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j5 tactical flashlight review Ultra Bright LED most popular Cheap flashlightWhat exactly are J5 tactical flashlights? These are portable hand held rechargeable or AA battery powered lights; they are known to produce some small but powerful light from the original source. Flashlights offer a variety of positive purposes; more so, the main one being giving out light so as to see it in the dark or even in places that aren’t very clear. Today, there are various types of known and recognized flashlights: Some are Ultra Bright, some are medium bright. For basic work you do not use the very powerful flashlight. Let, you love to walk at evening with your dog or searching very cheap but quality flashlight or need a flashlight who will assist you in the dark, then J5 Tactical flashlight is the best choice for you. Read j5 tactical flashlight review article and know j5 different features, design structures, power and specification.

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Why j5 tactical flashlight review? What Features make J5 most popular Cheap flashlight?

Just to begin with; the J5 tactical flashlight is a well known flashlight that is and has been making premier sales for a very long time. This is simply because it is one of the best from all the other flashlight. One of the best character about this flashlight, is that it can light on for a very long period of time with just a single AA battery. You can use 18650 rechargeable battery as well instead of AA battery. Moreover, the flashlight has very strong and admiring features possessing very strong beam of light that is believed to cover the whole diameter of almost two football pitches, it is also small but highly intense with supercharging capacity.

In addition, having a maximum of 300 lumens, the flashlight can use its single battery giving out bright rays of light for a couple of days before getting to be charged again. Beside this Tactical VI-PRO Flashlight design is very compact. Heavy duty and tough as nails make this j5 tactical perfect for camping, hunting, hiking. It gives out the ultra-bright LED light with a single battery can produce beams of light up to 600 feet away. The J5 VI-PRO flashlight features are more or less the same with that of the ordinary tactical flashlights but at a low price.  Generally, the J5 tactical flashlights own features such as; 3 different modes, adjustable focus, beveled edge of an emergency, self defense weapon and finally they are mostly ultra tough, compact design and lightweight.j5 tactical flashlight review Mini 3 Mode Flashlight most popular Cheap flashlight

J5 Flashlight Specifications

We’ve found out that J5 are some having a maximum of 300 lumens while others have more or less lumens .What are these lumens? from data and particularized information, lumens measure how light can be gotten from a bulb. When a bulb has more lumen then, it means that any bulb acquired with such light will be so bright and vice versa. So in this case, the brightness of a bulb will always be determined by the percentage of lumens in the bulb. Today, there are different kinds of flashlights that are sold in the market and are rated as the best per their specifications. Selecting the best flashlight is a key for great performance and smooth operation. The J5 is one of the LED flashlights which are said to produce superman vision no matter the time of the day or place. On the other hand it is being referred as the Military Grade LED tactical Flashlight.

On the other side of being that specific, tactical flashlights are in a number of ways very amazing and always impress the majority. Some of the brands that are present are such as: Surefire, Streamlight, Fenix, Coast, Solaray, Ultrafire, etc. If I would come in to give an advice on the best and the specific flashlight for one to use, then I would advise first think why you need a flashlight? Identify your needs, then choose the best matching your requirements. If you need durable, very powerful flashlight, then you can go with tactical G700 flashlight. It is military grade tactical LED flashlight and few people to stick with because it’s a lit more up front, durable and very much forthcoming with data. But, if you do not need a flashlight for hard use then J5 is the best choice for you.V1-PRO Flashlight j5 tactical flashlight review most popular Cheap flashlight

There is also the J5 LED Tactical Flashlight has an adjustable focusing lens, user friendly support and warranty. Just from the two known: The j5 tactical flashlight has the original 300 lumen ultra bright beam which can throw 600 feet. J5 flashlight is also very strong and long lasting, thus, they don’t get charged every moment because they have a strong power storage that can sustain for a long time. Based on even where J5 flashlight can be acquired, most of them are affordable and most of them will fit your pocket as well. Most impressive part is that these flashlights are also impact resistant and water resistant. If indeed compared with the ordinary flashlights, to be precise, these are in their own class.


Actually, why do you think people acquire these j5 flashlights? In this case, you will find different people having different reasons as to why each is considered a flashlight or what they need them for. Some will say they use them in tactical places or work, others for reading, some will say they use them in their garage, some will say they use them in camping seasons during field work operations at night and so on; so at the end of the day you will find out that these flashlights are very important in different operations.most popular Cheap flashlight j5 tactical flashlight review

As much as these J5 tactical flashlights exist, the V1-pro still leads to the ladder because of its strong and powerful features. Surprisingly, cars have also been pointed out to respond best when pointed into the 200-300 lumens of light at the ground. Besides, here are other advantages that the J5 and other flashlights ones enjoy by possessing them: J5 flashlight support in the reading quickly of server labels through smoked Plexiglas cabinet doors, help employees and employers read the fine print serial numbers on servers in the racks and other dimly light places and so on. Finally, a question that will always accompany such information on flashlights is that, do you think there is more to these flashlights than the normal light? The answer might be yes at the same time no based on how one relates the two. The J5 is very cheap, but very powerful in its performance. That’s why J5 tactical flashlight is the best selling flashlight in the market.


With the ones that have the 300 lumens it is clearly advised that one shouldn’t look directly into its rays because it’s so powerful and may damage the eye sight leading or causing poor vision.


As I conclude, features of good flashlights still lie on the above information and therefore it’s just the interest of an individual to go for the best. Is it the J5 V1-pro flashlight or the military LED or the other J5 substitutes? Today the LED comes out very strong and so in one way or the other, it can be easy to notice on how a suspecting consumer might view these flashlights, but i want to inform you that this j5 tactical flashlight can be used for any ordinary work. I hope, this J5 tactical flashlight review article will help you to to identify best flashlight.

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  1. I have read other reviews for this flashlight. I have no idea what flashlight is being reviewed but it isn’t this one. What a hunk a junk. I went outside last night to test it against a Walmart flashlight and could see much better and farther with the Walmart light. Big deal if the light can be adjusted from wide to small, I just wanna see where the heck I’m going. Terrible choice of flashlights. If I’m going camping I’m taking a candle, matches and my Walmart flashlight.