Fenix TK35 review ultimate Cree xhp led tactical flashlight


Fenix TK35 review ultimate Cree xhp led tactical flashlight 2000 Lumen 50 LEDI have always loved the Fenix brand. They have always delivered on both, quality and affordability. Fenix flashlights pack in all the goodness of a high-end device well within your budget. The Fenix flashlight that really impressed me recently is the brilliantly bright, latest 2015 edition TK35 Ultimate. This flashlight indeed is an ultimate in power and performance. Let us dig into this pocket sized dynamite and see what it has to offer.
It is for you! The TK35 Ultimate is as wide in its application as any other Fenix light. It appeals to both casual users who want a sturdy and compact flashlight for their walks around the block and to law enforcement professionals who desire more power and various operating modes. The TK35 can transform from a handy little flashlight to a tactical one in a flash and that is something which entices a very varied customer base.

Fenix TK35 review – 2000 lumen LED Tactical Flashlight Video Review

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Great features of FENIX TK35 review Ultimate 2000 Lumen CREE XHP 50 LED Tactical Flashlight:

The Fenix TK35 is a tactical flashlight that has managed to pack in some high end features at a very affordable price. It performs superiorly in a variety of operating conditions and had delivered a very reliable performance every time.

1. 2000 lumen power! I could not believe how such a compact flashlight can blast out such strong, darkness busting power! The TK35 delivers up to a whopping 2000 lumens which is some serious output. When I used it in my backyard, my whole yard lit up as though it was day! It really is handsomely powerful. At the turbo mode of 2000 lumens, the TK35 has an awesome throwing distance of 1050 feet.The Cree XHP50 LED emitter has a lifespan of almost 50,000 hours which is just awesome.
2. Multiple modes. As powerful as any flashlight is, you don’t want to use it at its blasting brightest all the time. The TK35 takes care of this by providing the user with six operating modes varying in output intensity and an SOS feature.

The TK35 can be operated in the following modes:

  • Eco: 20 Lumens.
  • Low: 120 Lumens.
  • Mid: 380 Lumens.
  • High: 1050 Lumens.
  • Turbo: 2000 Lumens StrobeSOS.

The multiple modes make the TK35 a very versatile unit which id ideal for almost any perceivable need.

Fenix TK35 review ultimate Cree xhp led tactical flashlight 2000 Lumen 50 LED3. Great design. The TK35 is made from premium grade III hand anodized aluminum. The anti-abrasive finish gives the TK35 a very classy and elegant look. It features two tail switches for easy one handed operation. The power switch when pressed lightly, acts as a “temporary on” switch, when pressed all the way, it goes to the ‘permanent on’ mode. The mode switch cycles through the various modes when pushed in the permanent on mode. The placement of these switches is great for quickly changing the modes.
4. Other goodies in the bundle. The flashlight comes with 4 EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries, a holster and a lanyard. The EdisonBright batteries are very reliable and powerful. I have been able to reach 1000 charging cycles with no problem.

Specifications of FENIX TK35 review LED Tactical Flashlight with 4 X EdisonBright CR123A Lithium batteries, Holster & Lanyard bundle:

Let us have a look at the specifications of this bad boy in detail now.
Cree XHP 50 LED technology: This is the heart of the system and can pump out 2000 lumens of light and can last for years on end.

Superior power and optics: The orange peel reflector produces a 75 degree wide beam angle which is great for mid range coverage.

Compact design: The aerospace grade anodized aluminum body with a brushed anti abrasive finish is just gorgeous.

Multiple modes: The TK35 operates I’n multiple modes which make it an ideal companion for almost any situation.

Value bundle: The unit comes bundles with four rechargeable batteries and a holster.

Fenix TK35 review ultimate Cree xhp led tactical flashlight 2000 Lumen 50 LEDPros:

  • Compact and light weight for easy one hand operation.
  • Very bright with orange peel reflector for wide coverage Dual tail button switch.
  • Low voltage reminder Intelligent memory circuit Reverse polarity protection.
  • Water proof to 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Cons: Some battery issues have been reported in very isolated cases.

The Fenix TK35 is a compact tactical flashlight which is very powerful and affordable. In this Fenix TK35 review article explain everything that you need to know. So, If you are looking for a versatile flashlight, look no further!

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