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Klarus XT11S tactical Flashlight ReviewKlarus is becoming a more popular tactical flashlight brand since its release of several high-performance LED flashlights at affordable prices. Over the past couple of years, they have released a wide variety of tactical flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, utility flashlights, keychain flashlights, and even search & rescue flashlights. Most notable though was its recent release of the XT11S – an 1100 lumen powerhouse with a micro-usb charge port. Let’s get into the details and specifications of the XT11S.

It is a unique and versatile flashlight that can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether you are walking your dog at night or trying to find a fugitive hiding in a neighborhood green-belt, the XT11S is designed to be adaptable for any of these situations. It is waterproof and extremely durable, built to withstand years of use. It’s not very often that you find a flashlight that is effectively designed for tactical purposes as well as everyday general use.

Klarus XT11S Tactical Flashlight Review

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What makes the Klarus XT11S stand out from the rest?

The Klarus XT11S is a tactical flashlight with a boat-load of features & upgrades at an affordable price. One of the things that immediately caught my eye in the Klarus XT11S is the programmable aspect…the ability to easily change the operating modes of the flashlight to make it behave differently. We will get more into this later.

Powerful Klarus Flashlight

1. Lumens, lumens & more lumens! We have reviewed several high lumen flashlights in the past but when you see the XT11S in action, it is truly impressive! The XT11S is rated at 1100 ANSI lumens…which means that the lumen rating is based on very strict measuring standards. For example, you can find several $10 flashlights online that state they are 2000 lumens, but based on the ANSI lumens, would more likely be only 200-300 lumens. This is a big deal when you think you are buying a really bright light to use as a last resort for self-defense, but it isn’t as bright or blinding as you need it to be. The XT11S uses a CREE XP-L Hi V3 LED rated to last for over 50,000 hours.

Klarus XT11S Best 1100 Lumen FlashlightKlarus Programmable Tactical Flashlight

2. Multiple user settings. One of the most impressive features of the Klarus XT11S are the programmable user settings and wide range of modes. Not only does the flashlight have 4 different brightness modes (Turbo, High, Medium, Low), it also has your standard SOS and Tactical Strobe mode for self-defense and disorientation uses. The internal circuitry of the light remembers what mode you were on last so you don’t have to find it every time you turn the light on or off. The XT11S also has 3 different user settings (Classic Tactical, Outdoor, & Tactical Assault). We found that for the most part, you will use the “Classic Tactical” setting for everyday use and as an everyday carry flashlight. The Outdoor Setting is to be used when hunting and it eliminates the strobe functionality on the light. The Tactical Assault Setting is designed specifically for extreme tactical situations such as law enforcement and night combat.

High quality flashlight brands Klarus

3. Superior construction and smart design. The light is smaller than you would expect for a 1100 lumen light with a 330 meter beam throw! It’s only 5.5 inches long, which is about .5 to 1 inch shorter than other lights in this lumen range. I was really surprised at how long the throw is for such a short light. Typically, the deeper reflector needed for a farther throw makes the light longer. With the XT11s, this is not the case. It is constructed out of military grade aluminum with a type III anodization, which is considered common on higher end led flashlights, and it is rated to be impact resistant against drops at 1 meter high.

High quality 18650 rechargeable lithium ion battery

4. Powerful lithium ion battery included The light comes with an 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery that can be recharged directly in the light using the micro-usb charge port located on the side. I would recommend getting some CR123 batteries as a backup or maybe another 18650 to have as a backup in case you need extra illumination time.

Specifications of 1100 Lumen Klarus XT11S Tactical Flashlight:

The XT11S is jam-packed with advanced features that are at the cutting edge of tactical flashlights. Let us take a look!
Cree XP-L HI V3 LED technology: The LED emitter is a very important aspect of your flashlight. Typically, you want to stick with CREE LEDS. CREE is a U.S. based technology company that was named the “Most Innovative Company in the Energy Sector in the World” by Fast Company in 2015. The bottom line is that you should probably stick with CREE LEDs in any personal flashlight that you buy.

High quality Klarus XT11S tactical FlashlightMultiple modes: The ease of switching modes is an important feature of any tactical flashlight. With the XT11S, you can easily switch from mode to mode by either using the side switch or using the secondary tail switch on the back of the light. This light has a patented dual tactical tail switch that makes it super easy to switch modes with only one hand.

Super compact and durable: The hard type III anodized aircraft grade aluminum body features an anticline grip and roll resistant tactical ring.

Micro USB charge cord included: It comes with a micro usb charge cord to plug your flashlight directly into a USB wall adapter, USB car adapter, or any standard USB port to charge it, which is extremely handy. It also features polarity protection design in which you can not insert the batteries the wrong way, to protect the batteries.

Pros: Brighter than most other lights in the same price range. Rechargeable so you don’t have to buy a charger. Dual tactical tail switch feels really good in the hand. Klarus lifetime warranty.

Cons: Very isolated cases of charge port not charging but with a great customer service, the issue is easily resolvable.

Klarus XT11S Tactical Flashlight Review – Conclusion
The Klarus XT11S is a great high-performance led flashlight for everyone from the flashlight enthusiast to the first time flashlight buyer. If you looking for something that is going to last you a lifetime and that will impress anyone that you show it to, then this is the light for you. I would highly recommend this light to anyone looking for a flashlight for any use.

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