Best Streamlight Flashlights – Buyer’s Guide


Buyer’s Guide to the Best Streamlight Flashlights

Currently stationed in Eagleville, Streamlight is a flashlight manufacturer with over 40 years of history. During this time, they’ve build up a reputation as one of the leading businesses in the industry. Today you can see the best Streamlight flashlights used by professionals in the military, law enforcement, and firefighting departments.

Best Streamlight Flashlights: Power and Versatility for Firefighters and Police

Streamlight is a company that prides itself on the versatility of their product range. All their flashlights and other lighting tools are extremely efficient and durable. Most importantly, they are highly reliable, which is the reason why they are used by many official agencies.

The company doesn’t limit itself to the regular types of lighting tools. They produce some highly innovative devices, like a handcuff key light or a halogen torch with a LED backup feature. This company is renowned for the long battery life of their devices. Many of their flashlights can use two different energy sources.

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Top 3 Best Streamlight Flashlights

  1. Streamlight 88031 ProTac 2L

streamlight protac 2l


The ProTac 2L is a tactical flashlight fit for any survivalist or law enforcement officer. It’s very small but extremely bright. The light is actually programmable due to the TEN-TAP switch and you can set it to the combination of strobe modes most convenient for you. Due to the device’s wiring design, it maintains maximum light output level until the battery runs out.



  • The ProTac 2L only offers 260 lumens max output, but the C4 LED technology maximizes brightness.
  • The flashlight uses two 3V lithium batteries (CR123A) and can run non-stop for three hours at max brightness mode.
  • The body of the device is anodized aluminum alloy and the lens is tempered and impact-resistant. Overall, the torch is extremely durable and can survive a fall on concrete. The IPX-7 waterproof rating means that you can use the light under water for 30 minutes.

What People Say

The ProTac 2L is not only one of the best Streamlight flashlights, it’s one of the best torches on the market. It’s widely used by law enforcement and medical agencies.

This device is extremely efficient, durable, and reliable. It will work consistently well for long periods of time. The torch is bright and convenient to use.

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  1. Streamlight 88061 ProTac 1L-1AA

The ProTac 1L tactical torch is bright, durable, and very resilient. It can run on either a CR123A lithium battery or a regular AA battery. The light output and general efficiency level depend on the power source you use.

Streamlight 1aa flashlightAccording to Streamlight, the torch was tested and can survive a 2-meter fall. You can also use it under water for up to 30 minutes, but only if the depth doesn’t exceed 1 meter.


  • The ProTac L1 provides the maximum of 350 lumens output when using a lithium battery and 150 lumens from alkaline power.
  • The flashlight offers several light modes, including a disorienting & signaling strobe.
  • As a premier-quality tactical flashlight, the ProTac 1L is made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum alloy and can withstand shock, impact, and extreme temperature shifts.

What People Say

The ProTac 1L has a very high user rating and is often used by law enforcement and security services. Despite the loss in power, the C4 LED technology ensures that the light remains bright even with this power source.

Overall, the ProTac 1L is one of the best Streamlight flashlights. It’s compact and the dual-power source makes it very flexible. Due to the impact and water resistance, this is a good torch for outdoors enthusiasts.

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  1. Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS

The Stinger is a great flashlight for those who need a source of bright light and the convenience of easy charging. It’s one of the favorites among security and law enforcement pros because of its light efficiency. It doesn’t feature a bezel to use in an attack situation, but the 600+ lumens of light output can blind the aggressor.

streamlight stinger flashlight


  • The maximum light output of the Stinger is 640 lumens in High mode and it can maintain this level for 1 ¼ hours on a full battery charge. The Low setting is 170 lumens and will run for 4 hours max.
  • The Stinger features a PiggyBack NiMH battery+charger that can be recharged for 1000 times.
  • The flashlight’s body is aircraft-grade aluminum and it features a non-roll rubber ring as well as rubberized grip.

What People Say

The Stinger is one of the best Streamlight flashlights on the market and you can find hundreds of positive reviews for this model. It might not be the most versatile tactical flashlight, but it’s very reliable and durable. The rechargeable battery is extremely convenient.

This Streamlight model is the embodiment of the company’s values, which are quality and reliability. It’s convenient to use in any situation, so everyone can benefit from having one at home or in the car.

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