Best UV flashlight – Brightest uv flashlight Pet Urine Detector


Best UV flashlight Black Light UV Flashlight Brightest uv flashlight usesImagine a flashlight that is not only a source of light, but can perform other functions such as help in cleaning around the house! A UV flashlight operates using light in the Ultraviolet wavelength. This makes it useful not only for lighting but also for detection of stains and splashes that cannot be seen with the naked human eye. When the flashlight is shone on them, they glow in the dark therefore making it easy to detect. Thus, this kind uv light is known as the pet urine detector. The best UV flashlight currently in the market is the Black light, UV flashlight 100 LED blacklight premium handheld Ultraviolet pet dog & cat urine stain finder human fluids, bed bugs scorpion, counterfeit Currency and leaks of arf pets. It is called that this uv black light is one of the best uv flashlight for scorpions.

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Best UV flashlight Features and uv flashlight uses:

What makes a blacklight UV flashlight the best UV flashlight is the powerful light that it illuminates. The 100 LEDS shines a brighter light that is 10 times that of a smaller flashlight. This beam is so powerful that is capable of blinding when directed to the eye. It can brighten the whole backyard even when standing at one spot providing guarantees for security. From my personal experience, You can spot an item 15-20+ feet away without straining your eyes. It lights up a place and could be mistaken for a crime scene. When inside the house, the room does not have to be completely dark since it works well both during daytime and at night. Powered by 6 AA batteries the beam is consistent with great uniformity. Although they are not rechargeable, alkaline batteries are easy to find in stores.

Another important feature is the ability to detect stains easily. Stain detection at home, in vehicles, hotels, and even offices has never been easier. The UV light is able to scan a broad area without shifting the flashlight back and forth. This eliminates the need to use smell as a method of detection of cat and dog piss therefore it is good for your health and comfort. Urine stains, grease, leaks and soap splashes can be detected at a distance without being too close to the carpet or the dirty surfaces. Blacklight UV Flashlight comes in handy for health inspectors, landlords and property owners during cleaning. It works on almost all surfaces, carpets, walls, kitchen tables, glass windows and textured surfaces.100 LED Blacklight Premium Handheld Ultraviolet Best UV flashlight Brightest uv flashlight uses

Black light UV Flashlight works perfectly both indoors and outdoors for hunting pests and rodents. The thought of having mice, spiders, ringworms and bedbugs inside the house or even in your backyard can be scary. The best part is that you don’t have to be very close to these insects that could be dangerous since the spotlight can spot them from about 6-7+ feet away. Once the UV light bounces off these creatures a distinct light is reflected back, making identification and elimination easier.

This premium flashlight is also tailored to suit people in business as it works well in differentiating counterfeit Currency from legit money. You don’t have to worry about making losses during transactions when you have this device that comes at a very small price. Although some might find this price expensive but it is an investment in the long run. The performance standard is worth every single dollar.

This is also the Best UV flashlight for pet owners and people who are allergic to pets as well. It comes in handy for pet training because pet owners can keep track where their dogs or cats relieve themselves when owners are away. People with allergies for pets can find out whether the previous owners of an apartment kept any pets before they move in. Because uv Pet Urine detector light can help to find out those pet urine. This is a lot more convenient and a precaution measure.

Mineral detection is another area where the black light finds application. Substances rich in minerals fluoresce when illuminated with UV light. This is perfect for adventurous people who like discovering things while out for a walk or hike.

The best Backlight UV flashlight also saves you a lot of money that could have been used in hiring cleaning companies or using cleaning products without knowing the specific spots to clean. Trial and error could be expensive and is also time consuming. It is a lot cheaper to do it for yourself once the dirty areas are spotted. Also the LEDS don’t burn out easily as compared to other flashlights.Brightest uv flashlight uses Best UV flashlight Pet Dog and Cat Urine Stain Finder Detects Human Fluids

UV flashlight Specifications:

High brightness: Black light shines a beam of more than 2 feet in diameter and a distance of 6-7 feet long. It also has 100 LEDs packed together that illuminates with high intensity. The area of coverage is also wide enough offering the perfect viewing angle.

Battery Life: It works with 6 AA batteries which are easy to find. Battery life is not its strongest point,  however,  these can last the time that normal batteries take.

Mechanical Strength: This flashlight is super strong having been made using aluminum. Aluminum is the best material because it makes it light, therefore easy to carry around. It is durable and sturdy.

Dimensions: Its sleek design and pocket size also contributes to being the best flashlight. It is pocket size and has a good grip that fits perfectly in the hand. It is 6 inches long, the head has a diameter of 1.65 inches and the body is 1.3 inches wide.

User Interface: Black light is user friendly since it has a simple design. It has a push button on the base of the body for switching on and off. The bottom part where the batteries go in is also easy to open by just unscrewing. If carefully handled a lot of wear and tear can be avoided.


The design has a lot of strong point, namely powerful light and energy efficiency, easy pests and stain detection, light weight, durability, counterfeit Currency detection and comfort when using.Counterfeit Money, Bed Bugs Scorpions Leaks Arf Pets Best UV flashlight - Brightest uv flashlight uses 2016


The only weak point of the black light UV flashlight is the rate at which the 6 AA battery drain is so fast. The flashlight could be harmful to children and always should be kept out of their reach.


Clearly, if you are looking for the best UV flashlight this is one of them, reason, the lowest price and you get a flashlight not only for general use but for a lot more. It is multipurpose for use in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom also out in the backyard. It is the perfect upgrade from smaller flashlights which are strenuous and time wasting when used for stain detection. Moreover, it is not your traditional flashlight given that it finds application in mineralogy, pest control and counterfeit Currency identification. The best UV flashlight is recommended for outdoor activities such as camping as well as picnics. Improvements can be made on the battery life by making it rechargeable.

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