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MecArmy MOT10 – Tactical Flashlight Review

If you’re looking for an all-in-one flashlight or an everyday carry flashlight, then I’d point you to MecArmy. This brand creates innovative and awesome flashlights and specializes in EDC flashlights. However, they’re certainly not limited by them if you look at the MecArmy PT60 which is a handheld flashlight that delivers 9600 lumens (I’ll cover this flashlight in another review later on)! It was tough picking a MecArmy flashlight to talk about today, but I finally settled on the MecArmy MOT10 because it has a unique feature that I’d like to see in more flashlights. I’ll start off with talking about different features of this flashlight then go into the benefits and disadvantages of the MOT10. So let’s dive right in!

MecArmy MOT10 Tactical Flashlight Review

The MOT10 is a compact and lightweight flashlight that you could easily carry on your person. Not to mention it’s rechargeable which is a great feature to have in any EDC light. MecArmy really likes to challenge themselves and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your flashlight. The MOT10 is a perfect example of this. With a simple user interface, unique features, and an design optimal for everyday carry, this tactical flashlight has caught my attention.

MecArmy MOT10 Powerful Tactical Flashlight

The MecArmy MOT10 can deliver 1000 lumens of power which is fairly standard in tactical flashlights but is excellent to see in an EDC flashlight. Many EDC flashlights will stick around the 500 lumen area, but the MOT10 pushes the limits and delivers more. This is thanks to the CREE XPL-HI V3 LED that this tactical flashlight is equipped with. It also has a beam throw of 288 meters which is about 945 feet! This flashlight will illuminate the area you need with no problem. And with its single side switch, learning to operate the flashlight is a breeze.

MecArmy MOT10 Multiple Brightness Outputs

With any tactical or outdoor flashlight I always recommend a flashlight that has multiple outputs so you can use it in many different settings. The MOT10 satisfies my needs with its six total outputs, two of which are flashing emergency modes. It has a Turbo mode that’s 1000 lumens, a high mode that’s 342 lumens, a medium mode that’s 101 lumens, and a low mode that’s 12 lumens. I find the lumen count interesting with this flashlight. Rather than 340 lumens or 100 lumens you have a specific number of 342 and 101. It’s not a positive or negative trait with this flashlight, but just something interesting.

With this range from 12- 1000, you are able to use the MOT10 in different settings from home use, to professional use, to outdoor use. Some flashlight enthusiasts and reviewers may argue that the low being 12 lumens isn’t low enough. Many low or moonlight modes will be around 1 lumen. Personally, I prefer around 10 lumens for my low or moonlight mode. 1 lumen is great for reading a map at night, but 10 lumens is great for searching the grass for your keys, maybe inspecting your tires at night if you have a flat, etc. With 10 lumens, I think you can get more done so I really like that the low mode on the MOT10 is 12 lumens.

MecArmy MOT10 Power Bank Function

I mentioned before that the MOT10 has two emergency outputs so let’s get into that now. It features both a strobe mode – an important must-have mode for any tactical flashlight – and an SOS mode – an excellent mode especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Often, a flashlight will come with one or the other so it’s great to see the MOT10 features both a strobe mode and an SOS mode.

I can’t begin to explain how convenient a USB rechargeable flashlight is. If you’ve never had one before, I suggest getting one. The MOT10 has a micro USB port located on the body so you can plug your flashlight in and let it charge while you work, while you drive, or even while you’re just kicking back relaxing. This flashlight also has a charging indicator so you’ll know when the flashlight is fully charged and ready to go. To protect the micro-USB port, there’s a silica gel cap that covers the port. This cap prevents dirt and grime from getting into the port and messing up the charging function.

MecArmy MOT10 USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

A truly unique function of the MOT10 is the power bank function. If one of your USB devices such as your phone or tablet dies, you can plug it into the MOT10 and use the MOT10 as a power bank to provide a bit of charge to your device! Imagine if your phone is dead and you’re driving home when your car suddenly stops. That power bank feature comes to the rescue and gives your phone a decent boost so you can make a call and get some help. I can go on and on about this feature because it is an excellent feature to have in a device that you’ll carry often.


Extra Details

Batteries – You can equip the MOT10 with a single 18650 battery, two 18350 batteries, or two 16340 batteries. With all these battery options, you can’t go wrong!

Design – MecArmy has a pineapple texture for an easy grip on all of their flashlights and the MOT10 is no different. With this texture you don’t need to worry about the flashlight slipping from your grasp.

Durability – This tactical flashlight is in it to win it! You don’t need to worry about this beast. It’s impact resistant up to 1.5 meters and is waterproof up to IPX8 standards, meaning you can submerge it in the water 2 meters for half an hour and it’ll work with no problem. It also features a temperature monitoring system which prevents your flashlight from overheating.

Pros – There’s a lot to love with the MOT10 tactical flashlight. It’s quite powerful for the size it is and 1000 lumens can really go a long way. The different outputs are great and I particularly like that it includes both a strobe and an SOS mode. Of course, who doesn’t love a USB rechargeable flashlight? This feature will almost always make a flashlight look attractive to me. Finally, you can’t beat that powerbank function. MecArmy definitely pushed the boundaries of your average flashlight by including this function.

Cons – While I like the single switch, I prefer tactical flashlights have the tail switch which is easier to find in the dark. I’m also concerned that the side switch may accidentally turn on in my pocket or my bag.



To sum it all up, this multi-function flashlight is a step in the right direction and I can’t wait to see what else MecArmy comes out with. The MecArmy MOT10 is packed with features that everyday citizens could use in a practical way. I highly recommend this flashlight.

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