Best Ultrafire Flashlights – May 2017


Buy Tactical Flashlights on a Budget: 3 Best UltraFire Flashlights

UltraFire is a division of a Chinese company WatFat Technological Co., Ltd. It specializes in the production of budget tactical flashlights that are both reliable and versatile. The best UltraFire flashlights are always affordable and offer some handy features, like waterproofing, clips, attack bezels, etc.

Best UltraFire Flashlights: Versatile and Affordable

No matter how you plan to use your flashlight, you’ll definitely find an UltraFire model that meets your requirements. The company has an extremely versatile product line, so their products are used by all kinds of people.

These tactical flashlights aren’t exactly up to the military standards and you won’t see them used by law enforcement professionals. However, they are often favored by campers, bikers, and dog owners. UltraFire lighting tools stand out due to their low prices and reasonably high quality. They perform rather well and are more durable than the price suggests. Their main issue is that extreme brightness comes with a short battery life.

Top 3 Best UltraFire Flashlights

  1. UltraFire WF-502B

The WF-502B is one of the most popular UltraFire flashlights and can be perfect for camping trips. It’s reasonably lightweight and very easy to use. The torch offers 5 lighting modes, including SOS.

tactical flashlight ultrafireIt comes with a rechargeable battery and the UltraFire charger is included in the package.


  • The WF-502B is one of the best UltraFire flashlights in terms of efficiency. It provides light output of 920 lumens and can be used as a self-defense tool. The light beam can extend to 135 meters.
  • This UltraFire model allows for maximum efficiency in battery use due to the special wiring configuration.
  • The flashlight’s body is made of military-grade aluminum alloy and is impact-resistant and waterproof.

What People Say

Users seem to be very satisfied with the WF-502B because it offers great value for little money. The fact that the kit includes a charger and rechargeable batteries also generates a lot of positive attention.

This model is one of the best UltraFire flashlights for outdoors enthusiasts and survival kits. As it has the waterproof rating of IPX-6, you can use it underwater for short periods of time. This device is reliable and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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  1. UltraFire E17 Cree

tactical flashlights e17 ultrafireThis flashlight from UltraFire is extremely versatile and efficient. It offers the light output of 1000 lumen, an attack bezel, and adjustable zoom. The batteries aren’t included in the kit, but the torch can run either on three AAA batteries or one 3.7V.

The bright white LED light can illuminate a large area and you can adjust the zoom to focus the beam on a specific object. Due to this flexibility, the device can be used for any kind of outdoor activity. As it’s compact, you can carry it everywhere.


  • The E17 offers 5 light modes with the maximum output of 1000 lumens.
  • The focus feature of the light beam makes the E17 a good tool for searching and aiming in the dark, but the device can’t maintain an intense light output for long.
  • This flashlight is made of durable aluminum alloy. It’s waterproof and weather-resistant, but isn’t suited for diving.

What People Say

According to reviews, the E17 offers good value for the money. It’s bright and reliable, although some people complain that the brightness doesn’t reach the promised 1000 lumens max.

Overall, this model is one of the best UltraFire flashlights for outdoors and can be a good addition to your daily essentials kit.

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  1. UltraFire 7W Mini Cree

The 7W Mini is indeed a minimalistic flashlight that comes with an even smaller price. Despite being cheap, it’s highly efficient and reliable. You can fit it into your pocket and be always prepared for a ‘lights out’ situation. It also features a bezel that makes it a handy self-defense tool for emergencies.

tactical ultrafire flashlight


  • The 7W Mini provides 300 lumens light output, which is enough for the majority of regular tasks, such as fitting a key in the lock, or searching for fallen items.
  • The flashlight is powered by an AA battery and uses it rather efficiently.
  • The body of the device is made of anodized aluminum alloy and is scratch-resistant as well as waterproof.

What People Say

This torch isn’t the top-grade device that can be used by law enforcement, but it fares well for a regular person who rarely needs a flashlight. It’s mostly used by dog walkers or as a part of an everyday care kit.

All in all, the 7W Mini is one of the best UltraFire flashlights in its class. It’s reliable and can be your ace as a simple self-defense tool.

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