Best Pen Flashlight : Streamlight microstream review 2016


Best Pen Flashlight Streamlight microstream review c4 ledStreamlight microstream flashlight can easily be found on the market and many people are presently aspiring to acquire it. Why? Because based on majority’s mentality, the interest of someone normally relies on what best features an object portrays in the field and its useful applications. Affordable price? No, rather than you can tell it one of the cheapest flashlights in the market. These Streamlight  66318 flashlights are normally there for the purpose of eradicating darkness and also help in the use of most domestic works. While in the dark, they save you a great deal of time and as well aids in controlling most damaging activities more so during the unexpected emergencies. Various people today go for such flashlights because they are very much impressed with the kind of unique features that these amazing flashlights can offer. The Streamlight Microstream flashlight is one of the great flashlights in the market and comes with these different top features. In this Streamlight microstream review article, we will know everything why microstream best pen flashlight.

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Why Streamlight microstream review? Is it the Best pen flashlight?

First and foremost, the streamlight 66318 microstream is a compact flashlight which runs under one AAA alkaline battery powered tactical pen flashlight. This battery powered LED is a very vital feature in this flashlight, since, it particularly supports in the boosting of the brightness of the flashlight. The streamlight microstream C4 LED technology plays a role in the production of light at a very wide range in a big environment.

It has a tail cap switch which you can push easily. This is there to help in the process of putting the flashlight on or off. The tail cap switch also helps in the moderation of light from the brighter mode to the dimmest mode. A double press of the switch makes the flashlight be brighter, while just a single press will make the microstream operate in its dim state.

A combination hat/pocket clip for convenience; here, in case of a mishandling of the flashlight, the availability of a pocket ensures safety during utilization and as a result, it stays at a very comfortable position that it can’t lose balance or either fall causing the most unexpected damages that may take place without any compensation at the end.

Micro optical system – It consists of a micro optical system that helps to optimized run time and output. Therefore, this system provides a platform where this best EDC pen light has the ability of lighting for a very long period of time. And led bulb lifetime up to 30000 hours as well.
Streamlight microstream review Best Pen Flashlight Streamlight 66318

It also has unbreakable polycarbonate lens and waterproof construction – The waterproof structure is present to safeguard the flashlight from any water content that may get its way through during various operations. On the other hand, the presence of the polycarbonate lens is there to help or boost the projection of light that is to be lit by magnifying and zooming the beam of light towards the targeted point.

This flashlight also has O-ring sealed openings where their batteries are loaded in from the back area. Here with the help of the springs in, the batteries find it so swift at the time of insertion as they swing up and down so as to reduce and maintain the change of at a tight seal just like the surefire Gx2 pro dual output LED pen flashlight.

Streamlight microstream flashlight Features:

To be precise, this kind of flashlight offers many great features that can easily attract new buyers. It is a very good operating gadget that most flashlight users would prefer to have. The most attractive advantage is that this mini Streamlight microstream flashlight is affordable and almost everyone can acquire it if need be, and additionally, it is also can be used as a pocket flashlight. If you are looking for a great best pen flashlight with great features, then this is one of them.

The streamlight 66318 flashlight has 28 lumen stated output using the budget Cree emitter making it very able to overcome the darkness at some fewer ranges within the environment. When compared to the surefire and the solaray flashlights, their number of lumens differs. The streamlight microstream flashlight has a small number of lumens when contrasted with the other two making its ability towards light spreading and penetration in the dark to be a bit lower, while the rest their ability towards this is so strong and very wide. But Streamlight pen light is a very thin flashlight which will be fitted with your any pocket. Although, one of my friends told me that he has gotten 35 lumes instead of 28 lumens. Some new purchaser has also mentioned same.

Streamlight 66318 can still be preferred because it works very well for an extremely long period of time of about 2.25  hours which is its stated run time. Alternatively; it’s a flashlight that is also a shock proof gadget that is verified above the industry standard of 1 meter impact resistance test.

It also has an unbreakable pocket clip and ring for easy storage/attachment; therefore handling the streamlight flashlight with the help of the machined aluminum alloy case protection would be very advanced and easy to stay and handle it, hence making it last longer.

Apart from the above specification, the streamlight microstream flashlight has also the following that makes it so compatible with how it works to its perfection: It uses the budget Cree xp-c emitter and also a single mode AAA flashlight and a proprietary micro optical system for optimizing the flashlight run time and output, all these work hand in hand supporting the perfect condition of the streamlight flashlight operations.

Streamlight flashlight Pros:

The streamlight micro stream flashlight has one great advantage that makes it so advanced and strong. It features include high flux intensity, super powerful brightness, 1/2 watt LED and models meet applicable European Community.

The micro optical system that facilitates optimized total run time and output, furthermore, it is rated IPX4 and thus it is a waterproof flashlight no doubt about that. Unbreakable polycarbonate lens that helps in the zooming of the beam of light into a wide range (52 meters) of darkness with the support of one AAA alkaline battery.

The presence of its unbreakable pocket clip makes it to be in a protected state when put in place or room for storage.


The mini streamlight flashlight has a little bit disadvantages because it is not that rechargeable when compared to other flashlights, hence, when its power goes down an alternative will always run in of just acquiring another flashlight battery. Another thing that is being disliked by most of the people that have once used this flashlight is that its pocket clip happens to rotate with the threaded end cap that badly scratches every time. Although, you can solve this problem by placing a small piece of cloth between flashlight body and the clip before turning the cap.


In conclusion, I would, therefore, say that the use of streamlight LED Pen Flashlight is pretty good; from the look of things the streamlight microstream flashlight seems to better choice considering it’s usability and durability. It’s a well-built flashlight and with a great concentration to detail which is clearly visible through its very strong features that automatically execute together to bring out greater efficiency and effectiveness in lighting places. The best feature in regard to this streamlight microstream led flashlight is that it has the corrosion free body, anodized finish and best flashlight for everyday carry (EDC flashlight). In Streamlight microstream review article has given some idea about this best pen flashlight.

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