Nebo Slyde flashlight review : Cheap bright flashlight


Nebo Slyde flashlight review : Cheap bright flashlightA Flashlight is one of the must have devices at home or at the work place. They provide a reliable source of light during power outages and highly recommended when you have to step out of the house at night. It comes in handy for people interested in outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, mounting etc. Though many people downplay their importance, their ability to guarantee safety cannot be underestimated. Now imagine a flashlight and a work light combined together in one device called the Nebo slyde flashlight worklight. In this Nebo Slyde flashlight review article, we will know main features of nebo slyde flashlight and work light.

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Why Nebo Slyde flashlight review? Really, it cheap bright flashlight?

Nebo Slyde 6156 Flashlight comes with a bundle. This bundle have two flashlight. One is powerful led flashlight and other is COB work light. The Nebo Slyde Flashlight and work light operates in two modes, one is the 250 lumen led flashlight which has a powerful beam that can illuminate up to 230 meters ahead. It can stay on standby in this mode consistently for up to 2 hours. This provides enough time for any task that you could ever want to do.

The worklight flashlight design also has an expandable body which you can stretch to reveal the 190 lumen work light mode that has clip on board (COB) LED technology integrated. The feature enables easy adjustment and efficiency since it is easy to switch between the two modes. This 190 lumen work light mode can last for 3.5 hours, which is longer than the 250 lumen just in case you need more time with your task. The beam in this mode can reach up to 18.5 meters. Both modes can still work at the same time, although it is advisable to use one at a time in order to save energy.

Nebo Slyde Flashlight, work light uses four AAA alkaline batteries which are inexpensive and readily available. These batteries have an extended life, although they are not rechargeable. However, a flashlight is a low drain device since it is used occasionally; therefore, these batteries can serve the purpose for a reasonable period of time.Nebo Slyde flashlight review powerful LED flashlight Cheap bright flashlight

This flashlight or work light has a powerful magnetic base that is very stable. Say when using it while doing a task that involved using both arms, it can be mounted on a magnetic surface and it won’t drop. This ensures safety of the user and the device by avoiding accidents and enables multitasking.

Powerful LED flashlight Nebo Slyde flashlight Specifications:

High brightness flashlight: The 250 lumen led flashlight and the 190 lumen COB work light ensure high performance in terms of light intensity but at a cheap price. The Nebo slyde flashlight work light surpasses many common lighting devices courtesy of this COB LED technology. This is an innovation that packs many LEDs closely together offering high power and a broad viewing angle.

flashlight Battery life: The four AAA alkaline batteries offer energy efficiency for a period of around 6 weeks.  It illuminates a long distance with great uniformity and consistency. These batteries are readily available in local stores compared to other types,  hence users avoid being inconvenienced. The flashlight comes with the four batteries already installed on purchase and ready to use.

Mechanical power: This flashlight is super strong and fits well in the hand with good grip. For this reason it can also be improvised for security purposes in case you are ambushed in the dark. The strong magnetic base means it meets safety standards and is durable. The material used to make the flashlight is anodized aircraft grade aluminum which offers strength. It is not too bulky to carry around since it weighs around 290 grams when loaded with the four batteries. It is also designed in a way that the middle part is sunken to allow for cooling while in use so that it doesn’t get heated up so much. It is water resistant and well cushioned to protect it from damages caused by impact, making it ideal for camping and for use as a work light.Cheap bright flashlight Soft Touch Technology BATTERIES Nebo Slyde flashlight review

Dimensions:  The normal size of a flashlight is 6.5 inches long (compact size) and when extended it measures 9 inches long. This translates to the size of  15 cm ruler when closed and approximately 30cm ruler when fully stretched, how convenient!  The diameter of the front part is 1.625 inches wide (head) and that of the part that is held by the hand is 1.3125 inches wide (barrel). This means it can fit perfectly in a bag to avoid misplacement which may occur when carrying it around.

User Interface:  The expandable body makes it easy to switch from modes while using the flashlight. It is also adjustable for zooming without using a lot of force that could lead to breakage. Users can choose from two focus types, that is flood or spot. It can be easily switched on and off using a push button that is found in the middle of the body. The flashlight can also be set to switch from one mode to another automatically if left idle in one mode for a period of time. It is possible to detach the head from the body, making it possible to clean the device once in a while.

Flashlight Warranty: Warranty is provided for a period of one year, therefore, there is no reason for worrying in case there is a malfunction within the time frame provided for. simple, strong flashlight, emitting 250 lumens of intense white light Nebo Slyde flashlight review Cheap bright flashlight


The design of this flashlight has a lot of upsides to it in terms of small size, reasonable lifetime, improved brightness, robust, affordable, easy switching, easy to find batteries, water resistance and good aesthetics. They also come in different colors to choose from for example black and camo.


The downside to the design is that it is non-rechargeable because of the nature of the batteries. The performance of the device can also be affected by the brand of batteries used depending on the temperature and rate of discharging.


The Nebo slyde Flashlight work light is a great bargain for a flashlight and a work light all found in one device. Its small size means it is easy to carry around. The availability of options to choose from such as focus types and modes makes this device unique and user friendly. The fact that it is not too vulnerable to destruction and high brightness is also good value for customers’ money. However, improvements could be made to enhance battery life. It is recommended for general use, such as lighting or reading, outdoor activities like camping and for use by technicians too. After reading Nebo slyde Flashlight review article, you might interest to buy one.

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