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Klarus XT12GT Tactical Flashlight Review – The Best Long Beam Throw Flashlight

Klarus XT12GT Flashlight Review

Klarus is a newer flashlight manufacturer that is rapidly growing in popularity for making incredibly durable, and innovative LED flashlights. The XT12GT is one of the tactical rechargeable LED flashlights from Klarus that hits the right notes.

Without much ado, let us take a closer look at it.

Anyone looking for a high-quality tactical flashlight will find that the XT12GT fits the ticket perfectly. Klarus makes certain to pack their flashlights with a ton of features. That makes their flashlights unique and versatile for a wide range of customers. The Klarus XT12GT is no different. 

If you are into new technology, new features, and new flashlights, then the XT12GT should be in your wishlist.

*As of October 2022, the Klarus XT12GT has been discontinued. You can still find it available on some websites or on ebay but Klarus no longer manufactures it. I recommend checking out the Fenix HT18 on Amazon as a viable replacement, that is actually better than the original XT12GT recommendation.

Check Fenix HT18 on Amazon

What Makes the Klarus XT12GT a Good Tactical Flashlight?

The XT12GT has a 1600-lumen output and a beam distance of 1978 feet (603 meters). It has dual tail switches with a patented mechanism that allows easy one-handed operation. In addition, there is magnetic charging that is easier to use than a USB charging cable.

In short, the XT12GT is loaded with some excellent features and some of them are my favorites. And when you consider the price, the Klarus XT12GT offers excellent value

Note, I will strongly recommend reading the instruction manual with this flashlight because of all its unique features.

Extremely Bright

Klarus really brings a lot of lumen power to their flashlights and the XT12GT is no different. Delivering 1600 lumens, it is super bright for a compact flashlight! 

The XT12GT is equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED, a new class of high-intensity LEDs that delivers unbelievable power! Along with this power, the XT12GT has one of the longest beam throws I’ve ever seen in flashlights of this size. 

Quite simply, a beam range of 603 meters is seriously impressive!

Klarus XT12gt rechargeable FlashlightMultiple Output Capabilities

The XT12GT has multiple brightness levels and specialty modes. Let’s be honest, as cool as 1600 lumens is, you probably won’t be using that much power all the time. 

The Klarus XT12GT features four brightness levels and two specialty modes for emergencies: SOS and Strobe. Here are the brightness levels of this flashlight in the outdoor setting.:

  • Turbo (1600 lumens) -1.2 hour run time
  • High (400 lumens) – 4 hours run time
  • Medium (100 lumens) – 14 hours run time
  • Low (10 lumens) – 200 hours run time

With these four options, you can use the XT12GT in a variety of settings from searching for your house in a blackout to going on a hunting or camping trip.

Dual Programmable Settings

Klarus seems to be producing more and more flashlights with these programmable settings and I love it. These settings allow you to program the light to whatever suits your needs at the time. 

The XT12GT features two settings: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. The operation is through dual tactical tail switches- The primary and the mode switch.

In the Tactical setting, you can access the Turbo mode immediately by pressing the main switch. Likewise, you can access the Strobe mode immediately by holding down the secondary or mode switch. When the flashlight is ON you can click the secondary switch to cycle through the different brightness modes.

In the Outdoor Setting, you can access the Turbo brightness mode by pressing down the main switch and the Low brightness mode by pressing down the secondary switch. The one-touch turbo and one-touch low settings are a big plus.

Besides, you can access the SOS specialty mode instead of the Strobe mode in this setting. Also, just like the Tactical setting, you can cycle through the brightness levels using the secondary switch when the light is ON.

Klarus XT12GT is USB Rechargeable

Honestly, this is absolutely my favorite feature of the XT12GT. Located on the side of the flashlight is a magnetic charging port that charges the flashlight securely. 

Simply place the magnetic charger close to the flashlight and it will self-locate to the charging port. One of the goodies included with the XT12GT is a Magnetic Charging Connector. While the magnetic dock protects it from moisture, the charging cable is not easily available like a spare USB cable. So, make sure not to lose it.

You just plug the cable into the Connector and then you’re good to go. The Connector is small enough that you can fit it easily on your keychain. 

As a bonus, the Connector is equipped with a little light so you can use that to help you find something you dropped in the car or look for a keyhole in the dark.

Specifications of the Klarus XT12GT Tactical Flashlight

The XT12GT has a ton of great features, but here are a few more that deserve mentioning.


It is certainly not the most compact flashlight and I don’t think many people would use it as an EDC option. The XT12GT is a little over 6 inches in length with a net weight of 5.6 ounces.

Admittedly, it is an easy flashlight to carry around in a bag or in the supplied holster. It is also compatible with 1-inch rail mounting systems.

High quality Klarus XT12GT tactical Flashlight

Batter Power Indicator

A battery power indicator is an extremely convenient feature to have on a flashlight. The XT12GT has an indicator light with 4 different modes. You can easily tell how much charge the battery has left and plan your flashlight usage accordingly.

Klarus XT12GT Flashlight Review

Lots of Accessories

Apart from the magnetic charging cable, Klarus also includes a 18650 3600 mAh battery. Other than that, a lanyard, a spare O-ring, and a holster are also included in the package.

You can also pick the XT12GT hunting kit that comes with a carrying case. This kit includes a gun mount, color filters, and a remote switch.

High-quality Body

The XT12GT has an aircraft-grade aluminum body with an HAIII-grade hard-anodizing finish. The lens is made from tempered glass and has a scratch-resistant AR coating. The stainless-steel bezel provides additional durability.

Klarus has provided it with an IPX-8 rating and 1-meter impact resistance. It also has smart temperature control with a large heat dissipation area for safety and optimized performance. In terms of durability, it is as good as the best camping flashlights that we recommend. 

If you are willing to spend more money on a high-end flashlight then it needs to be durable and the XT12GT definitely is. Klarus offers a 5-year warranty for defects under normal use.


The XT12Gt is compatible with 18650 Li-ion batteries, as well as CR123A batteries. With the 18650 lithium-ion battery as the power source, it will last around 1.2 hours in turbo mode and 14 hours in medium mode.

It goes without saying that the XT12Gt has a great throw. When compared with the compact size of the light, the reflector seems large and gives the flashlight a larger head diameter. The smooth reflector also delivers an intense hotspot. With a candela per lumen (cd/lm) ratio of around 56, it illuminates the surroundings perfectly well.

The flashlight does get hot in turbo mode. But considering the peak intensity of 90902 candelas, that is expected.

While this is not a dedicated thrower for search and rescue operations, the max output and the tight bean shape make it great for outdoor use. But in case you want a really bright flashlight, there are other options with insane outputs.


  • Powerful output from the Cree LED
  • Superior build
  • Multiple compatible batteries
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Patented magnetic charging


  • The UI is not so simple
  • The charging cable is easy to lose


That brings us to the end of this Klarus XT12GT review. As a rechargeable tactical flashlight, the Klarus XT12GT is certainly impressive and really packs a punch. It is versatile enough to suit a variety of needs thanks to the multiple brightness levels and the programmable settings.

And considering the price, the XT12GT punches way above its weight category. Overall, a really innovative flashlight that I highly recommend!

In case the Klarus XT12GT is not something you prefer, check out some of the other best tactical flashlights that we recommend.

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