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Improvised Weapon EDC Flashlight Surefire Tactician E2T-MV

I’ve been reviewing a lot of 18650 and 21700 flashlights. Obviously, these are some of my favorites, but I think it’s important to review flashlights that use all kinds of battery types. Not everyone is fan of lithium ion batteries. Many people prefer lithium batteries or alkaline batteries. So today I want to look at the Surefire Tactician E2T-MV tactical flashlight which runs on CR123 batteries. I will be going over the features of this light and telling you my overall opinion of the Tactician in general.

Surefire Tactician First Impressions

First impressions of this flashlight, it’s a great everyday carry flashlight. It’s extremely compact at 5 inches in length and really lightweight. It’s 3.5 oz including the batteries which, if you read specs on other tactical flashlights, you’ll notice that the weight is typically given without the batteries unless it includes some built-in battery. In this case, the Tactician is 3.5 ounces with the battery which is crazy lightweight. I weighed my Pixel smartphone with a case on it and it was around 6 oz. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how light this LED flashlight is.

surefire tactician edc light

It’s easy to carry with you and features a pocket clip. The clip is not reversible or two-way so you have to carry the flashlight pocket bezel up in the pocket. I know there are some users who don’t care for that style and I’m not really a big fan of it myself. You’ll also notice that the head of the flashlight does stick out a little bit in your pocket which is something else to be aware of.

Other than that, I like the style and the design of the flashlight. It’s super thin and perfect for everyday carry. Surefire markets the Tactician flashlight as an improvised weapon light and I’ve been trying to decide exactly what that could mean. The head diameter is 1 inch and the body diameter is less than 1 inch. You could weapon mount this flashlight but you would need to get a mount that’s suitable for an LED flashlight that has a diameter of less than an inch. So I’m not sure if Surefire meant the improvised weapon light to mean that it’s weapon mountable. I will say that I think this flashlight will work great in conjunction with a weapon due to the operation and maybe that’s what Surefire meant. We’ll get to that in a little while.

800 Lumen EDC Flashlight

The tactician tactical flashlight delivers 800 lumens, a great amount of light for such a small form factor. It features Surefire’s Max Vision beam due to the reflector on this flashlight. The beam is wide and floodier. It has a very dissipated hotspot, but still does have a hotspot. This is what I prefer with an everyday carry flashlight so Surefire got that spot on. 

Operating the Surefire Tactician Tactical Flashlight

surefire tactician everyday carry flashlight

Now we’re onto the operation and I have to say that the operation of this tactical flashlight is pretty interesting. I think it’s an interface that you’re either going to love or you’re going to hate, but definitely has tactical applications.

So first, you have a tail switch which gives you a momentary on. This is the only thing that the actual tail button does. You can then twist the tail switch for constant on. The Surefire Tactician has only two outputs. You have high of 800 lumens which is going to last you an hour and a half and the low of 5 lumens which will last you 94 hours. The way you cycle between them is by twisting the head of the flashlight. So you twist it clockwise to get the high mode and counterclockwise to get the low mode.

If you want to keep it in low mode, you would twist the head to set it in low mode and you would be able to get a low momentary on using the tail button and twist the tail switch for constant on low. And the same thing with the high mode. This is definitely an interesting user interface. I appreciate that the tail button is just a momentary. This is perfect for tactical applications and I could see police officers and military personnel taking advantage of the momentary tail switch. On top of that, it’s very simple to just turn the tail switch for constant on as well. 

Extra Perks of the Surefire Tactician LED Flashlight

I said before that this flashlight doesn’t run on lithium-ion batteries. It actually runs on two CR123 batteries making that 800 Lumen output very impressive. CR123 batteries are excellent because they have a good shelf life and are extremely cold resistant. If you’ve ever had lithium ion batteries and lithium batteries, you know that the lithium-ion batteries drain slowly over time and you’re going to need to recharge them fairly frequently versus lithium batteries that generally take a lot longer to drain. For this reason and the fact that they’re cheaper, CR123 batteries are still a popular battery option.

surefire flashlight tactical tactician

Surefire is a USA based company that manufactures and designs a lot of their flashlights and products right within the USA. Many high quality tactical flashlights are manufactured in China, so it’s refreshing to see a USA-based manufacturers for LED flashlights. So if supporting a USA manufacturer is important to you, I highly recommend looking at any Surefire flashlight. The Surefire Tactician is manufactured and made in the USA.

Surefire is known for their extremely durable flashlights. Many police officers enjoy Surefire lights as duty lights and Surefire has a lot of fans because of their high quality products. They provide truly quality LED flashlights and some of the best tactical flashlights on the market today.

Final Thoughts on the Surefire Tactician E2T-MV

Pros: This is a tiny flashlight and perfect for everyday carry. I like how lightweight it is and how compact it is. It’s very simple, but tactical with it’s two outputs and tail switch for momentary on. I like the wide beam that’s great for close-up work. The build quality on the Tactician is excellent and it’s great that it runs on CR123 batteries.

Cons: For some people, the pocket clip may be a downside. A lot of people prefer carrying their flashlight bezel down. Another potential downside is the price on this light. It is a bit pricier, but you do get what you pay for when it comes to Surefire. They make really quality flashlights.

Conclusion: There you have it. The tactician flashlight is an impressive everyday carry light many users will appreciate. It has a really unique user interface that I believe is optimized for tactical use which is certainly a plus. So if you’re looking for a tactical flashlight that’s easy for carrying, make sure to check out the Surefire Tactician

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