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Best Thrower Flashlight: Long-Range Flashlights

When it comes to the best thrower flashlights it’s all about optimizing the beam profile for a focused output. In addition, there are design factors that differentiate between “flood” and “throw” flashlight models

The good news is, there are plenty of exciting options on Amazon if you’re looking to buy a thrower flashlight. So, let’s take a look at some long-range flashlight reviews that are the top options.

fenix ht18 thrower flashlight


  • 4 lighting modes with memory function
  • Tactical Tail Switch for smooth operation
  • LED battery capacity indicator
  • Luminus SFT40 LED with 50,000 LED hours lifespan


  • It is costly

Fenix has a few thrower flashlights in its inventory and the HT18 is the best long-throw flashlight on this list. The longest range of this model is 3034 feet (925 meters) with a maximum output of 1500 lumens. 

Considering the fact that the beam is narrow and concentrated, the light intensity is excellent. Even in high mode, you get 500 Lumens and a beam range of 1870 feet

Even with the long beam range, the flashlight is fairly compact. With a high-strength aluminum body and an IP68 rating, the overall durability is top-notch. In addition, the internals have a double spring structure that prevents the battery from moving from recoils.

The light is compatible with both 21700 and 18650 batteries. We suggest using the 21700 batteries as it offers a longer running time and gets charged quickly with the supplied USB type-C cable.

Note, this is a professional-grade flashlight that comes with a wide range of accessories like a holster, a lanyard, an ALF-18 battery holder, and color filter adapters. Right off the bat, you get everything you need for using a hunting flashlight

Honestly, it’s hard to find a con with this flashlight. You will need to spend a bit more on it, but the HT18 is definitely worth the extra amount.

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Nitecore P30i

nitecore p30i flashlight long distance


  • A clear and bright beam with a narrow hotspot
  • 5 brightness levels with 2 special modes
  • Advanced optical system with PDOT technology
  • Memory function and temperature regulation


  • Turbo mode consumes battery very fast
  • Not compatible with conventional 21700 batteries

When it comes to mega-throwers, the Nightcore P30i isn’t far behind the Fenix HT18. It is an upgraded version of Nightcore’s popular P30. The flashlight delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens with a beam distance of 3280 feet (999.5 meters).

Even though the P30i is designed for tactical use, it’s also a great option for all forms of long-range lighting needs. And with the supplied NL2150HPi.rechargeable battery, it can operate for long hours. Interestingly, you can also use the USB cable as a remote switch.

The CREE XHP35 HI LED delivers a high light intensity of 250000 cd that makes the range as high as one kilometer! Coming to portability, at 6.99 inches it’s not exactly a compact flashlight. However, at 9.01 oz it’s on the lighter side of the scale.

As expected, the tactical flashlight is tough enough for all-weather use. With an aggressive design, it’s IP68 rated and is impact resistant up to 1 meter. Both the tail and the side switch are easy to operate and have a good tactical feel. 

Overall, the P30i is a solid product from Nightcore that’s well-balanced in all aspects. Admittedly, it isn’t the most affordable flashlight. But considering the features and performance, it’s definitely a pretty good deal.

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ThruNite Catapult V6 SST70

thrunite catapult handheld searchlight


  • A compact package with a powerful output
  • Robust build quality
  • Fast charging through USB C
  • Affordable price


  • Gets hot in turbo mode
  • The power switch can be hard to find

This flashlight is an updated version of the Thrunite Catapult V6 with some extra goodies and the new Luminus SST70 emitter. What stands out is the compact size that makes it super easy to carry in a backpack or a jacket pocket with the supplied holster.

The maximum throw stands at 22270 feet (692 meters) and the turbo output is 2836 lumens. The SST70 cool white emitter delivers a crisp beam with a long throw. Considering the small size, the light output is impressive. On the downside, the hotspot is wider. 

Beyond that, there are six operating modes including a strobe and firefly mode. And even though the UI is slightly dated it’s simple enough.

Now, this is a super-tough light that is made from high-grade aluminum with an anodized finish. Plus, it is impact resistant up to 1.5 meters and totally waterproof with an IPX8 rating.

The Catapult V6 is powered by a 26650 battery and Thrunite supplies a USB C charging cable. The operation is through a single switch which is somewhat low profile. But at times, you may find it difficult to find the button.

One of the best features of the Catapult V6 is the relatively low price tag. Compared to the pricier options, it lacks advanced features like active thermal regulation. Even so, it’s a great long-range flashlight that won’t break the bank.

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acebeam search light


  • A heavy-duty flashlight with an excellent range
  • Overcharging and over current protection
  • Tough outer shell with mineral glass lens
  • Thermal cooling fins with temperature sensor


  • Consumes battery fast in the high and turbo modes
  • High heat generation

If you’re looking for a high-lumen flashlight, the K30 GT is one of the best options. With a powerful SBT-90 GEN2 LED that delivers a staggering 5500 lumens, it has a maximum beam distance of 3360 feet (1024 meters). That’s almost five-eighths of a mile!

The K30 GT uses Triple 18650 rechargeable batteries as a power source which accounts for the beefy design. Note, the flashlight can’t charge the batteries directly and lacks a charging port. So, you need to use an external charger for charging.

While the batteries make the flashlight function like a charged racehorse, the heat generation is at the higher end. Even with the cooling fins, the aluminum body harts up quickly in turbo mode. Thankfully, Acebeam provides an aluminum handle to protect your hands.

At 6.12 inches, it’s not exactly an EDC flashlight. Still, it’s one of the most compact options in this category. The aluminum body is built to withstand drops and scratches and it comes with IPX65 waterproofing.

To be honest, I feel the K30 GT has enough muscles to be considered one of the best thrower flashlights on the market.  While Acebeam is a new player, it delivers the right balance of price and quality to compete with brands like Fenix and Olight.

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BUYSIGHT Rechargeable Flashlight

buysight handheld spotlight


  • Super bright flashlight
  • Functions as a flashlight as well as a searchlight
  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Great for budget buyers


  • Not compact
  • Lacks water and impact resistance

Let’s look beyond relatively smaller flashlights. For buyers looking for a low-priced option for non-tactical purposes, this flashlight from Buysight is a great choice. It delivers an incredible 10000 lumens from the dual CREE XHP-70.2 LEDs.

Keep in mind this isn’t a portable light you can mount on a gun. But the handheld design is great for camping or as a spotlight in foggy conditions. With a maximum range of 3000 feet, it’s an excellent choice for use in a property bordered by woods. Besides, it also comes with a light bracket that can be rotated 360 degrees.

What makes this flashlight unique is the massive 10800 mAH rechargeable lithium battery. Firstly, it gives the light a long running time of 10 hours in strong mode. Next, you can also use the battery as a power bank to charge your smart gadgets. 

Other than three light modes, it also has a side light mode that works great on campsites. The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy shell makes it light and durable. It doesn’t come with a waterproof rating, but considering the price point, that’s acceptable.

If the lack of portability isn’t your concern, this flashlight is a super affordable option. While it lacks advanced features, the range and brightness are perfect for beating the dark.

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What is a Long Throw Flashlight?

Fact is, there’s no exact standard for classifying long-throw flashlights. A top-grade long-beam flashlight casts a light beam over long distances to help you see distant objects. The term “throw” indicates the maximum beam distance.

These flashlights come with powerful LEDs and a large reflector that can throw a focused light beam. This is in contrast with flood light beams that distribute the light over a wider angle.

The range of the brightest flashlight will depend on the output of the LED. A higher beam intensity in candelas will deliver the longest-range flashlight.

Beyond that, the shape and size of the parabolic reflector used in a flashlight are important for delivering a focused beam. The more collimated or focused the output, the higher the throw distance.

Other than that, there are LEP flashlights that use Laser Excited Phosphor materials. However, such long-throw flashlights are more expensive.

Benefits of a Long-Throw Flashlight

A big advantage of a long-throw flashlight is it allows you to inspect an area while keeping your distance. That means you can identify potential threats or intruders without exposing yourself to any risks in the dark. So, these LED flashlights are mostly used by law enforcement, search and rescue, and land management.

The other important use is for emergency signaling. For this reason, many flashlights and headlamps have SOS and Beacon flashing modes. 

Besides, long-throw flashlights come with more powerful batteries with higher runtimes. That means you need to change batteries less often than budget flashlights. Additionally, their longer length also provides a better grip.

Final Thoughts 

So, these are some of the best thrower flashlights that you can pick. Hopefully, these products will also meet your budget range.

Apart from the beam range, make sure to consider factors like battery runtime, size, and weight before you choose.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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