Best LED Flashlights for DIY Dads


Best LED Flashlights for DIY Dads

If you’re one of those people who prefer to work on projects around the house yourself, fix appliances yourself, and do little fix-it-up jobs around the house yourself, then you need a flashlight. Maybe you already have one and it’s time to upgrade or maybe you didn’t know that there are some incredible flashlights that can really help you when you’re working on the house. Either way, I’m going to introduce you to a few of the best LED flashlights that you can find today.


I do my fair share of fixing appliances, house maintenance, and little jobs here and there. I’ve used flashlights I really loved and I’ve used flashlights that I really didn’t care for. I even tried doing a few jobs without a flashlight and I can tell you that having a flashlight can really help especially if you are looking in dark corners.


List of the Best LED Flashlights

When I tell you that the lights I’ve listed below are the best LED flashlights, I’m not kidding. Each of these flashlights has their own unique features that really come in handy. Each one is powerful, compact, portable, and durable. A couple are even rechargeable flashlights. Once you take a look at them yourself, you can decide which flashlight is the one for you. So let’s take a look at these LED flashlights.


Klarus G10 1800 Lumen Flashlight 

klarus g10 edc
Best LED Flashlight Klarus G10

The first flashlight I want to talk about is a beast of a compact light. The Klarus G10 comfortably fits in your hand and delivers 1800 lumens. That’s a whole lot of light and is especially great if you are working in a bigger yard or in just a larger area. You can clip it onto your pocket or you can carry it in its holster and the G10 will go with you anywhere. It’ll illuminate the area in front of you very nicely with a diffused beam and it’s excellent for close-up work.


The G10 LED flashlight features a unique user interface that I really like. It has a side switch and a tail switch that operate independently. The side switch features a built-in memory function and the tail switch features a one-touch low function. Both switches have a one-touch turbo function as well, so you have access to whatever brightness level you need whenever you need it. I have found that this user interface is excellent for any do-it-yourself project. It’s also a USB rechargeable flashlight and is extremely rugged so it’s going to last you a long time. Check out the Klarus G10.


Klarus ST10 1100 Lumen Compact Flashlight

klarus st10 edc light
1100 Lumen LED Flashlight Klarus ST10

This is another compact flashlight that makes a great EDC flashlight as well. It delivers 1100 lumens and has a soft diffused beam which is a lot easier on your eyes. I would recommend this light if you have sensitive eyes or want a softer light. The ST10 is operated using a single side switch so the user interface is very intuitive and very easy to learn. You also have a one-touch low and a built-in memory function so you can have the flashlight set in whatever brightness level you would like it to be. The ST10 is great if you want a straightforward LED flashlight.


This torch is also a USB rechargeable flashlight making it a very convenient and economical choice. You won’t need to worry about changing out the batteries or buying a separate battery charger unless you want to. It’s a low maintenance light and takes care of itself with the safety features that Klarus included. It’s a robust flashlight that is incredibly durable and will hold up no matter what project you’re working on. Learn more about the Klarus ST10.


Klarus Mi1C 600 Lumen EDC Flashlight

klarus mi1c everyday carry flashlight
Best Everyday Carry Flashlight Klarus Mi1C

This little pocket beast is a phenomenal flashlight. It’s the smallest one on this list and I want to include it because not everyone wants to carry around a handheld flashlight. This is a flashlight that can easily fit in your pocket and still lights up the area around you at 600 lumens. With its curved lens, the Mi1C delivers a completely diffused beam so you won’t see any hot spot on it. This is really great for appliance maintenance and repairs. I like that it illuminates the entire area I’m working on evenly. Another perk of the Mi1C is that it does have a magnetic tail cap so you can easily attach it to a metal surface and illuminate the area I need hands-free.


The Mi1C also comes with a unique feature where it fades-on and fades-off. I find this feature to be really nice because it is easy on the eyes. It’s operated using a single side switch and has a built-in memory function so you can pick whichever brightness level you need it to be in and keep it that way. This little pocket flashlight comes with a Klarus 16340 battery that has a micro USB port directly on it. So while you can’t charge the battery through the flashlight, you can just charge the battery directly using any standard micro USB cord and USB adapter. I love that Klarus included a USB rechargeable battery even if the flashlight itself is not USB rechargeable. The Mi1C is a great flashlight that would do any household some good. It’s small enough that you can carry it in your pocket and really makes a great everyday carry flashlight as well as a household flashlight. Check out the Klarus Mi1C.

Final Thoughts on the Best LED Flashlights for DIY Dads

So there’s my list of the best LED flashlights. To be honest, I could have included more flashlights in this and I may even write another article that will include those lights. However, I stand by my opinion that these are the top three best LED flashlights for do-it-yourself dads. Each one has its own unique features that come in handy when you’re working on projects and each one is a truly convenient tool. Whether you want a handheld flashlight or a pocket flashlight, I made sure to include it in this list. So you got three great options in LED flashlights. Which one is your favorite?