Fenix UC35 Upgrade – Rechargeable Flashlight Review


Fenix UC35 V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight Review

When buying a tactical flashlight it’s always positive to hear that it’s rechargeable. Rechargeable flashlights can save you a lot of money in extra batteries and/or a battery charger. However, finding a great rechargeable flashlight can be tricky. There are many kinds of rechargeable flashlights and I prefer flashlights that are USB rechargeable rather than ones that come with a proprietary cable. Finding a quality USB rechargeable flashlight can take some time, but today I’m happy to share a great flashlight that I found.


When it comes to quality and reliability you really can’t go wrong with a Fenix flashlight. Fenix is one of my favorite brands because they deliver high quality, practical, and dependable tactical flashlights. This is why I’m excited to talk about the Fenix UC35 V2.0 flashlight today. This is a compact tactical flashlight that really is quickly becoming one of my go-to flashlights. So for this review I’ll talk about the many different features of the UC35 V2.0 and share with you some of the features that I really love and some of the features that I’m not so crazy about. Let’s go ahead and get started with this rechargeable flashlight review!

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Compact Tactical Flashlight

One of the first things I look for in a tactical flashlight is a compact size. I want to carry this flashlight on me and it’s much easier to do that the more compact the flashlight is. So the UC35 V2.0 is perfect for this because it’s only five and a half inches in length so I can easily clip it on my pocket and be on my way. Not only is this flashlight compact, it’s also very powerful and delivers 1000 lumens. It’s equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED and with its smooth reflector this light is able to have a max beam distance of 266 meters. Between the power and the beam distance this flashlight is really great for many different tasks. It would be a great flashlight for military purposes, security, outdoor lighting, or even just general use.

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Multiple Outputs and Easy User Interface

The UC35 V2.0 comes with six total outputs and that includes five brightness levels and a strobe mode. The brightness levels range from 1 lumen to 1000 lumens giving you a variety of options in deciding which level you need for what purpose. I really like that the UC35 V2.0 comes with a moonlight 1 lumen brightness level. Moonlight modes come in handy more often than you might think. Not only does the moonlight mode on the UC35 V2.0 last 800 hours on a fully charged battery, it’s also great for reading in the dark, searching for something in the dark, and softly lighting the area in front of you without overwhelming your eyes. With the built-in memory function you can also conserve the battery and have the flashlight turn on to the last brightness level you used.

The UC35 V2.0 features a tail switch and a side switch. The tail switch has a momentary on function and turns on and off the flashlight. The side switch allows you to select brightness levels and access the strobe mode. If you read my other reviews you know how I feel about that momentary on feature. It’s an extremely important function to have in any tactical flashlight because it allows you to tap the switch without fully pressing it and turns on the flashlight until you release the switch. For any tactical or self-defense situation this function is a must. The user interface is very easy to learn and pick up on. Just play around with it for a few moments and you’ll soon learn everything you need to know.


USB Rechargeable Flashlight

One of the greatest features of this flashlight is that it is USB rechargeable. It features a micro USB port located right on the flashlight so you can plug a micro USB cable in to charge. This means you don’t need to worry about taking the battery out at all or purchasing a separate battery charger. If you’re familiar with the older version of the UC35 then you know that the UC35 needs to have the tail switch depressed in order to start charging. With the UC35 V2.0, you don’t need to take this extra step in order to charge it. Simply plug the flashlight in using the included micro USB cable or whatever micro USB cable you happen to have and the flashlight will start charging. You have a handy little charging indicator on the side switch that lets you know when the flashlight is charging and when it’s full. Using the included Fenix battery, the UC35 V2.0 takes about three and a half hours to fully charge which isn’t too much time. I can easily charge it while working on my computer and it’s no problem.

Speaking of the battery, UC35 V2.0 comes with a Fenix 18650 battery with a 3500 mAh capacity. I really like seeing flashlight companies include powerful batteries with their tactical flashlights especially if the light is rechargeable. The flashlight can be equipped with two CR123 batteries as well but you will not be able to charge it. However, CR123 batteries are great backup batteries so it’s always great to see a tactical flashlight that can run on CR123 batteries.

The UC35 V2.0 also comes with a special feature called the Boot-Up Battery Level Indication. With this feature each time you turn on the flashlight the indicator will let you know the battery status for about 3 seconds before going away. I really love this feature. When I turn on the flashlight I know where my battery is at and I know about how much time I have left to use the flashlight. The feature won’t work if you use CR123 batteries however.

Durable Rechargeable Flashlight

As I mentioned before, I love Fenix flashlights because they are reliable and they are very durable. The UC35 V2.0 is impact-resistant up to 1 meter so it can withstand some accidental drops and function just fine. It’s also waterproof up to IP68 standards which means it can be submerged in 2 meters of water for about 30 minutes and still work just fine. It’s important to me to have a really durable flashlight that I carry around. On days that are particularly rainy or days that I’m clumsy I really need to know that my flashlight can take it. The UC35 V2.0 can definitely withstand some pretty harsh conditions. It’s constructed from a very high strength and oxidation-resistant aluminum and has a hard anodized finish. The textured pattern on the body of the flashlight allows you to easily grip the flashlight even in the rain. The lens is made of a toughened ultra-clear glass and has an anti-reflective coating so the LED is protected and the light is shining as clear as it possibly can.

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Final Thoughts

There are so many great points to this rechargeable flashlight. Some of my favorite features include the boot up battery level indication, the included powerful battery, the simple user interface, and the compact size of the flashlight. This is a truly formidable tactical flashlight that you can continue to rely on.

There is something I don’t like about the UC35 V2.0 flashlight. You are only able to access the strobe mode when the flashlight is on. In my tactical flashlights I really do prefer that the strobe mode can be accessed whether the light is turned on or off. I know for some users this may be a deal breaker in a tactical flashlight. However, I like the other features enough that I still think this is a great tactical flashlight.

All in all, this rechargeable flashlight is very versatile and will quickly become one of your favorites. Thanks to all the great features of this flashlights it would excel in law enforcement, outdoor activities, tactical situations, and more. If you’re looking for a rechargeable flashlight then check out the Fenix UC35 V2.0.

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