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Fenix LD30 Flashlight Review – Great EDC Light

Fenix just announced the brand new LD30 pocket flashlight and it is looking fine! For those of you who are followers of Fenix lights, this one will definitely catch your attention with its powerful output, user-friendly interface, and compact design. In this review I will be talking about the different features of this EDC light along with my general thoughts on the light itself. So let’s get started!

Ultra Bright Fenix Flashlight

The Fenix LD30 delivers an impressive maximum output of 1600 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 205 meters. It features an extremely wide beam with a 193 degree spill. This beam is going to illuminate the entire area in front of you and then some. It’s an ideal outdoor flashlight with its wide and dissipated beam pattern.

The LD30 uses a Luminus SST40 LED and features a thin optical lens with high transparency which means you’re going to get a beautifully clear beam. I’ve had many Fenix flashlights and I can safely say that I’ve always loved the beam on them. They don’t have a gross bluish tint the way some flashlights do and they don’t have particles in the beam. All in all, I’ve been extremely pleased with the beam patterns on Fenix lights.

Powerful and Compact LED Flashlight

So now that I’ve covered the output, let’s take a look at the size and the design of this flashlight. It features a baton-style design which is a lot easier to carry with you. A lot of tactical flashlights will feature a larger head and a thinner body which is great but is not always the easiest flashlight to carry around. Having the sleek design makes it effortless to just slip into your pocket.

The Fenix LD30 is a touch over 4 inches in length making that 1600 lumen output all the more impressive. This is a flashlight that you can easily toss into your EDC bag or clip onto your pocket. Speaking of clips, the LD30 does come with a two-way pocket clip giving you some options on how you’d like to carry this flashlight.

I’m really loving the design of the flashlight itself. It has copper plating around the bezel as well as the side switch which gives it a more unique look. The textured aluminum on the body is grooved in such a way that you can tell it’s going to give you a firm grip. I prefer body designs like this typically because they are a lot easier to clean and give the flashlight a sleeker look.

I also want to talk about how durable this flashlight is. Long-lasting and sturdy are words I would use to describe Fenix lights and I expect no different from the Fenix LD30. It is impact resistant up to 1 meter so you can expect it to take a few accidental drops and be fine. It also has an IP68 protection rating which means that it’s pretty much completely protected from dust and extremely waterproof. According to the rating, you could put it under 2 meters of water for 30 minutes and the flashlight will work just fine. Taking this flashlight out in a crazy rainstorm is not going to be a problem, which is exactly what you would want in an everyday carry light or an outdoor light.

Fenix EDC User-Friendly Interface

While Fenix is pushing the LD30 as an outdoor flashlight, it definitely has some of the best tactical flashlight features, particularly in its operation. The LD30 features a tail switch and a side switch. With a half press of the tail switch, you’ll get a momentary on and a full press will turn on and off the flashlight. The side switch is going to allow you to cycle through the brightness levels and access that strobe mode. This user interface is extremely straightforward and is a tried and true user interface that a lot of flashlight enthusiasts love. It gives you that tactical momentary on and a quick way to get to the strobe which is really nice.

The Fenix LD30 features 6 outputs which is going to include 5 brightness levels and a strobe mode. The brightness levels range from 30 lumens to 1600 lumens and I’m quite happy about the spacing between each brightness level as well as the runtimes for each brightness level. In the lowest Eco mode at 30 lumens, you’ll see a maximum run time of a little over 70 hours which is great. If you plan your flashlight usage carefully, this flashlight is definitely going to last you a weekend camping trip before you need to replace the batteries.

I am a little disappointed to see that this flashlight does not have a moonlight mode. I would have really liked to see a brightness level that’s five lumens or less especially given that the LD30 is marketed as an outdoor flashlight. I think every outdoor flashlight should absolutely have a moonlight mode of five lumens or less. That aside, it’s wonderful to see so many brightness levels which gives you a lot of versatility for this Fenix EDC flashlight.

18650 Flashlight

The LD30 runs on a single 18650 battery, but you can use two CR123A batteries. I know I mentioned this in other reviews and I’ll mention it again, it’s important to have a flashlight that’s compatible with multiple battery types, especially an EDC flashlight. The specs you see with the LD30 are measured with a high drain Fenix 18650 battery that has a 3500 mAh capacity. That’s something to keep in mind because if you use a battery with a lower mAh, you will definitely see a difference in runtimes and potentially a difference in the outputs.

Another nifty feature of the Fenix LD30 is the battery level indicator. You can get a good idea of the battery level thanks to that indicator. With any outdoor flashlight, a battery level indicator can be essential. Thankfully, many Fenix lights do come with indicators and I’m glad to see it on the LD30.

Fenix LD30 Included Accessories

Let’s take a look at some of the accessories that come with the Fenix LD30. The accessories can really add to the versatility of the flashlight itself. With this edc light you will get a lanyard, a flexible and sturdy holster, a spare o-ring just in case you misplace or break the o-ring, a user manual, and a warranty card. Fenix lights come with a 5-year warranty that protects the flashlight against any manufacturer defects. I always recommend that you check out a brand’s warranty before purchasing the flashlight, especially if you are spending quite a bit of money on it. The Fenix LD30 comes with an excellent warranty so no worries there!

You can also choose to purchase the LD30 with a battery or without a battery. I like seeing that option and I wish more stores would do that. The good thing about getting it with the battery is that you’ll see the same specs. If you use a different battery you may not see the same output or run times. Either way you go, the LD30 is still an awesome Fenix light.

Final Thoughts

Pros: What I absolutely love about the Fenix LD30 is that it’s barely over 4 inches but still delivers a 1600 lumen output. That’s extremely impressive for such a compact flashlight. I also really like the design of the light as well as the user interface. We see a lot of flashlights that are overflowing with features, but this flashlight is simple and gives you just what you need.

Cons: I really would have liked to see a moonlight brightness level. For any outdoor flashlight, I think it’s imperative to have a moonlight mode to help conserve the battery and to illuminate a close quarters area without blinding yourself for others. 30 lumens is still a good low brightness level, but I definitely would have liked to see something a little lower.

Conclusion: I am beyond excited about this Fenix flashlight. The LD30 has a lot to offer without being over the top with features. If you’re looking for a new EDC light then you’re going to want to check out the Fenix LD30.

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