Fenix LD41 Review : XM-L2 U2 rechargeable flashlight 2016


Fenix LD41 Review : Lumen LED Tactical XM-L2 U2 rechargeable flashlight 2016Fenix flashlights are one of my favorite when it comes to power and durability. Over the years, Fenix has manufactured some of the most versatile and durable tactical flashlights. So, when I came across the Fenix LD41, I had some high expectations and boy, did this light perform! Fenix LD41 Review summary: LED Tactical Flashlight, Four rechargeable AA batteries, XM-L2 U2, AA Alkaline batteries, Charger & Four EdisonBright, 680 lumen.

This compact flashlight is very flexible and powerful. I like the built quality of this flashlight as well. This flashlight is one of the brightest flashlights that I have tested in recent times. As a matter of fact, it is brighter than the some of the huge multi-D cell flashlights from competitor brands. The very versatile flashlight has multiple power inputs that make it one of the best versatile flashlights on the market.It is the best fenix flashlight under 100.

Fenix LD41 Review – LD41 video review

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Why Fenix LD41 Review? Why buy this fenix rechargeable flashlight?

A tactical flashlight that is well built and crafted has a very wide appeal. A flashlight such as the Fenix LD41 is suitable to a wide range of users. On one hand, it is bright and has multiple modes of operation which great for a hiker or a hunter while on the other hand, it is small, compact and lightweight which makes it a great everyday carry a flashlight for a casual user. So, I would like to think that this is a very multi-purpose flashlight that can be useful for both a hardcore adventurist as well as a casual user.

Awesome flashlight features

The LD41 is packed with some really powerful features. Let’s take a look at some of the excellent features of this flashlight.

Fenix LD41 Review with Four rechargeable AA batteries XM-L2 U2 rechargeable flashlight 20161. The flashlight packs in some serious power : small high power flashlight

Power is one of the most important things to look for when it comes to choosing a tactical flashlight. The Fenix LD41 does not disappoint even a bit on this front. This flashlight can belt out a beam of about 680 lumens with no problems at all. It uses the latest CREE L2 U2 LED emitters which make the flashlight very efficient and cool. The battery life of this flashlight is also quite impressive.

2. Multiple modes to suit your ever need

Another thing that is very necessary for a tactical flashlight is versatility to produce a beam of light with varying illumination. The LD41 is a very versatile flashlight in that aspect. It can be operated in the following modes of operation:

High: 520 Lumens (2.2 hours run time)
Medium 1: 190 Lumens (7.5 hours)
Medium 2: 80 Lumens (20 hours)
Dim: 5 Lumens (160 hours)

Also, the flashlight has a strobe mode that operates at 520 lumens and an SOS function operating at 80 lumens.

The beam distances using this flashlight are also pretty good. At the highest intensity, the beam distance is around 200 meters while at the lowest intensity it drops down to 20 meters.

3. Superb tactical performance flashlight

I loved the performance on this flashlight. It produces a great ‘pencil’ beam that is very powerful. In fact, it is one of the most powerful beams that I have seen on a flashlight that is this size. However, it does not produce a very bright peripheral illumination. It is not like a laser, don’t get me wrong, but the lack of ability to focus the beam really hurts the flashlight in terms of peripheral illumination.

The switching between the modes is not that difficult to do either. There is a small flick button that can be used to cycle between the various modes of output.

Fenix LD41 Review 680 Lumen XM-L2 U2 rechargeable flashlight 20164. Excellent construction and design flashlight

The Fenix LD41 is made from the same high-grade aluminum materials that give the flashlight durability as well as light weight. The hand anodized aluminum looks really good and is both impact and water resistant. The flashlight also has an anti-roll cap to prevent it from rolling down on a surface. The lens glass is also hardened to prevent easy breakage.

Flashlight unique additional features

Apart from these awesome features, there are some great features that are worth a special mention:

Multiple batteries: I love the flashlights that can be operated using different batteries. The LD41 operates with four AA batteries and can take in alkaline as well as Li-batteries.
Brightest lightweight flashlight: This flashlight is relatively light weight. Weighing in at 180 grams without the batteries, it is not the lightest flashlight on the market, but it is certainly not the heaviest.
Flashlight Reverse polarity protection: Like all the Fenix flashlights, the LD41 comes with their patented reverse polarity protection so that you don’t accidentally put the batteries in reverse polarity.
Flashlight bundled with many goodies: The flashlight comes as a bundle with many good stuff. It comes with four rechargeable AA batteries and a charger, a holster and four EdisonBright disposable alkaline batteries.

Fenix LD41 Review Charger & Four EdisonBright AA Alkaline batteries XM-L2 U2 rechargeable flashlight 2016Pros:

  • Compact and light-weight design.
  • Very bright beam with good beam distance.
  • Multiple modes of operation and an easy-to-use switch.
  • Comes with four rechargeable batteries and a charger.
  • Water and impact resistance.

Although the LD41 is a great flashlight with many great features, there are some issues that I found problematic:

I am not a great fan of a pencil beam. I like a lot of peripheral illumination. This flashlight somewhat disappointed me in its lack of peripheral illumination. That being said, it has a great beam penetration and is ideal for hunters and campers.


I have used many tactical flashlights from Fenix. They are always built with perfection and the LD41 is no exception. It is a very good flashlight that is built to last. It packs in most of the features that a good flashlight should have. It is bright and has multiple modes of operation. I would strongly recommend this best flashlight to anyone who is looking for a flashlight for camping or hunting and need a great beam distance. Also, as this flashlight has less blue light, it is easier on the eyes. So, if you are looking for a great and durable flashlight that will not leave a huge dent in your bank, go for this flashlight now!

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