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5 Best Fishing Flashlights

Whether in daily life or in tactical environments, a flashlight needs to be a reliable performer. And Streamlight is a brand that has developed a great reputation over the years with rock-solid quality and dependable performance.

The Streamlight Strion has been my go-to flashlight for a few years now and I love its performance. However, there are plenty of other Streamlight models that are equally good for various types of users.

Based on our decades of industry experience, we’ve determined that these are the best streamlight flashlights out right now. 

6 Best Streamlight Flashlights


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Straightforward UI with a single button
  • Four brightness levels with SOS
  • Battery level indicator


  • Brightness is limited
  • No strobe mode

If you are looking for a compact and hands-free light for fishing, the Fenix LD15R ticks all the right boxes. With a length of 2.8 inches and weighing just 1.4 oz., this is a compact EDC light that can be used for fishing too. While it’s not ultra-bright like the Fenix HT18, the maximum output of 500 lumens, and the beam throw is 279 feet (85 meters). That is good enough for fishing in most conditions. 

Even though it is not a tactical flashlight, the LD15R is made from oxidation-resistance aluminum with an HAIII hard-anodized coating. The IP68 rating makes it easy to use on water surfaces. 

Perhaps the most notable design feature is the LED being located at 90 degrees to the light’s axis. Since the tail end has a magnet, mounting the light on the metallic surface of a boat is a practical option.

This mini flashlight is USB-rechargeable and uses a 16340 lithium-ion battery. Additionally, you can also use a CR123A battery. The battery life is excellent and you can get over 100 hours of runtime. In turbo mode, the LD15R will downshift when you reach the 4-minute mark. Considering it is a tiny LED light, that is impressive.

Now, the LD15R has a broad spill angle which should be around 80 degrees. The spotlight is concentrated within a 35–40-degree cone. Plus, it also comes with a red LED. A red light may attract the fish and also help in keeping the bugs away during night fishing.


  • Easy one-handed operation
  • The battery can be charged inside the light or out
  • Safety control circuit
  • Can be used with a rail mount


  • Lacks a moonlight mode
  • The beam distance could be better

Made from machined aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish, the Pro Tac 2.0 looks like it’s ready to tackle rugged environments. Moreover, it is IP67-rated and has been impact-tested from 2 meters.

Streamlight uses an SL-B50-protected Li-Ion battery pack that is USB-C rechargeable. The charging port is covered by a sliding sleeve that seats nicely on the O-rings. You get three modes with a top output of 2000 lumens and the max run-time is 25 hours in low mode. 

The proprietary TEN-TAP programming is another plus that makes it versatile. Tapping on the tactical tail switch will allow you to switch between three different modes as per your needs. The beam pattern is well-balanced with a bright hotspot.

At 6.1 inches, it may not be the best choice as a compact, everyday carry flashlight. But as a tactical flashlight, the ProTac 2.0 is great for law enforcement teams, first responders, and outdoorsmen.


  • Compact flashlight with a sturdy design
  • Straightforward UI with a single button
  • Responsive customer service
  • A budget-friendly choice


  • A single light mode.
  • Battery life is not the best.

Not many flashlights can handle normal fishing, as well as spearfishing adventures. The Genwiss diving flashlight is designed for scuba diving and thanks to the IPX8 rating, it is operational even at 80-meter depths. Made from 6061 aluminum alloy, the flashlight is compact and the outer surface has an anti-slip design.

In fact, one user mentioned that the light remained functional even after lying submerged on the seabed for almost a year. That’s incredible!

The XML-L2 white LED delivers 2000 lumens of bright light that is great for night fishing. Note, there is a single mode and the slide switch only serves to turn the light on and off. While that makes it easy to use, you cannot conserve the battery. The beam throw is good enough for night fishing. That said, 2000 lumens are overkill for up-close tasks like unhooking fish and tying knots.

This is a rechargeable flashlight and the battery life is close to 2 hours. If you are heading out on a boat, I would suggest packing a few spare batteries. The packed charger is not one of the best that I have seen, but it gets the job done. 

The best part about the Genwiss LED flashlight is its incredibly budget-friendly price tag. When compared to the features and performance, it delivers excellent value at this price. In addition, it also comes with a 2-year replacement warranty.


  • Lightweight and user-friendly design 
  • White and red LEDs
  • Good battery life
  • Provides great value


  • Limited brightness
  • Not submersible

Since it allows you to go hands-free, the convenience of using a headlamp while fishing is undeniable. This headlamp from GearLight comes with a combination of white and red LED bulbs and a total of 7 light modes.

Considering the cheap price, the build quality is surprisingly good. However, the lamp has an IPX4 water resistance rating which makes it resistant to splashes only. So, be careful not to immerse them in water. Since they weigh 3 oz. only, they feel comfortable on the head.

GearLight does not mention the peak output, but the brightness is good enough to observe fish at 12-15 feet depths in clear water. The beam is narrow and good enough for checking the lures on a dark night. That said, the brightness is not good enough when compared to a high-lumen flashlight designed for long-range vision.

A big plus of these headlamps is the excellent battery life. They run on AAA batteries and you can get more than 8 hours of battery life by mixing low and high modes. While the beam is not zoomable, you can change the angle by rotating it through 45 degrees.

For the price, this pack of two headlamps offers good brightness and battery life. But, if you prefer using rechargeable headlamps, look elsewhere.


  • Compact flashlight with a sturdy design
  • Super easy to use
  • Beefy construction
  • A budget-friendly choice


  • A single light mode.
  • Battery life is not the best.

The TAC LED from Gearlight is a great flashlight for a wide range of outdoor activities including fishing. Again, you get a set of two powerful flashlights at an affordable price tag- a great deal if you are looking for value.

To start with, the build quality is good. GearLight uses military-grade aluminum, and the flashlight can resist 10-foot drops. However, the light is water-resistant and not designed to resist full immersion. At 5.31 inches the flashlight is relatively compact and it even comes with a belt clip.

The problem with GearLight is that it does not specify the light output. While the brightness is good enough for viewing underwater, it is not on par with more expensive 800-1000 lumen flashlights. There are no mode adjustments either. However, the zooming feature allows the light to shift between floodlight and spotlight.

Admittedly, heat management is an issue with these flashlights. If you keep them on for 20-25 minutes, the body gets uncomfortably hot. On the plus side, the ability to use AAA or 18650 batteries with this flashlight gives you a ton of flexibility. The battery life is between 2 to 2.5 hours.

Considering the price, the TAC LEDS flashlights from GearLight are a good budget pick. But for serious anglers, there are better options.

What Color is Best for Fishing Lights?

Most experts suggest that green and white light are the best options to attract fish. Green light can penetrate deeper- more than 70 feet- since it has a short wavelength. Even if the water is murky, a green light will provide better visibility. The next best option for night fishing is white light.

Many anglers suggest that green light attracts plankton. This, in turn, attracts the baitfish and the gamefish. That said, in salty water both green and blue lights can deliver good results.

How Many Lumens Do You Need for a Fishing Light?

Note, light does not travel as much in water as it does through air. So specified beam distance for a waterproof flashlight will not apply for lighting up the water. The amount of light you need will depend on your personal preference. Then again, light will travel less if the water is murky.

Fishing at night requires performing tasks like handling lures and lighting up the water. The minimum brightness requirement for lighting up the area should be 500 lumens. However, brighter lights will do a better job of making the underwater scenario visible. That said, not all the brightest headlamps are suited for use in a fishing environment.

Final Thoughts

Not all EDC work lights or top-grade flashlights like the Fenix HT30R can be counted as good fishing lights. If you are a frequent night fisher, the right flashlight is an important tool in your gear bag.  While picking a fishing headlamp, it is important to focus on quality, brightness, and ease of use.

For us, the Fenix HT18 is the best fishing light in the category with its powerful beam and solid build quality. It will be a reliable addition to your tackle for fishing in all seasons.

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