Nitecore EC4S Review 2150 lumen Handheld Searchlight


Nitecore EC4S Review 2150 lumen CREE XHP50 LED Flashlight Handheld SearchlightOver the years, Nitecore has manufactured some of my absolute favorite tactical flashlights. Nitecore searchlight are made with a superior craftsmanship and are built to last. So, naturally when I had a chance to review one of their best flashlights in recent years, I pounced on the chance. The EC4S is a small handheld tactical searchlight that is packed with many high-end features in a relatively small form factor. In this Nitecore EC4S review article, i am going to dig out features, specifications, package content etc.

It is one of the very few flashlights on the market that is sold as a bundle. It comes with many freebies that make this flashlight a total steal at the price. It is a great quality flashlight with many applications for both tactical and non-tactical uses.

Nitecore EC4S Review – EC4S video review

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Why Nitecore EC4S review not other searchlight?

The Nitecore EC4S is a very versatile and flexible flashlight. It is compact and lightweight which makes it an excellent every day carry a flashlight. At the same time, it is packed with some serious power, making it an ideal companion on hiking and trekking expeditions. This is a very well rounded flashlight that will have a great application whether you are looking for an EDC flashlight or a powerful flashlight for tactical purposes.

Nitecore EC4S Review – quality high luemns light video

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Main features of Nitecore EC4S

The EC4S is packed with many features that make it really stand out amongst the competition. Nitecore has managed to put together a great flashlight that is economical but does not skimp on any tactical features. Let’s take a look at some of the great features that make this flashlight one of the best flashlights in its class.

1. Did I say EC4S was powerful?

When you are buying a tactical flashlight, you want power. Although many flashlights that are available on the market are powerful, there is hardly any that comes even close to the stupendous power of this beast from Nitecore. In terms of brightness, the EC4S can produce a 2150 lumens beam. Hands down, this is one of the brightest handheld flashlights that I have ever reviewed. I mean this thing is as bright as the sun! However, brightness is not all it has to offer in terms of power. The EC4S can throw a beam of light at an amazing distance of 306 yards. That is over three football fields, people! That’s some crazy power.

Nitecore EC4S Review 2150 lumen CREE XHP50 LED Flashlight Die-cast Handheld SearchlightThe flashlight can achieve this great power output thanks to the ‘Precision Digital Optics Technology’ that is integrated into the unit by Nitecore. This technology makes the flashlight almost 200% brighter than the state-of-the-art CREE XM-L2 LED technology that is used in most of the high powered flashlights.

2. Multitasking Unique performance

Apart from power, this unit features one of the best utility features in the industry. The switch of this flashlight is something that you might have never seen on any of the flashlights on the market. This unique dual action switch makes using this flashlight incredibly easy and convenient. It has five brightness settings that can be accessed with the switch easily and three additional tactical modes that can be accessed by the concealed switch. The primary modes are Turbo, High, Mid, Low and Ultra Low, while the tactical modes include Strobe, SOS, and a location beacon mode. The smart design makes it very easy to access the ultra low mode and the turbo mode and the LED indicator gives you an idea of the amount of juice left in the batteries.

3. Superb high performance flashlight

When you think about flashlights that have power similar to the EC4S, heat dissipation is a major issue. Nitecore has come up with one of the most ingenious ways to handle this issue. The flashlight is equipped with highest level cooling fins that provide 30% more surface area for the emitter to cool. This translates into a superior heat dissipation and the flashlight never overheats even when you operate it at the highest setting for a long time.

4. Excellent design best construction flashlight

This has to be one of the sexiest flashlights on the market. An excellent die-cast unibody aluminum alloy design makes the flashlight very compact and lightweight. The process makes the body really strong and durable. As a matter of fact, the EC4S is almost 200% stronger than the regular flashlights on the market that are made from aluminum and have multiple parts. The special design of the flashlight uses the two 18650 batteries side-by-side in contrast to end-to-end. This makes the flashlight almost 37% smaller in length.

Nitecore EC4S Review 2150 lumen Handheld Searchlight 2PCs E35 3500mAh EASTSHINEAnother thing that I like in the design of this flashlight is the grip. It has an ergonomic shape and is very comfortable to hold even for longer times. Also, the double sided dibbles keep the air circulation going and prevents excessive sweating on your palm.

EC4S Flashlight additional features

Apart from these amazing features, there are some additional features that are also worth mentioning.

Great 18650 batteries: This flashlight runs on two 18650 batteries. The Eastshine E35 batteries that are bundled with this flashlight are high capacity, rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 3500mAh. This is a monstrous capacity and is almost 67% more than any ordinary 18650 batteries.
Great optics: The EC4S is equipped with a specially designed micro-textured reflector. This offers a wide angle illumination so that there is an adequate peripheral illumination without compromising the beam distance.
Innovative circuitry and high efficiency: The flashlight is equipped with an intelligent high-efficiency, a constant current circuit that offers a constant runtime of more than 325 hours.
Batteries and charger included: The flashlight comes with a Nitecore D2 charger for 18650 batteries which make the charging quick and easy.

Nitecore EC4S Review 2150 lumen Handheld Searchlight 18650 Protected Batteries NitecorePros:

  • Compact and ultra durable uni-body design.
  • Superior brightness and exceptional beam distance.
  • Multiple modes of operation with an easy-to-use dual switch.
  • Great cooling technology to prevent overheating.
  • High-efficiency circuit that keeps the flashlight operational for over 325 hours.
  • Reverse polarity protection.

The EC4s is one of my favorite ultra-bright flashlights. It is designed with such perfection that when it comes to finding flaws in it, you really have to be nitpicky. That does not mean that this is the best product out there and there are some drawbacks of this great flashlight as well:

One of the thing that I noticed with this flashlight is that it drains a small amount of battery even when it is completely off. After some digging around, I found that this is due to the fact that the base circuit of this flashlight runs on a small amount of power. This causes the batteries to loose some power even when the flashlight is not in use. This is a real annoyance.

Nitecore EC4S Review 2150 lumen Handheld Searchlight D2 Charger Car Adapter EB182 Battery CaseConclusion

The Nitecore EC4S is an excellent flashlight in every sense of the word. It is powerful, durable and versatile. I would very strongly recommend this product who is looking for a bright and powerful flashlight that is not overtly expensive. If you order this flashlight bundle right now, you will get an unbelievable discount of almost 60% on Amazon. At Nitecore EC4S
such a low price, this is literally a steal. So, get one for you now before the deal runs out! Till next time…

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