How to choose a Flashlight? Flashlight Buying Guide 2017


how to select Best flashlights Over the years, people have been undergoing difficulties on finding the best flashlights and these days people can use a flashlight as their daily requirements. Since there are several models of flashlights in the market, it will be quite a challenge to know how to choose a flashlight or which the best one to buy. The technology has taken its path and provides us with the best advance flashlights that have LED technology. You can’t look at the flashlight’s brightness and assume that it is the best unit and buy it without thinking.
We know that headlamps have mushroomed in the market, but flashlights will always be the best option whenever a handheld light is preferred. But you know why? It is because when you have a flashlight, you’ll set down light to work on a task efficiently and again you will have a portable beam that is available anytime you want it. Just know that before you start buying a flashlight, you need to keep in your mind that you need something that will give you services for the rest of your life.

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Best small flashlight availability:

A Few years ago, flashlights were not smaller, lighter or brighter, but thanks to the advanced technology that we have the best flashlights in the world that are small and brighter and even more portable. During the time of our grandfathers, there were no such flashlights that have LED technology and also battery efficient. Most of the people don’t like to buy very big flashlight.

Best flashlight brands?

But since there are several brands of flashlights that have gained popularity, knowing the best and efficient one is a difficult task. Although fenix, surefire, streamlight, coast gain so much popularity but don’t buy only seeing their popularity. Their product price may higher than your budget but with that same price you can get high quality flashlight from other brands. And you can’t keep asking your friends about the best flashlight brands they’re using since people are not alike, and so their choice will vary, too. Maybe you are a hunter or a police officer and you are confused in such extent of not knowing the best flashlight that will fit your daily needs. But I want to help you by narrowing your selection, and I want you to understand your flashlight choices wisely without having guesswork.

hunting Best flashlights? What should consider when buying flashlight in the worldKey factors when selecting the best flashlight:

–    Flashlight batteries types 

The type and availability of replacement batteries are things that need to be considered. Cheap lights usually have a low-quality battery, and they’ll give you poor performance.  There are three types of batteries that you need to understand before you buy.

  1. Disposable batteries
    The most available traditional battery sizes in the market are Alkaline and Lithium battery type, but this will be difficult to find and also expensive. Their upside is more voltage output for a smaller size and weight and this makes a brighter flashlight in a smaller lighter package. If you want a flashlight for security, opt for the ones using D cell batteries. These batteries are best to buy in bulk because they can take even up to six years and also cheap and easy to store. You won’t fear that they will go bad, so no wasting of money!
  2. Renewable batteries
    Flashlights that have a built-in battery that is energized by a solar panel or hand crank are the best ones for emergency kits. If you need lights for your emergency, this is the one to grab.

3. Rechargeable batteries
The built-in lithium-ion batteries will be recharged using a USB cable from DC, AC outlet or solar panel or even using your PC. Normally, AA or AAA or 18650 and also CR123A type rechargeable battery available in the market (Non-rechargeable also available). When you want the best light, always opt for the one that features a rechargeable battery even if it is expensive, you will have something that will be reliable for the rest of your life. You won’t imagine yourself with the new flashlight that you are required to replace its batteries!  According to me, I won’t see the need of having disposable batteries. With this, you will make your environment free from pollutants and toxins.

–    Best Construction Flashlight Material and shape

On the market, you will find flashlight bodies that are plastic or aluminum alloy and some even features stainless steel in their heads, but these are the perfect one because they will give you extra impact resistance. Also, it is not all aluminum bodied flashlight are the same because the thinner styles are usually lighter while the thicker ones are tougher. Now, what about their shapes? Always bear in your mind that cylindrical bodied flashlight tends to roll around when they’re laid on a surface and some types are profiled to reduce rolling. Furthermore, some have knurled pattern on their surface and this will provide you with good grip and minimize slipping.tactical Best flashlights? flashlight selecting factors review

–    Flashlight Light output

flashlight light output
flashlight light output

I know that currently, flashlights cost ranges from $10 to $300 and they vary in size, but do you know their differences? It is their brightness. But why do you have to spend your $20-$30 and have a dim flashlight that will always frustrate you? Well, you don’t have to be fooled by pricing, but I always know that you get what you pay. It’s true that you may get the best flashlight under 50$. So know that an expensive light is powerful due to the use of the advanced battery, bulb and circuit technology and also a rechargeable battery will add the cost but you will have a powerful light output finally.

flashlight beam distance
flashlight beam distance

Again, you will have several lighting modes that won’t damage your eyes and imagine you can read a book using them. The light output will vary, but it should be in line with your needs, for the instant a flashlight with lumens, will be the ideal light for reading a book while the one with 3000 to 4000 lumens will be the best flashlight for terrain scorching. Distance, beam intensity, and type will influence the effectiveness of a light in the diverse application.
The most important thing here is that you need a flashlight that will give you a versatile amount of light that gives a good illumination and also with run times without blinding your eyes. So the choice is still yours. But keep in your mind that the brighter your flashlight it, be more, it will lose its energy easily and so you will be forced to have battery replacement or recharge it.

–    Flashlight Size and weight

Assume that you’re in the shop, you have a flashlight and how does it feel when it is in your hand? Well, that is what you need to test before buying it, always know that a lightweight and small flashlight is the best but why so? It is because it will easily fit in your gun, pocket and even backpack without adding bulk. But the size and weight of a flashlight will be a personal decision, but always understand that a larger and heavier flashlight is not brighter one, but it is likely to feature an extended run time because of a greater battery capacity.

–    Waterproof flashlight

waterproof flashlightYou can’t imagine yourself being in the middle of the forest, then it starts raining and your best flashlight refuses to work. How frustrating will it be! But you can avoid that, having a waterproof flashlight should be your first priority especially if you are using your light around the bodies of water or rain.  The ability of a flashlight being water resistant depends on its materials. Just look at it whether it is made of plastic or aluminum alloy and you will charge your flashlight. But how can you a flare that is not water resistant? Be sure that you’ll go back to the shop and buy another one within few days.Best flashlights? fenix flashlight, surefire flashlight, streamlight flashlight review

–    Flashlight beam distance type

I know that the lens reflectors that are found in a bulb usually influence how the light will be dispersed, and there are three standard options.

  1.   Flashlight throw Vs. Flood
    This is a single beam width, and it is the best for walking or task while camping. So, what is the best flashlight for camping? How to select the best flashlight for hunting? What is the best hiking flashlight? How to choose best survival flashlight? You may have lot of questions like this. Based on your daily requirement you will know the type of flashlight that is suitable for your needs. Of course, it should be versatile. Throw is for specialty use in looking for the item when it is in long distance and it will be hard for common tasks.
  2.   Flashlight adjustable beam
    Beam width ranges from focused to wide or any point in between, and this means that a climber who’s looking for the next pitch can use a spot beam, and when you want to study a map, you’ll use a flood beam. Therefore, you need to check whether the flashlight you’re about to buy is adjustable or not and if it isn’t will you buy two flashlights and carry them at ago?

3.   Flashlight Spot Vs. focused
This is a single beam that has been consolidated into a limelight that will go a long distance, and this is the best for route-finding or other fast-paced activity.Best flashlights? SOLARAY PRO ZX-1XL review, EcoGear FX review, Vizeri LED review

–    Flashlight Light-regulated output

Lights that feature a regulated power supply will maintain a steady and near-peak brightness level throughout most of the battery’s life cycle. Towards the end, light performances will decrease abruptly and significantly. If you want some special use, then you need to opt for brighter output and make sure that they won’t blind you and you can also use their brightness to brag about your flashlight. Unregulated lights will start bright and then progressively grow dimmer as they drain energy from the batteries.

–    Tactical flashlight modes Setting

Several people, who have used flashlights for years, have said that the best flashlights which have a single setting are perfect for general use, and I can reassure you that this is true, you know why? It is because it will save your time when operating it. Some brands offer two or more setting modes like high, medium and low and even boost. Rarely, one can use more than one mode, but again having the choice to throw an extra strong beam on demand will be reassuring, but the brighter the mode the shorter the run-time. The important thing here is that your flashlight should give you a quick access to low, medium and high modes without the need of you memorizing some click sequence.

–    Flashlight Switch types

How you can turn your flashlight on/off is a big factor. For instance, the tail click is convenient for one hand operation and also for easy on and off, but this may remove the chances of tail standing the light. Also, this will be prone to unexpected activation. Furthermore, the twist top is found on keychain lights and this kind of a switch you need to twist the head of your flashlight separately from the body to turn the light on and also switch through the modes. This needs two hands to operate but it will eliminate unexpected switching. Also, there is some flashlight with side click and these are easy to activate their light when carried in a thumb by only with a forward grip.Bright LED Flashlight,Rechargeable Best flashlights,Water Resistant flashlight

Our recommend other top 4 best flashlight:

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  • Vizeri Cree XML T6 LED Tactical Flashlight with Focusing Lens (Price alert – LOWEST) Check details on Amazon

Final Words about best flashlight
If you want the best LED flashlight, you need to take your time wisely and go through the above information. It is because as time goes by, several models will emerge and you will get confused easily. There are some best flashlights that are sold separately or include with accessories like a lanyard, holster, belt clip and diffusers and lens filters to give you lighting options. Don’t just see a flashlight and buy it before considering their power output, water resistant, especially if you’re a hunter or a policeman and also its size and weight. You don’t have to carry something that will give you more weight in your backpack, pocket or gun.

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