Coast HP7R led best long range flashlight Review


Coast HP7R led best long range Rechargeable Focusing 300 flashlight ReviewTactical flashlights can be real lifesavers. I always carry a flashlight with me whenever I step out in the dark. Over the years, I have used and reviewed a number of flashlights. Some of them have been real gems while some others not really. One brand of flashlights that grew on me over last few years is Coast. I have used many models from this reputable company and I am ready with their latest offering, the Coast HP7R. This is a great flashlight that is both versatile as well as durable.

When considering a best tactical flashlight, I always like to have options so that I can customize it depending on my personal needs. The Coast HP7R takes customization to a next level. Apart from giving you an option to choose from a number of power modes, this model offers a great deal of versatility in terms of light range optimization and power usage. This is an updated version of the very popular HP7 model with an improved ‘flex charge dual power system’. This is a great compact flashlight that is one of the most versatile in terms of operation.

Coast HP7R Review – HP7R led video review

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Why Coast HP7R Flashlight ?

I strongly believe that a flashlight is an essential tool that everyone must have. That being said, not everyone uses a flashlight alike. Some flashlights can be better suited to your needs than others. However, with the HP7R, Coast has successfully manufactured a flashlight that combines features of a great tactical flashlight in an EDC package. This is a great flashlight whether you are looking for a powerful flashlight to accompany you on those camping trips or a flashlight to carry with you on your nightly walks around the block.

Coast Flashlight features

The flashlights are packed in with many features that can easily envy even the most expensive tactical flashlights out there.

1. smallest most powerful flashlight

When it comes to a tactical flashlight, the first thing that I look for is the power. The Coast HP7R is the smallest most powerful flashlight pumping out an impressive 300 lumens of light at its maximum output. This light is enough in most of the situations including camping and hiking. Thanks to the LED technology, the light is consistent and reliable. The CREE based LED technology ensured that you can get a consistent beam of light without any issues of changing intensities or flickering.

Coast HP7R led best long range Focusing 300 Lumen LED flashlight ReviewAnother great feature packed in this flashlight is the ‘Slide Focus Technology’. With this technology, you can adjust the focus of the beam of light to meet your needs. If you are looking for something, you can focus the beam like a spotlight and get a much deeper penetration and a long range. On the other hand, if you are looking for a rather peripheral illumination, this flashlight has got you covered as well. With this feature, this flashlight can instantly transform from a search light to a flood light in no time without the need of any added accessory.

2. Multiple modes long run time flashlight

As with most of the tactical flashlights, the HP7R also comes with multiple modes of operation. It has two outputs to choose from. The High mode, pumps out an impressive 300 lumens of light for an impressive 7 hours of continuous operation while the Low mode puts out 30 lumens of light and has an impressive runtime of 33 hours. Also, with the long range focusing optics and the slide focus technology, the flashlight can achieve an impressive powerful beam distance of 352 meters on the high setting and about 111 meters on the low setting.

HP7R tactical flashlight batteries and usb charger flashlight

One of my personal favorite features on this flashlight is the versatility in power intake. The flashlight comes equipped with two Lithium ion battery packs and one AAA battery pack containing four AAA batteries.

The integrated battery packs that come with this model can be charged very easily as they have a USB charging point built right into the individual battery packs! This is a unique feature that makes charging the battery very easy. Not only that, once the batteries are inserted into the flashlight, you can recharge them there too! It comes with a USB/micro-USB cable for charging. Now you can charge the batteries of the flashlight using any portable electronic gadget, even your laptop. The flashlight also comes with a 12V car adapter so that you can charge the flashlight while on the go in your car. Hands down, this is one of the most comprehensive power management systems that I have seen on any tactical flashlight. Kudos to Coast for getting all that done in such a small form factor!

Coast HP7R led Rechargeable Focusing 300 Lumen LED Flashlight best long range flashlight Review

4. Best construction flashlight design

The materials and the craftsmanship that went into this flashlight are top class. It is made from the impact-resistant space grade aluminum alloy casing. It keeps the weight of the flashlight down and at the same time, ensures a great durability to the product as well. It features a reliable, high-quality rubber O-ring to ensure consistent water resistance. I was able to use this flashlight in light rain, although, I would not recommend this flashlight for extended periods of underwater operations. This is a water-resistant model and not a waterproof model.

Coast flashlights unique features

Some other great features of this flashlight that are worth mentioning are:

Multiple modes usb charging flashlight: You can charge this flashlight using a wall charger, a DC car charger and also using a portable USB electronic device such as your laptop.
lightweight flashlight: Weighing in at just 7 ounces, this is one of the lighter flashlights on the market.
Included goodies: The flashlight comes with a number of goodies including two battery packs, one adapter with four AAA batteries, a holster, a lanyard and a USB to micro-USB cable.
Awesome optics flashlight: One complaint that many customers have using the adjustable focus flashlights is that they have dark rings in the field of light. However, with advanced optics in the HP7R, you will see no dark rings while you transition from a spot to flood mode.

Coast HP7R Hight Focusing led best long range flashlight Review


  • Compact and light-weight design.
  • Multiple modes of operation.
  • Superior optics with the ability to adjust the focus of the beam.
  • Multiple modes of charging including wall outlet, car and USB cable.
  • Water and impact resistance.
  • Life time warranty.

The HP7R is a great flashlight in what it does. It is bright and performs very consistently, however, there is a minor thin that I noticed after using the unit for some time:

I don’t know why Coast went with CREE XPG LEDs over CREE XM-L LEDs. The XPG LEDs consume more power compared to the XM ones and hence, the flashlight has lower battery life. Although the difference is only a few minutes, it still bugs me.


The HP7R is a massive improvement over its predecessor. I love the new model and would highly recommend it to people looking for a reliable flashlight that is packed with many tactical features. I find myself using this flashlight on hunting and camping trips as the ability to adjust the beam comes real handy in those situations. This is a great flashlight for streets as well. With a solid built and a very reasonable price point, you can’t go wrong with this flashlight. Order it now to experience one of the beat flashlights that that you have ever used.

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