better the usability. The idea is the keychain having the flashlight and not the other way round!

2. Power

This can be a tricky feature. Some of the keychain flashlights are so small that you might not have any real world use of them. However, if you are careful and choose one with some high lumen outputs, it can be very usable. Even in some pretty dark situations.

3. Battery

When it comes to such portable flashlights, you want to have a battery that is both small and yet long lasting. Many of these flashlights come with a watch battery or a standard AA or AAA battery. The choice totally depends on what form factor you are looking at and how frequently you plan to use the light.

4. Construction material

Many people have a tendency of tossing their keys on to the table or somewhere. You want a flashlight that can resist such impact damage as much as possible. A solid construction and a good material choice will make sure that you don’t accidentally crush you light when you throw you key on the table.

5. Price

Of course, price is very important as well. There are a lot of really cheap flashlights out there which just don’t perform and also, there are some really expensive ones that offer no significant features. Try to avoid either of these groups.

Top 10 Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torch:

We have skimmed the market and here are the top 10 best keychain flashlights that you can buy today. So, here we go…

1. LUMINTOP WORM Stainless Steel Highest Lumen AAA Flashlight with Keychain

Another gorgeous stainless steel flashlight comes from the the Lumintop camp. This gorgeous flashlight is too beautiful to resist. But don’t take the power of this beauty for granted. It is as powerful as it is gorgeous. It is very Small but Powerful 110 Lumens. Including 3 Modes, Waterproof Pocket Size flashlight. Perfect Gift option for anyone.
LUMINTOP WORM AAA Flashlight Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchWeighing in at just 28 grams, it is very easy to carry and attach to your keychain. At its center, the light is driven by a CREE X2 LED technology. It has some serious output as well. At the max mode, it can produce a light beam that is 110 lumens in intensity. This is easily one of the brightest keychain flashlight that is available out there. It also has a multiple operation mode that makes it usable in any conditions.

One of the complains that I usually have with many keychain lights is the fact that they are difficult to operate with one hand. However, the Worm takes care of this problem as the precision made threads on the cap makes it incredibly easy to operate with a single hand in any conditions.

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2. ThorFire Keychain Flashlight TS3A Cree LED Stainless Steel Pocket Mini Size Torch Powered by AAA battery Outdoor

The ThorFire TS3A has to be one of the most gorgeous looking keychain flashlight that I have used. It is very sleek in appearance and gives a very classy look. It is one of those flashlights that you would actually want to put on the key ring just for the look of it!

ThorFire Keychain Flashlight TS3A Cree LED Stainless Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchThis beautifully crafted flashlight features a body that is made form a 100% stainless steel. This sleek light can be attached to your key chain or a backpack with ease. At its heart the flashlight has a CREE XQ LED technology for the brightest light and longevity. Weighing in at just about 45 grams, it is slightly on the heavier side.

The unit operates on a single AAA battery, however, the battery is not provided in the package. The switch is a tap-switch that is located on the tail of the light. It features a temporary on position as well as a permanent on/off functionality. If you are in the market for a very sturdy and gorgeous looking keychain flashlight, this light is for you.

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3. LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam

Another offering form LRI, the Photon II keychain light packs in all the goodness of its predecessor, Photon Freedom. This is even more compact version of the Photon Freedom weighing just 0.8 ounces. It weighs less than a US quarter and once it is on your keychain, you would hardly feel it there.

LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchThe light features one of the brightest LEDs in the world and works on a replaceable Lithium battery. It also features a smart circuitry with gold plated contacts for very efficient and reliable operation. It is made completely from a very highly durable and scratch resistant polyurethane material. The material is also impact resistant.

The switch in the Photon II is a combination of a pressure sensitive switch and a multi-function sliding on/off switch. The pressure sensitive switch can be operated by putting pressure on the switch and turns off once the pressure is released. The multi function switch, however can be slide in a permanent on position eliminating the need for pressing the pressure switch for a long time.

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4. Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight

This great looking flashlight from Streamlight is correctly named the nano. It is just 1.47 inches long and weighs just 0.36 ounces. Although, don’t let the small size fool you even a bit. This tiny powerhouse can really throw some light. It has a LED technology at its heart and with a maximum output of 10 lumens, it can put many bigger flashlights to shame.

Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchThe flashlight features a rotating head switch for a convenient and reliable operation. It is powered by four IEC-LR41 coin batteries. One of the most impressive feature that I like a lot is that it comes with a non-rotating snap hook.

The Nano is constructed to last. The machined aluminum case has an anodized finish that can withstand some impact without as much as a dent. It is available in a number of bright and attractive colors that you can choose from.

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5. LRI FMW Photon Freedom LED Keychain Micro-Light, White Beam

This keychain light from LRI is really one of the smallest keychain lights on the market. Weighing in at just 1.6 ounces and measuring just over an inch in length, it is an ideal companion to any keychain. This ultra light keychain light is made entirely from a heavy duty plastic material that is virtually indestructible.

LRI FMW Photon Freedom LED Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchThe light-weight flashlight features a super-bright LED at its heart and is powered by two replaceable CR2016 Lithium batteries. The light also features five mode of operations to suit any need. The switch is a pressure sensitive switch for easy and hassle free operation.

The Freedom light that is the same size of a US quarter comes in a variety of LED colors including a UV emitting LED & an Infra-Red emitting LED. The price point of this very efficient flashlight is very affordable and I would strongly recommend this tiny wonder for anyone who is looking for a keychain flashlight.

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6. ThruNite Ti3 NW Mini Edc keychain flashlight review

The Ti series of flashlights have always been my absolute favorites. They feature a very compact form factor but pack in a tremendous amount of power. The Ti series mini follows in the footsteps of other Ti models from ThruNite. They are made with the same precision craftsmanship that ThruNite is very famous for. ThruNite Ti series Mini Keychain Flashlight have 5 modes Powered by 1*AAA battery and IPX-8 Waterproof. But, Battery is not included with the package.

ThruNite Ti3 NW Mini Edc Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torch

This mini light features a CREE XP-G2 R5 LED at its heart for a super bright beam. The whole unit is powered by a single AAA battery and boasts a four mode operation. One of the best qualities of this particular Ti series flashlight is the run-time. It can run for an impressive 115 hours on the lowest setting (0.04 lumen) while t its brightest (120 lumen) it can last for as long as an hour. Those are some seriously impressive run-times for the category.

The light has a very easy twist on/of switch for a single handed operation. The unit weighs in at just 12.0 grams without the battery installed. It is truly one of the best keychain flashlights you can buy today.

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7. Nitecore Tube T Series 45 Lumens Black USB Rechargeable Key Chain Flashlight with Lumen Tactical Keychain Light

The Tube T series of flashlights pack in the power and versatility of a tactical flashlight in a miniature form factor. This ultra light weight flashlight packs in features that can only be expected from a high end tactical flashlight. One of the neater features of this light is that it comes with an additional 25 lumen light for emergencies packaged in as a bundle.

 Nitecore Tube T Series 45 Lumens Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchThe Nitecore Tube T light has some really nifty features. The bright LED technology at its heart can pump out an impressive light beam measuring as bright as 45 lumens. It also features a multiple mode operation with impressive run-times. It has a run time of an hour at the brightest setting while at the lowest setting, it has a run time of over 48 hours. The beam can reach a distance of around 24 meters, which is impressive by any standards. One thing that I really like about this flashlight is that fact that it can be very easily charged using a USB cable. So, you can recharge this light using a laptop or a wall or car charger as well.

The material of construction is a high grade polyurethane plastic and offers an impact resistance for up to 1.5 meters. With an extra wide beam angle of 100 degrees, this light can brighten up the whole neighborhood!

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8. Helotex K1 Key Chain Flashlight

One of the more traditional looking flashlights, the Helotex K1 is one of my favorite keychain flashlights. The flashlight is very light and has a classic flashlight look that I absolutely love. It is small enough to be carried with a ring and powerful enough to get some real world use out of.

Helotex K1 Key Chain Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchThe K1 eatures a CREE XP-E LED technology at its core for the brightest lights and longest lives. It is constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum that gives the light a very solid feel in the hand. It is the same material hat is used in the premium grade tactical flashlights. The light can put out an impressive 90 lumens of light at its maximum mode.

One of the unique features of this light is the fact that it features an O-ring seal that imparts an optimum weather resistance. I was able to operate it in many conditions from ran to snow with no problems whatsoever.

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9. Rayovac Value Bright 5-Lumen 1AAA LED Keychain Light (BRSLEDKEY-BMF)

One of the lighter weight flashlights on this list, the Rayovac Value keychain flashlight is a prefect mix of beauty and performance. It has a gorgeous finish that is worthy of putting on your keychain.

Rayovac Value Bright 5-Lumen 1AAA LED Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchWeighing in at just 0.8 ounces, and measuring just over an inch, this flashlight is ideal for EDC purpose on your keychain. At its core, the Value Bright features state-of-the art LED technology that makes the flashlight super bright and long lasting at the same time. One of the features that absolutely adore is the fact that it is available in a multiple assortment of colors from red, blue, bronze to a gold!

The flashlight operated on a single AAA battery for long lasting and reliable output. One of the nicest things on the light is rubberized grip that makes it very easy to hold and operate the flashlight without having to worry about loosing the grip. The switch is a twist-type switch at the tail of the flashlight that is also easy to operate.

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10. Streamlight 72101 KeyMate with White LED, Titanium

Streamlight is a trusted name in the flashlight industry. They are known for their beautifully crafted flashlights with high end materials. The KeyMate flashlight does not disappoint in terms of both the look as well as the performance.

Streamlight 72101 KeyMate Best keychain flashlight brightest led tactical torchConstructed entirely of anodized aluminum, the white LED technology powering the light is made to last. The unique reflectors and lenses provide light that is up to 400% more intense than any other mini flashlights. Weighing in at just 1.6 ounces, it is an ideal EDC light for your keychain.

The light operates on four alkaline cells and provides an impressive run-time of up to 96 hours at the brightest setting. It also features an O-ring seal for all-weather operation and preventing moisture from getting in and damaging the circuitry.

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Final Thoughts

Keychain flashlights are small and light weight that you can very easily attach to your keychain. These flashlights will help you in the moment when you need them the most and hence choosing the right one is very important. You can’t go wrong in choosing literally any of the above flashlights. All of them offer the beast bang for your buck. The only thing that is left for you to do is to choose the one that matches your taste. So, what are you waiting for?