LED flashlight review 2016 : Streamlight 75663 Stinger


LED flashlight review 2016 : Classic LED Rechargeable Flashlight Streamlight 75663 StingerI am a big fan of the Streamlight Stinger series of flashlights. These are the sort of no-nonsense flashlights that has made Streamlight one of the best tactical flashlight manufacturers in the world. I have used and reviewed a number of the models in this series and all of them have exceeded my expectations. In this led flashlight review article, we will be taking a look at one of my personal favorite flashlight in this series the classic 75663 Stinger. This is an improvement on the older versions of the model and is just an awesome piece of quality craftsmanship.

The very first thing that you will notice in this great flashlight is its iconic shape. Streamlight has successfully kept the iconic shape of the classic LED Rechargeable Stinger models even to this day and that pleases me a lot. This is a very sturdy unit that can stand some serious beating in almost any weather conditions. It is packed full of features that easily puts this flashlight at the top of any survival guide. So, let’s dig in and take a look at some of the great features that it has to offer.

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Why Streamlight 75663 Stinger LED flashlight review?

This flashlight is designed to be used as every day carry model. The flashlight is powerful and light weight and most importantly, is rechargeable. This makes it a great tactical flashlight for both serious outdoorsmen as well as a casual user who is looking for a flashlight that is to be used in a household setting.

Awesome features of Streamlight 75663 Stinger

The Stinger is not short on features as well. It is packed in with many state-of-the-art features that will put even the best flashlights to shame.

1. Powerful flashlight led

This flashlight is a considerable improvement over its predecessor, the Stinger Xenon in terms of power. The new Stinger packs in a respectable 390 lumens of power at its brightest setting. The CREE LED technology keeps the flashlight cool and extended operations also don’t make the flashlight heat up.

LED flashlight review 2016 : Streamlight 75663 Stinger with 20-volt AC ChargerAnother thing that this Stinger model improves on is the optics. This flashlight can throw the beam at 230 meters at the highest brightness setting, which is a very welcome improvement. Even at the lowest power setting, the beam can reach a distance of about 111 meters.

2. Multiple modes and Strobe light to suit your ever need

A tactical flashlight is incomplete without its multiple modes of operation. The Stinger has three modes of operation that makes operating the flashlight very easy. The three modes are:

High: 390 Lumens
Medium: 210 Lumens
Low: 100 Lumens

Also, the flashlight has a strobe mode that operates at 390 lumens. Strobe for disorienting either signaling your location.

3. Superb Tactical performance flashlight

The Stinger has always been known for ease of use. This new model keeps this feature at the center as well. The multi-function switch is very easy to access and is really long lasting. In fact, the switch has been tested for a million activation’s. The switch of a tactical flashlight is the lynch-pin of its operation. The simplistic push-button switch of the Stinger will ensure a reliable actuation every single time you push the button.

4. Excellent construction best flashlight design

There is no doubt that the Stinger is one of the most elegantly designed flashlights out there. It features a fully hand anodized aluminum body with an etched grip. The flashlight is completely shockproof so that it can operate without flickering even when there is some jerking motion. It is also water and impact resistant.

LED flashlight review 2016 Streamlight 75663 Stinger

Streamlight Stinger flashlights unique features

Some of the additional features of this flashlight are as follows:

Awesome optics flashlight: One of the key things for the superior performance of this flashlight is the superior optics. This flashlight is equipped with a parabolic reflector that produces a focused beam and at the same time gives a great peripheral illumination as well.
LED battery indicator: The flashlight also comes with an LED indicator to let you know the charging status of the flashlight. It also has a built-in charge continuity indicator.
Water and impact resistant flashlight: The flashlight is impact resistant up to a distance of 1 meter. This model is also completely water resistant which is an improvement over the previous models.

Flashlight bundled with many goodies: This flashlight comes with a 3-cell, 3.6V NiCad sub-C battery that can be recharged up to 1000 times. It also comes with a 120V charger and requires 10 hours to fully charge.


  • Great iconic design.
  • Bright and reliable beam penetration.
  • Multiple modes of operation and an easy-to-use switch.
  • Comes with a very powerful 3.6V battery.
  • Water and impact resistance.


The Stinger is one of my favorite flashlights as it has a very simplistic design and a very reliable operation. Still there is an issue that keeps coming back:

The flashlight takes a long time to recharge. 10 Hours is a long time to recharge a tactical flashlight. Although an accelerated 2.5-hour charger is available, you need to purchase it at an additional cost.

DS C4 LED Flashlight LED flashlight review 2016 : Streamlight 75663 StingerConclusion
If you are a fan of the classic design in a flashlight and are not ready to compromise on performance, the Stinger is for you. This is a great flashlight for people who are interested in a flashlight for outdoor as well as indoor purposes. I would strongly recommend this flashlight for anyone who is looking or a no-nonsense, easy to operate and reliable flashlight. So, don’t wait, order this piece of beauty right now!

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