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Klarus XT11GT Flashlight ReviewKlarus is a newer flashlight manufacturer that is rapidly growing in popularity for making incredibly durable, long-lasting, and innovative LED flashlights. Recently, Klarus has introduced new advanced tactical flashlights with programmable settings. The XT11GT is a flashlight that Klarus announced earlier this year and has some truly unique features. Considering all the goodies this flashlight comes with (we’ll talk more about it later), this flashlight is definitely a bargain! So let’s take a look at the features of this flashlight.

The Klarus XT11GT is a compact and lightweight flashlight that feels comfortable in your hands. It features a dual-tail switch and a side switch which, along with the programmable settings, makes this light quite versatile. If you prefer only using the dual-tail switch then you can use the lock-out function to prevent the side switch from activating. It also features several brightness levels and can be operated with a single hand. This flashlight is perfect for outdoor and tactical use, especially for law enforcement or hunting. However, it is also great if you just want take your dog for a walk at night. Regardless, this flashlight is meant to suit any need.

Klarus XT11GT Tactical Flashlight Review

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Why do a Klarus XT11GT Tactical Review?

The Klarus XT11GT is a rechargeable tactical flashlight with awesome features at an affordable price. If you’ve never heard of Klarus before, you’ll be sure to check them out now. They pack a ton of features into this compact flashlight and give the customers like you and me what we want.

Most powerful Klarus tactical flashlight

1. Blinding Brightness! It’s always exciting to see what lumen outputs the new flashlights have. To be honest, I was blown away by the XT11GT with its 2000 lumen brightness in the turbo brightness level. I have never seen so much power in such a compact light before and that’s saying something. You can thank the CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED for all that power. With this LED, this flashlight won’t let you down. Once you see how bright it is you can’t help but be impressed.

Klarus XT11S Best 1100 Lumen FlashlightMultiple Output Capabilities

2. Multiple modes for multiple situations. A 2000 lumen flashlight is impressive but you won’t be using that turbo brightness level all the time. You can choose which brightness level you need or want with the XT11GT. It features four brightness levels: Turbo (2000 lumens), High (400 lumens), Medium (100 lumens), and Low (10 lumens). With this in mind, you have a lot of options to choose from. That low brightness level is perfect for reading at night or searching your car for something you dropped. This flashlight also features two specialty modes for emergency situations: Strobe and SOS. Some flashlight enthusiasts debate about which mode is more useful, strobe or SOS, but with the XT11GT, you don’t have to decide.

Advanced Technology Programmable Tactical Flashlight

3. Three Programmable Settings. This is a truly unique aspect of the XT11GT. There are three settings that you can choose from depending on what you need: Tactical, Outdoor, and Advanced Tactical. So what’s the difference? Well in the Tactical Setting, you can access the turbo brightness level with the main switch and you can immediately access the strobe mode by holding down the secondary switch. While the flashlight is on you can switch the brightness levels by using the secondary switch as well. The side switch can also turn the flashlight ON and OFF and cycle through the brightness levels. The Outdoor setting features a one-touch turbo and one-touch low. You can access the turbo level by pressing the main switch and the low by pressing the secondary switch. In this setting the tail switch won’t be able to access the strobe mode. The side switch can still turn the flashlight ON and OFF, cycle through the brightness levels, and access the strobe and SOS mode. Finally, the Advanced Tactical setting only functions in the turbo brightness level and the strobe mode. To access the turbo level you click the main switch and to access the strobe mode just hold down the secondary switch. In this setting the side switch is completely locked out.

High quality flashlight brands – Klarus

4. Great Quality and Durable Design. Just feeling the XT11GT in your hands, you can tell it’s meant to last. I scratched my nail on it and there was absolutely no difference thanks to the anodized finish. It’s crafted from aluminum alloy to help dissipate the heat which is good because this flashlight can heat up like crazy. To help prevent it from overheating, it features ITS temperature control that monitors the temperature and changes the brightness level if necessary. Of course, your environment also influences the flashlight so outside in the winter it will remain cooler while in the summer it will heat up more.

Best USB Rechargeable Flashlight

4. Powerful Battery and USB Rechargeable. It’s hard to believe that this flashlight is also USB rechargeable, but there it is! So you can charge the XT11GT virtually anywhere you have a USB cord and an adapter. It also comes equipped with an unprotected 18650 battery with a 3100 mAh capacity. This is a powerful battery. Usually, you’ll see flashlights come with a 2300 mAh or 2600 mAh capacity.

Specifications of 2000 Lumen Klarus XT11GT Tactical Flashlight:

The XT11GT has a ton of features packed into this compact flashlight! So let’s sum up those features now!
CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED technology: This is one freaking powerful LED. It can deliver 2000 lumens and will last you a long time doing it. Just taking a step outside and lighting the backyard, it’s insanely bright. I worry I’ll actually wake the neighbors using the turbo brightness level.

High quality Klarus XT11S tactical Flashlight

Multiple brightness levels: Having multiple brightness levels is very important in any flashlight, but especially in a tactical flashlight. You can choose between four brightness levels with the XT11GT and it features a memory function so you don’t always have to turn it onto the turbo level if you don’t want to.
Super compact and durable: The hard type III anodized aircraft grade aluminum body features an anticline grip and roll resistant tactical ring.

Klarus XT11GT Flashlight Review

USB Rechargeable: The body design prevents any slipping in your hands. The XT11GT is made from an aluminum alloy with an anodized finish so it’s made to withstand a beating for sure.
Compact, durable, and sturdy: It can be incredibly frustrating when you have to buy a charger to go with your new tactical flashlight. With the XT11GT, this isn’t the case. It has a micro USB port located on the flashlight so you can charge the battery directly. It also features a battery capacity indicator so you know what charge the battery has.

Pros: So many! It’s compact, lightweight, and powerful with a long beam throw. It’s USB rechargeable with a battery capacity indicator. It has a memory function which is really convenient and helps conserve the battery. With its three programmable settings, the XT11GT is really versatile. It has a sturdy design and body so it’ll be long-lasting.
Cons: The XT11GT is not a light that you can just pick up, fiddle around with for a few moments and understand how to fully utilize all the features of the light. You need to read the instructions and actually learn the features of the light. Also, it has an unprotected lithium-ion battery which means the battery has more of a chance to over-heat, over-discharge, or short-circuit.

The Klarus XT11GT is an impressive tactical flashlight with advanced features and awesome power. With the different programmable settings, this flashlight can suit anyone from an average civilian to a hunter to a law enforcement officer. I highly recommend this product!

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