Best Tactical Flashlight Review: Klarus 360X3 Vs. Klarus XT11X


Within the last few months I have reviewed both the Klarus XT11X tactical flashlight and the Klarus 360X3 tactical flashlight. At a glance, you may think these are the same flashlights more or less. So today, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about the similarities and differences between these two awesome tactical flashlights. Granted, they do have more similarities than differences, but the differences are pretty extreme and could cause you to lean toward one flashlight or the other. In this review I hope to help you better decide which flashlight is the best tactical flashlight for you

Similarities Between the Klarus XT11X and Klarus 360X3 Best Tactical Flashlights

So let’s start with the similarities. The XT11X and 360X3 share quite a bit in common and are both full of exciting features. Let’s take a look at what both of these flashlights have to offer.

3200 lumen flashlight
Klarus XT11X – 3200 Lumen Flashlight
Best klarus flashlight
Klarus 360X3 – 3200 Lumen Flashlight

CREE LED and Maximum Output

It’s no surprise that the XT11X and 360X3 flashlights share the same CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED considering that both flashlights deliver 3200 insane lumens. Seriously, these guys are bright! They also have similar body designs and have the exact same reflector. Both of these flashlights have a wide beam that distributes the light very well and they have a maximum distance of 283 meters. So they’re really great for scouting the area around you, but would not be considered throw lights.

LED Flashlight Multiple Outputs and Operation

The XT11X and the 360X3 feature six total outputs including four brightness levels that range from 15 lumens to 3200 lumens and two flashing modes: the strobe and the SOS. They also both feature a triple switch design that includes two tail switches and a side switch that functions independently. The tail switches feature a momentary-on, a one touch turbo, and a one touch strobe or one touch low. The side switch features a one touch low and a built-in memory function. Any of these switches can be locked out to prevent accidental illumination. You can operate the flashlight using either the tail switches or the side switch at any given time.

Also, both tactical flashlights feature two programmable settings – the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. The settings only affect the tail switches so the side switch will remain the same no matter what. The Tactical Setting, which is the default, features a one touch turbo and a one-touch strobe whereas the Outdoor Setting features a one touch turbo and a one touch low

USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Both of these amazing tactical flashlights are USB rechargeable and feature a charging indicator that doubles as a battery capacity indicator so you always know the status of the battery. Both flashlights are compatible with a single 18650 battery, two CR123A batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries.

Differences Between the Klarus XT11X and Klarus 360X3 Best Tactical Flashlights

So they definitely have a lot of similarities. Generally speaking, the XT11X and 360X3 tactical flashlights share the same features but differ and some pretty major ways and the ways they differ are important to consider. Depending on what you’re looking for, one of these flashlights will be better for your needs. So let’s take a look at the differences between the XT11X and the 360X3 tactical flashlights

Tactical Flashlight Tail Switches

The biggest difference between these two tactical flashlights is the tail switch design. Let’s take a look at the XT11X first. The tail switch features a main round tail switch button and a secondary paddle button. This is a tried-and-true design from Klarus and you will find that the majority of their tactical flashlights feature this tailcap including the XT11GT, XT12S, XT11S, and more.

The 360X3 flashlight, on the other hand, features an omnidirectional ring switch that will allow you to use the flashlight from any angle. With the switch you have the main round switch that sits in the middle of the tail cap and is slightly protruding from it. You also have the secondary switch which is a ring around the main switch. This design does allow you to operate the flashlight from any angle making it very easy to respond quickly.

Not only is the design different, but the feel is also different. The XT11X has a rubber main tail switch and a simple groove metal pedal switch. These switches are incredibly responsive. The 360X3 features textured rubber tail switches that grip onto your finger very easily. it does require quite a bit of pressure to turn the flashlight on and off, more so than the XT11X. This helps prevent the 360X3 from accidentally turning on

LED Flashlight Body Design

Another major difference is the body design on both of these flashlights. While the XT11X and 360X3 look similar, there’s a major difference in how both tactical flashlights feel in your hand. The body on the XT11X has a pineapple texture right on the anodized aluminum making it easy to grip the flashlight. The 360X3 has a rubber coating on top of the aluminum body making it easier to grip than the XT11X. The 360X3 also has grooves on its tail cap to make it easier to lock and unlock the tail cap. Some users may really like the rubber as it sticks to your hand and ensures an extremely firm grip on the flashlight. Others may prefer that smoother feeling of just the textured aluminum with the anodized finish.


Depending on what you’re looking for and what you prefer, either the 360X3 or XT11X could help get the job done. Both flashlights are amazing, powerful, versatile, and truly the best tactical flashlights. No matter which direction you choose to go, you’ll have a 3200 lumen rechargeable tactical flashlight. They’re also fairly similar in pricing which is always nice. I’ve spent time using both flashlights and I find them both to be wonderful tactical flashlights that you can rely on. Make sure to check out the Klarus XT11X and the Klarus 360X3.