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Best rechargeable FlashlightFirst, Let me be clear.
You want a flashlight. Not only a good flashlight but also a high quality rechargeable flashlight. Most people fail to choose the right flashlight.

So, how do you select the best rechargeable flashlight?

If you don’t want to compromise with quality then you have to check a few important factors like brightness, operating modes, battery type, battery size, battery lifespan, flashlight body materials, waterproof, durability, functionality, etc.

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Flashlights are indispensable pieces of equipment that every one must carry. A good quality flashlight can provide illumination and security when you need it the most. I personally, carry one with me any time I go out in the dark.

There are many tactical flashlights out there in the market to choose from. You can choose one based on the brightness you want, the size, the price range or even the construction material. However, one of the most important criteria that often gets neglected, has to be the power source.
Commercially available flashlights can be generally categorized into the following categories based on the power source that drives it.

Our Recommended Top 5 Best Rechargeable Flashlights

Flashlight NameMax. LumenOur Rating Price AlertModesWeight
Klarus Improved XT11S Tactical Flashlight 1100100
SOLARAY PRO Best rechargeable Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight120097Medium50.31 pounds
Klarus XT12 Tactical USB Rechargeable Flashlight93095Medium4152g (without battery)
Revtronic Cree XM-L2 Rechargeable Flashlight80090Low50.31 pounds
OxyLED Super Bright Rechargeable flashlight80080Lowest50.88 pounds
N.B: Personally, I am using a Supernova Rechargeable flashlight and still now very happy with it’s performance. Check below my video review.

Check out our Recommended Top rated best rechargeable flashlight VIDEO review

SuperNova Rechargeable Flashlight Details on AMAZON.COM

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1. Non-rechargeable flashlights

These are powered by disposable batteries that have to be replaced once they are dead. They can be simple alkaline batteries or disposable Li ion batteries.

2. Rechargeable flashlights

These flashlights can be further classified into the following two categories based on the ability of remove and replace the batteries or power cells.

a. Flashlights with removable batteries

The flashlights with removable, rechargeable batteries fall under this category. These flashlights use standard rechargeable cells such that can be charged using standard wall chargers. These batteries are fairly easy to replace and often not that expensive.

b. Flashlights with integrated battery packs

Most of the high quality flashlights have the batteries sealed in and integrated in the unit itself so that the user can’t access the battery to replace it.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that rechargeable flashlights are the way to go! You don’t have to depend on buying and maintaining a set of batteries at all the times to make sure that you don’t loose power when you need light the most. Furthermore, with the rechargeable flashlights, you have the ability to charge them before you go out if you happen to travel, you don’t have to worry about the availability of the right size batteries. All you have to do is find a socket in the wall and you are good to go!

The market is filled with hundreds of models of rechargeable flashlights manufactured by tens of companies and the choice between them can get a bit overwhelming. To make a good choice, you need a guide that will put together all the most important criteria that you must consider. That way, you can pit the various models against each other to make an informed and an educated choice. Well, that’s where we come in! We have compiled an exhaustive list of features that you, a buyer, can use to select the best rechargeable flashlight suited to your needs and budget. Also, we scoured the market and came up with the 10 best rechargeable flashlights suited for every need and budget.

Best Rechargeable flashlight Buyers Guide 2017

A proper guidance goes a long way, especially if you are trying to decide amongst seemingly similar products. As far as the rechargeable flashlights go, there are certain features that must be considered before you make your decision. Let’s take a look at them now!

1. Battery Type

This is perhaps the most basic criterion. As we saw earlier, you can but a flashlight with a replaceable, rechargeable battery or an integrated battery. Although both types have their own advantages, the choice really boils down to what are your personal preferences.

The flashlights with removable batteries can be good if you are looking for:

Cheap replacement batteries, or You want to have multiple sets of the batteries ready so that you don’t have to wait for the flashlight to charge.

However, if you are someone who don’t care for the above two much, you can go for the integrated battery type flashlights. Their batteries are usually manufactured specifically for the particular flashlight and have many advantages:

  • The integrated battery is specifically designed for the rechargeable tactical flashlight and hence can be more efficiently tuned to meet the needs of a particulate circuitry of that flashlight.
  • As the battery is integrated and can’t be moved, there are less parts to worry about.
  • The design of the flashlight can be streamlined and compacted as the in-built battery does not have to comply with the standard shapes.
  • AAA or AA batteries. Mostly depend on size and power.

In the end, the choice really boils down to your preference, although the integrated systems edge out the replacement ones just a little bit!

2. Charging mechanism

Charging mechanism can also be a factor in your choice of the perfect rechargeable flashlight. The charging mechanism refers to the way your flashlight can be recharged. There are some options available on the market:

Solar charging: Some of the flashlights can be charged using the solar power and hence do not require electricity. These are ideal if you are going on a camping trip or hunting, where electrical outlets may not be available. Although these flashlights can be a bit more expensive and are certainly slow to charge. Also, not to mention, they are rendered virtually useless on a cloudy day!
USB charging: These days almost all of us carry a cell phone charger wherever we go. These flashlights can be connected to any charging device that uses USB. They can even be connected to you laptop and you can charge them while using your laptop at the same time! The best usb rechargeable flashlight always gives more flexibility to use.
Electric socket: The rechargeable flashlights that recharge using the electric socket are most universal in their appeal. It can easily attach to any available electrical outlet and within a matter of hours, you are good to go.

But if you are looking for more powerful, more brightest rechargeable flashlight then check this top 10 rechargeable flashlight list.

The choice really depend on the end use of your flashlight. Although the electric socket charging is the most universally applicable device.

3. Operation life and longevity

One of the problems with rechargeable batteries is that they tend to loose the capacity to hold charge over time. A new battery can be packed in with a large amount of energy but as the battery gets old, it tends to pack in much less charge. The decline in the capacity depends on how many charging-discharging cycles, a battery can take.

Another important aspect, as far as the battery is concerned is the amount of power it can supply on a single charge. You don’t want a battery that is operational barely for a couple of hours before calling it quits.

More often than not, both the above criteria are interdependent. A good battery will have a long life and at the same time will put out more power as well. If you are using replaceable battery type rechargeable flashlights, remember to buy only high quality batteries. As for the integrated ones, they are tailor-made for the flashlight and are generally good in performance.

Keep an eye on the type and life of the battery while making a choice.

4. Size of Flashlight

Size is another important aspect to be covered when making the selection to buy a rechargeable flashlight. If you are looking for a flashlight that is small, compact and yet powerful, the power source it uses is an important factor to consider.
An integrated battery allows the best usage of the space and design. The flashlights that have an integrated battery are generally compact and the batteries are designed in such a way that they deliver the most efficient output for that design.
Again as is with many other factors, size is a very personal matter. Choose the one that fits your needs.

5. Other options

Many of the rechargeable flashlights come with added options and accessories that can improve their appeal and usability. For example, some of the flashlights come with their own docking stations that double up as charging stations as well. The charging stations are plugged in the outlet and serve as a cradle for holding the flashlight and while it is placed in the neatly designed dock, it keeps charging as well! There is no need to plug it in the wall or anything.
This might be an enticing option if you tend to use the flashlight every single day and want to keep it charged fully between uses.

6. Price of rechargeable flashlights

Last but certainly not let, is the price. Of course, you can find a light for any budget on the market rating from below $40 to high three figures. The choice really depends on the features.

Many a time, the expression-you get what you pay for, is not entirely true, atlas in this case. There are many rechargeable flashlights that are actually great but they don’t make a huge hole in your pocket. Similarly there are those as well which are way too expensive for the features and quality they sport.

We will be looking at some of the best rechargeable flashlights that have achieved a balance between the dollar amount and the actual value. As a rule of thumb though, nothing that is promising too much for a really low price should be taken with a pinch of salt nonetheless.

The price is important but not the only criteria that you should consider while buying a rechargeable flashlight.

Top 10 best rechargeable flashlight reviews that you can buy:

We have used them, collected their all information, compare their functionality, charger, size, price etc and make top 10 flashlight list. Keep in mind, we make this list thinking about lasting, service, warranty, battery, charging option, rating, user review and considering our personal experience. Overall, Quality and reasonable price has gotten priority to select below products.

1. Supernova Guardian 1300 Professional Series Ultra Bright Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight

A great flashlight from the Supernova camp, the Guardian 1300 is a very bright rechargeable tactical flashlight with multiple operation modes and a great design. This flashlight features a removable, rechargeable Li-batteries that can be charged with a standard charger provided with the flashlight. Some of the most important features of this flashlight are:Supernova Guardian 1300 Professional Series Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guide

  • Super-bright CREE XM-L U2 LED with a maximum output of 1300 lumens.
  • It is also called the best rechargeable spotlight or rechargeable searchlight because Five operation modes to cover every need from a spotlight to a searchlight function.
  • High efficiency booster circuit for extended output and long battery life.
  • Rechargeable Li-batteries are included in the package and if need be, it can also run on 3 AAA alkaline cells as well offering verticality.

The Guardian 1300 is one of the best budget friendly cheap rechargeable flashlight that is a must buy.

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2. Nitecore MH20 CREE XM-L2 U2 LED 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight

The MH20 is one of the best value for money rechargeable flashlights you can buy. It is one of the smallest rechargeable flashlights on the market that can be easily tucked away in you pant pocket or attached to your belt with equal ease. Let us take a look at some of the awesome features this light offers:Nitecore MH20 CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guide

  • The light pumps out a very powerful beam at 1000 lumens using a CREE XM-L2 LED technology.
  • The integrated digital optic technology provides an extreme performance at a lower energy consumption.
  • The flashlight come with two 18650 3400mAh batteries and a USB charger for easy and fast charging.

Nitecore MH20 review the best usb rechargeable flashlight VIDEO review

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The MH20 is one of the best flashlights that is available in the market. If you want a contract yet powerful rechargeable flashlight, this one has your name on it!

3. FOURSEVENS Maelstrom Regen MMR-X 800 Lumen Burst Mode

The Maelstrom Regen from Foursevens is a fantastic flashlight at an affordable price. The superbly designed compact flashlight is every bit as powerful as it is sleek. Some of its killer features include:

  • FOURSEVENS Maelstrom Regen MMR-X 800 Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guideMultiple modes of operation with an amazing battery life of almost 80 hours at low intensity 150 lumen brightness.
  • The unit boasts an impressive 18650 rechargeable battery with a power of 2600mAh.
  • The unit clap features a USB port adapter for quick and versatile charging options.
  • Extremely well built with space grade anodized aluminum body and optical grade lens with a sapphire coating for greater clarity and beam penetration.

The Maelstrom is a great flashlight for the price. If you are on a budget, this flashlight is for you.

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4. Pelican 7060 AC110F Tactical Rechargeable LED Flashlight with 120V Charger

Pelican 7060 AC110F Black Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guideThis very compact offering from the trusted name of Pelican is a great plug in rechargeable flashlight. As a matter of fact this is a standard issue tactical flashlight for all police officers in Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Weighing in at just 1.3 pounds, it is one of the lighter flashlights in its class. The AC110F comes with a custom 120V charger for rapid and efficient charging. It features some great features such as:

  • Multiple modes of operation.
  • Xenon lens for better illumination.
  • Integrated Li-battery for long usage time.
  • Sleek design.

You can’t go wrong with the flashlight that LAPD uses , now can you?!

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5. Streamlight 74751 Strion LED HL flashlight – High Lumen streamlight rechargeable Flashlight

Coming in next is the very popular Strion from Streamlight. This flashlight is one of the brightest in its class and features a classic Streetlight design made from hand anodized high quality aluminum. It boasts some really amazing features:

  • Streamlight 74751 Strion Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guideC4 LED technology with an impressive 50,000hours operation life.
  • Lithium ion rechargeable integrated battery rechargeable for up to 1000 cycles and gets fully charged in as less as 3 hours.
  • The superior optics produce an ideal mix of long beam and peripheral illumination
    Special regulated sun time ensures even illumination at all battery levels.

The Strion is a great flashlight with an amazingly affordable price with a really powerful rechargeable battery that is out certainly one the best in its class.

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6. MAGLITE RX1019 Heavy-Duty Rechargeable Flashlight System

The RX1019 is a complete flashlight system from the well known Maglite camp. This high end rechargeable torch light comes with a range of other accessories that make is a complete system to handle any needs and situations.MAGLITE RX1019 Heavy-Duty Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guide It includes many accessories such as:

  • Power cord, charging cradle, NiMH battery pack.
  • The specially designed LiMH battery features an extended battery life that is up to 34% more than other batteries in its class.
  • The flashlight features a high intensity halogen lamp and a spare is also provided.
  • Customizable electronic switch with four modes of operation.

The Maglite rechargeable flashlight RX1019 system is great value for money.


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7. NiteCore TM36 SBT-70 LED Rechargeable Searchlight

The TM36 SBT-70 is the latest offering from the NiteCore brand. This compact and powerful rechargeable flashlight is marketed as the worlds smallest rechargeable flashlight that can throw a light beam up to an amazing 1100 meters! It is packed full of features such as:NiteCore TM36 SBT-70 LED Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guide

  • LUMINUS SBT-70 LED system that is custom made for this flashlight.
  • This super powerful LED can throw a beam of light that even huge searchlights can’t match.
  • It is equipped with a thermal protection circuit to prevent the over heating during extended periods of time.
  • Comes equipped with an integrated ultra-high performance NDP52 battery pack for an unbelievable operation time at full power.

If you are looking for a super bright and yet compact rechargeable flashlight, look no further.

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8. Coast HP21R Focusing led brightest rechargeable flashlight 1326 Lumen

One of the most unique rechargeable flashlights, the Coast HP21R is a very powerful flashlight with a beam focussing future. The unit features an ultra powerful mode putting out 1326 lumen of light unto a distance of 320 meters. In addition, it packs in some cool features such as:Coast HP21R Focusing Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guide

  • NiMH rechargeable battery that can be charged using ann AC or a DC power source making it very versatile.
  • The super bright mode at 1326 lumens can be operated for an amazing 3 hours and 45 minutes on a single charge.
  • It features a sleek aluminum design and a smartly placed tactical switch.

The Coast HP21R is one of the most efficient and powerful flashlight that is worth every penny of the price tag, that is a bit to a higher side.

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9. Olight SR95 High Output Rechargeable LED Flashlight reviews

Yet another product from the Olight family, the SR95 is the predecessor of the SR95s that we saw earlier. This ultra powerful flashlight is known for its ridiculously high output and longevity. Some its features include:Olight SR95 High Output Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 reviews buyer guide

  • The unit features an advanced SST-90 LED emitter for super bright beams that can reach up to 2000 lumens.
  • The high efficiency large diameter reflector is ideal for achieving a long throwing distance of 720 meters.
  • The unit also features three modes of operation for increased versatility of operation.

Although the SR95 is amongst the more expensive rechargeable flashlights on this list, it is certainly one of the best as far as the performance goes.

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10.Olight SR95s UT Intimidator SBT-70 1250 Lumens LED rechargeable Flashlight

The SR95s from Olight is an excellent led rechargeable flashlight in its class. Featuring a powerful LED emitter putting out almost 1250 lumens of blinding light, this compact flashlight comes loaded with an integrated lithium battery. The flashlight has multiple modes and a sleek design. Important features include:Olight SR95s UT Intimidator Best Rechargeable Flashlight top 10 review buyer guide

  • Three modes of operation ranging from a low 150 lumen to an ultra-bright 1250 lumen.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with a charge indicator and a charging port.
  • The hollowed out head design prevents overheating during long periods of usage.
    Tactical switch in the tail cap for easy operation and switching between modes.

This is a beautifully made rechargeable flashlight that is well worth the money.

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If you are in the market for any flashlight, go for a rechargeable flashlight. A rechargeable flashlight is ever bit powerful as a conventional flashlight and gives you the freedom of recharging it at your convenience.

We hope that this article helped you to learn some details about best rechargeable flashlight and also will help you in picking one out. You can’t simply go wrong in buying a rechargeable led flashlight!