Best Tactical Flashlight Gift – 2017


Best Tactical Flashlight Gifts of 2017

best tactical flashlight gifts

The holidays are approaching quickly and with the holidays coming, we can also expect a ton of people looking for gifts. Everyone has at least one person in their life that is nearly impossible to shop for, they usually buy everything they need or they want, or they just don’t happen to want all that much stuff, and that’s why buying a tactical flashlight is a really great idea. Not only do a lot of people not have really good flashlights, but they’re very practical gifts. Once you have a tactical flashlight, as I’m sure many of you can agree with, you don’t turn away from it. You can’t imagine your life without this tactical flashlight because it has had your back in so many situations, but many people undervalue flashlights and don’t realize how important a flashlight is until they truly need it.

I’m a big advocate of buying flashlights for people and getting people into flashlights, telling them how important having a flashlight is, so today I’m going to look at the best tactical flashlights for gifts and I’m going to cover a variety of people in your life who you may be shopping for.

Tactical Flashlight Gift For Dad

I know dads can be pretty hard to shop for and, of course, it’s just very stressful looking for a gift for someone like your dad, who you care a lot about and you want to show him that.  I think I’ve come up with some great suggestions for him. The first flashlight I’m going to recommend is the Klarus XT11GT. This is a beast of a tactical flashlight. It has everything you could want. Not only does it deliver 2,000 lumens, but it’s actually compact enough that you could easily carry it on your person using the pocket clip or the holster that comes with it. It has six total outputs, including a strobe and an SOS so you have that in case of emergency, and the really cool thing about this light is that it actually has three programmable settings, the tactical setting, the outdoor setting and the advanced tactical setting. Each of these settings prove a purpose and it makes such a versatile flashlight, so whatever your dad is interested in, odds are one of these settings will be perfect for him. Or, if he’d prefer, he can switch between the settings depending on what he needs at the time.


The XT11GT has a multitude of different functions, including a straight strobe, an instant turbo and an instant low light, as well as a memorized function ability so it will remember the last setting you had it it. It does dual tail switches as well as a side switch, but if you don’t want to use the side-switch you are able to lock that out, but I find the side-switch to be really cool but that’s just my opinion. The XT11GT is also USB rechargeable so your dad won’t even need to buy extra batteries for this flashlight unless he wants to. He can charge the flashlight while he’s working on his computer or driving around doing errands if he has a car adapter, it’ll charge and he doesn’t have to worry about it. The side-switch also doubles as a charging indicator as well as a battery capacity indicator so while the flashlight’s charging, you see a red glow if it is charging and a green glow when it’s finished charging battery. With a battery capacity indicator, it’ll give you an idea of just how much power the battery still has so you know how to use it, how long it’s going to be before the battery runs out on you, when you need to charge it and that’s a really great thing to have.

Like I said, everything you want in a flashlight is stuffed into this compact tactical flashlight, that is the XT11GT. Whether your dad is an outdoor enthusiast and loves camping, or hunting, or whether he works around the house, this is a perfect flashlight. It’s versatile, it’s durable and it has everything you need.

Tactical Flashlight Gift For Mom

Okay, now I’m going to move on to a tactical flashlight for mom. This one was very difficult for me to find, there are so many great options to choose from, I did choose the Klarus XT1C. The main reason I chose this flashlight is because it has everything you could want in a tactical flashlight while still being compact enough that you can easily carry it in your pocket or your purse, and I think that’s really important. The XT1C does have that dual tail switch, which is nice and very easy to operate, get used to, you have five total outputs, including a strobe and an SOS, and you have two programmable settings, the outdoor setting or the tactical setting. Now, with the tactical setting, you will get one touch strobe, one touch turbo and then you can cycle through the brightness levels, whereas the outdoor setting you get one touch turbo, one Touch low and the cycle through the brightness settings. Your mom can choose which setting is best for her, perhaps she would like to be more prepared in case of an emergency, she’d like to have that instant strobe, so that tactical mode will be great. Or, maybe she uses her flashlight quite often, she’d prefer to have that easier access to the lower mode, in which case the outdoor setting would be great.


Like I said, the great thing about this flashlight is that it’s less than 3 1/2 inches in length so it’s really easy to carry on your person. Not only that, but it delivers 700 lumens, which is unbelievable amount of light coming out of something so small. Honestly though, if your mom wouldn’t mind having a bigger flashlight, I’m going to recommend the XT11GT for her as well because it is the best of the best, in my opinion, for 2017.

Tactical Flashlight Gift For Teenagers

Next, I’d like to look at an awesome tactical flashlight for your kids, your daughter or your son, a flashlight that they’ll use but can also keep them safe, and that’s the Mecarmy SGN7. This flashlight could be considered a keychain flashlight, it’s very small, so your kids can only carry it on them. It delivers 550 lumens, which is plenty of light, perfect for anything up close that they’re working, if they’re searching for their keys in the dark, whatever, this flashlight is more than adequate. It has four different brightness levels that they can choose between, it’s USB rechargeable so they don’t need to worry about replacing the batteries, but there are two features of this flashlight that make it a phenomenal flashlight for a gift. The first feature is an alarm. There are two switches on the SGN7, a main switch and a secondary triangular switch.


Now, if you press that secondary switch, not only does it activate the strobe mode but it also activates an alarm, so if your kid is ever in trouble they can use this not only scaring away and disorienting any potential attacker, but also drawing attention to themselves for help. It can help your kid in an emergency situation and can give you peace of mind knowing that they’re safe. The other feature that this flashlight has is a powerbank function, so if their phone dies they can use the SGN7 to give a little extra energy back into their phone if ever they need to make a phone call or whatever. All in all, this is a great multi-functional flashlight that would make an excellent gift for any kid over 13.

Tactical Flashlight Gift For Friends

Finally, I want to talk about a gift you might want to get to a friend, a tactical flashlight, maybe they haven’t uses a tactical flashlight before and they’re just wanting to get into it, in which case I think that a great suggestion would be to Nitecore P12GT. It’s incredibly easy to pick up on, you learn the user interface very quickly, it becomes like second nature, it delivers 1000 lumens, which is exactly what you want in a tactical flashlight, it has a tail cap switch and a side-switch, and I like this because a lot of the time, people usually prefer one or the other and so if you’re a new flashlight user you don’t know which one you prefer, it’s actually a good idea to get a flashlight like this so you can figure out which you like better or maybe you like both of them together.


The Nitecore P12GT has four different brightness levels that you can cycle between and has three different specialty modes, which is strobe, SOS and location beacon. It’s great to have these extra modes just in case of emergency. It’s always great to be prepared. The side-switch doubles as a power indicator so you know where the battery voltage is and the power levels are at if you need to charge your battery or replace it, whatever you need to do, always a plus with any flashlight. And because it’s a Nitecore flashlight, you know you are getting your money’s worth. This is a durable, very high quality flashlight.

That concludes my flashlight list. These are all tactical flashlights to give to people you love and I highly recommend that you give tactical flashlights for Christmas because these are very practical gifts that anyone can use. I personally believe that everyone should have a tactical flashlight. Even if they don’t carry it on them, it’s just great to have because it really does come in handy. Let the holiday shopping begin.

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