How to Pick the Best Flashlight for Home Defense


How to Pick the Best Flashlight for Home Defense

How to Pick the Best Flashlight for Home Defense

How to Pick the Best Flashlight for Home Defense

Looking for the best flashlight to protect your home? We’re sharing everything you need to know to pick the best in this post. Check it out!

It’s 2AM and you and your family are all asleep in your beds.

Suddenly, you’re jolted awake by the sound of breaking glass!

What do you do? How do you keep your family safe?

It’s important to have a plan before emergency situations arise. One often-forgotten piece of vital home defense equipment is a tactical flashlight.

How does a flashlight help with home defense? How do you know the best flashlight for your needs?

Rest easy, this article will walk you through everything you need to know.

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Flashlights for Home Defense

Why use a flashlight for home defense?

The benefits are many, but a few of the most important ones include:

  • No Legal Restrictions – there are many restrictions on things like guns, knives or other weapons used for self-defense. Not flashlights!
  • Disorienting to attackers – whether you’ve got a wild animal or a home intruder, a bright light suddenly appearing can blind and disorients
  • Useful as a Weapon – Many of the best flashlights are made of durable materials that can be used to fend off attackers.

Finding the Best Flashlight for You

Ultimately no one can ever tell you with 100% certainty what the best flashlight is.

This is because the best flashlight completely depends on your needs.

When deciding which flashlight is best for you, you should always consider a few important aspects:

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews Buying guide

How Bright is Right?

Remember that old flashlight your parents kept in the kitchen cupboard when you were a child?

That wasn’t a tactical flashlight and wouldn’t be helpful for home defense.

Tactical flashlights generally use LED bulbs and are significantly brighter than a typical flashlight.

A flashlight’s brightness is measured in lumens and according to Popular Mechanics, a conventional flashlight is generally 15-20 lumens.

Tactical flashlights are a minimum of 60 lumens (that’s three times as bright!) and can be as bright as 2000 lumens.

When picking the best flashlight for your needs, be sure you get a flashlight with at least 150 lumens, but with today’s technology, you should be able to find one closer to 1000 lumens.

Convenience or Club?

The best tactical flashlights are made out of durable materials and are shock resistant (like Klarus tactical flashlights).

One important factor that can range significantly is the size of your tactical flashlight.

To decide on the right size consider what you will be using it for:

  • Carrying it with you everywhere? Get something small that can fit in your pocket or purse.
  • Keeping it at home for emergencies and home defense? You may want to try something bigger and heavier.

The best flashlights are the right size for your needs.

The benefit of a big flashlight is that you can use it as a club when necessary, but it may not be as convenient as a small flashlight.

Making Your Decision

With so many tactical flashlights existing today it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

But have no worries.

We’ve got a guide to picking the best flashlight. Use this information to start limiting your options.

Once you find a flashlight that you think might be a good fit, check out our Top Flashlight Review List to get a professional opinion on the pros and cons.