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I wanna tell you about what I think is the most underrated tactical LED flashlight brand on the market today. “Klarus” is an old Latin word meaning “bright, well-renowned, illustrious,” according to the very first Google result that I clicked. I think that’s an apt name for this line of lights. They’re very high-quality lights. If you look at a Klarus light, they generally have the same overarching theme to their design. They’re generally black, anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum. You don’t see a lot of plastic or rubbery lights from Klarus. They’re all very high-quality bodies. Simple but very, very functional. Let’s just go to the model, let’s look at their bestseller, the Klarus XT11GT. The XT11GT does not have a lot of frills or bells and whistles to the actual body design. But there are plenty of functional parts hidden in the sleek body. The whole thing is designed with anti-roll in mind, starting with the head. You’ve got some nice netting that’ll keep this light from rolling off your desk. Right under those you’ve got six slits for heat venting. Heat venting in a tactical light is very important, especially when you get to a light like the XT11GT.

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This is 2,000 lumens at the max brightness setting. There is a smart system in the GT, which gives it a certain amount of automatic temperature detection and control, and once the temperature hits a certain point, it will automatically cycle down the brightness to keep from overheating. That being said, the XT11GT’s design makes it so you can slow down that process as much as possible. These six slits are great for heat venting and so give you the maximum amount of possible time at that max brightness setting. Between these six slits on opposite sides of the body, you’ve got two very important, very smart functionary features. You’ve got your side switch and this is smart switch for the GT. Looks very simple. It’s like an iPhone button, almost. But it’s got a pretty wide range of uses once you start to get used to it and they’re all activated just by certain combinations of taps. It’s actually very intuitive to use after you’ve had some time to play around with it, but that’s something that I should really come back to later.

At this point, this is just a broad overview of the XT11GT and how it represents Klarus lights in general. On the other side, more and more tactical LED flashlights are rechargeable. The GT is no exception to that. It’s got a rubber flap. You lift up the flap and you’ve got yourself a micro USB port. You’ve got a light here that the battery never even needs to necessarily leave the battery compartment. You’ve run down the battery and you plug in the entire flashlight, you leave it on a lamp stand or something for a few hours, and it’s ready to go again. No need to worry about bringing along a charger or purchasing a charger at the same time. Another standard Klarus design staple here, on the body you’ve got a nice, gnarled pineapple texture. All Klarus lights just feel good in your hand. They all have about that one-inch diameter, great for tactical lights, emphasis on tactical there. I’ll come back to that later. They all feel good in your hand, though. They have a nice design to just hold and they don’t slip easily. They’re anti-roll and anti-slip. Once you get a grip on a Klarus light, you don’t have to worry too much about it.

At that same section there’s also a titanium steel clip. This is pretty standard for a lot of tactical lights. Some tactical lights don’t include them at this size, this price. But for the most part, it’s a staple. You should really have it. The Klarus XT11GT does and most Klarus lights do, as well as the tactical ring, continuing down the light. The tactical ring offers some more anti-roll and also has a little hole in it for the split ring. I’ll be honest, as far as attaching this to, say, your key chain, that’s not something that I would necessarily do. It’s a little bit large to be attaching to your keys. However, I do always keep the tactical ring handy. It’s just nice to have that little bit of anti-roll in there. Then finally, the tail cap. This is one of the biggest features of Klarus lights in general, is the dual tail switch. Most tactical lights favor a reverse grip. When they’re in your hand they’re not mounted on your gun.

I promise I’m coming to that. When you have them in your hand, you don’t necessarily have easy access to a side switch. Holding an XT11GT in your hand, the best you can do is to try to awkwardly squirm your pinky over to it. That’s not good for a tactical situation. It’s not really good for any situation. Just checking the space under your house, that’s not comfortable. What Klarus has done is on top of the side switch, on top of the regular rear end switch that a lot of tactical lights do, they also have a dual tail switch. This provides easy access to not only the maximum brightness mode, a nice tactical feature, but it also has a paddle for quick access to the strobe. The strobe is normally accessed in Klarus lights through this tail strobe switch. This is a fantastic tactical feature. It’s great to be able to instantly get to the max brightness or the strobe without even having to move your thumb, really. It’s very intuitive to use. Once you’ve had the Klarus XT11GT in your hand for even a few minutes, you can’t forget. It’s like riding a bike. You can’t forget which switch does what.

Some of those are native only to the XT11GT. You don’t see all Klarus lights being rechargeable, for instance. You won’t see all Klarus lights sporting a side switch, most of them. But for the most part, that’s all very standard Klarus features and it’s all high-quality stuff. You can run a truck over this and you might scratch it up a little bit as it rubs against the street. That’s pretty much going to be the extent of the damage. I can be that specific because I have run over this with a truck. It absolutely still works fine. Some over lights that are important to the Klarus line, you’ve got the Klarus XT11. The reason the XT11 and the XT11GT have such a similar model name is that the XT11 is the predecessor. The GT is a more advanced model. It’s got more on it. But the XT11 is the old classic. Straightforward, sturdy. It comes in about the same size. The difference is it’s got a few less special features, no rechargeability, no side switch which provides the GT with more advanced functions, its programmability.

It’s the XT11 in many ways a really great, simple, straightforward tactical light, which seems to always be Klarus’ first goal. There’s no side switch to confuse new users and for more experienced users, they know that the light being totally idiot-proof in any tactical situation is gonna be important. You might just want a tactical light that offers you nothing but simple basics. Another Klarus light that gives you a lot of that stuff is the XT2C. This is also a tactical light but it’s built a little bit more slanted towards home use. It’s a smaller light, not quite as bright as these other lights. The XT11GT is 2,000 lumens. The XT11, this generation of the XT11, is a little over 1,000. The XT2C is more on par with the XT11. It’s a very simple light. It was actually my first tactical light. It’s got a special place in my heart on that score. But it is a little bit less a light for gun mounting. For instance, it doesn’t have the one-inch diameter on the body. Promised earlier I’d come back to that.

Most of the best tactical flashlights are going to have a one-inch diameter because that’s the standard for compatibility with most gun mounts. Klarus actually makes some gun mounts as well as some switches for their lights, some remote pressure switches, which give it great tactical use when you’re gonna combine it with your AR-15. But yeah, those are some pretty standard features that you can find in a Klarus light. As always, a high-quality light. They’re always tough, they’re always extremely weatherproof, they’re always extremely bright. They’re definitely a brand that you should be checking out.