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Nitecore Flashlights – Brand Review

Nitecore Flashlights


Today I want to talk about one this, and that’s the NITECORE brand. NITECORE makes high quality, and practical flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and battery chargers. I believe they make a product for vaping as well. I’m not gonna talk about the vaping product. I’m going to focus on the flashlights and chargers.

NITECORE was established powerful and robust, multi-mode LED flashlights. Inspired by flashlight enthusiast forums and hobby groups from around the world, they set out to create amazing flashlights. Since 2007, NITECORE has made high quality flashlights that are innovative, robust, and are designed for a wide scope of applications, including outdoor activities, law enforcement, and security, industrial or professional use, and more. If you are looking for a high quality, LED flashlight, or battery charger, NITECORE delivers some of the best on the market.

Let’s talk a little bit about their products. I’m going to first talk about the NITECORE flashlights, and then I will be talking a little bit about the NITECORE chargers. The first flashlight I want to talk about, is the NITECORE Tip, which is an awesome key chain light. The NITECORE Tip is an excellent example of the innovation and practicality that NITE CORE delivers. The Tip illuminates up to 360 lumens, features four brightness levels, and has two intelligent modes.

I’m going to start with talking about the intelligent modes, because that’s one of my favorite things, about the NITECORE Tip. You have the daily mode. Where the flashlight will turn off automatically after 30 seconds of no operation. I’m big on conserving my batteries in my flashlights. The daily mode is perfect for that, as it provides short time illumination. If it accidentally turns on, I know it’s going to turn off again in 30 seconds. That can save quite a bit of power. The other mode is the constant ON mode which, as you can guess, provides continuous illumination.

I don’t think I’ve seen a flashlight that has anything like that daily mode. NITECORE has truly provided their consumers with something completely unique and practical. With an every day carry light, like the NITECORE Tip, I often worry that it will turn on in my pocket, or in my bag, and that it’ll either heat up a lot, possibly causing damage, or completely drain my batteries. I really like that the daily mode ensures that the flashlight will turn off in 30 seconds. I know they could have a lockout switch, or a lockout function for the switch, but I find that I’ll often forget to use that lockout function, and my flashlight will turn on in my pocket anyway. I very much appreciate that daily mode. The NITECORE Tip is also USB rechargeable, and features a battery power indicator. I really appreciate when everyday carry lights are USB rechargeable. That USB rechargeable function makes the tip, significantly more convenient in my opinion.

The next flashlight I wanna talk about, is the NITECORE Tube. I know, tube, tip … NITECORE really likes their T’s. The NITECORE Tube is another key chain, every day carry flashlight. I noticed that it’s quite a popular flashlight, because it delivers all the high quality you would expect in NITECORE flashlight, without that heavy price to it. If you’ve never bought a NITECORE flashlight before, and you want to test the water, I would highly recommend purchasing the NITECORE Tube, of if you’re looking for a key chain, every day carry flashlight, but you don’t want to shell out a lot of money, I would also recommend that you look at the NITECORE Tube. This flashlight makes a great starter key chain flashlight.

The NITECORE Tube can deliver up to 45 lumens. It features two brightness levels, which would be the high, as we said before, 45 lumens, and in the moonlight, which is one lumen. With its simple side switch design, you can turn the flashlight on, and it will turn on to the moonlight mode, and then with anther click of the switch, you can turn it on into the turbo mode. I very much like that it turns on to the moonlight mode first. A lot of every day carry flashlights, will turn onto that turbo mode. I know a lot of flashlight users prefer their flashlights to be that way.

However, I find myself using the lower modes on my every day carry flashlights more, than the higher modes. If I drop something underneath the couch, or need to find something in my backpack, I don’t need the full high mode to do that. I can just use the moonlight mode to find what I need, conserve my battery, and be on my way. That’s what I prefer. I very much appreciate that NITECORE program the flashlight to turn on in the moonlight mode.

NITECORE Tube is also USB rechargeable, which, as I have mentioned before, I love in every day carry flashlights. The Tube and the Tip really show just how innovative and practical NITECORE is. And of course, those are just two flashlights. They have many more that you can look through. You’ll be amazed at how creative they can be.

Okay, let’s go ahead and move onto the NITECORE chargers. If you own a tactical, or handheld LED flashlight, odds are, you probably have or shopped for a battery charger. The market is saturated with a ton of battery chargers, so it can really difficult to find a good, reliable charger. Enter NITECORE. NITECORE chargers range from single bay to multi-bay, and everything in between.

Now I’ll talk about a couple examples. First example being, the NITECORE D4, which is a multi-bay charger that is capable of charging up to four batteries simultaneously. These batteries can be, of different sizes, of different chemistry’s, and the D4 will still be able to charge all of them, no problem.

One feature I really like about the D4 charge, is that it has an auto detect function. This function identifies the battery type, and selects the appropriate charging voltage. This way, all you need to worry about is putting the battery into the charger, and the charger will take care of the rest. It also has a little screen on the top. With this screen, you can monitor the charge of every battery that you are charging, which is really an excellent feature. You can also see the charge time, and you can see when the battery is completely finished charging. The D4 can change, or charge a wide range of batteries, including different lithium ion batteries, IMR batteries, and a lot more.

The D4 also has many safety features, including a reverse polarity protection. You don’t need to worry about accidentally loading the battery in wrong, and causing damage to the charger or the battery. It also has overcharge protection. It is designed to dissipate the heat, and monitors the temperature to prevent overheating. Not every needs to charge four batteries at once. Not everyone has a ton of flashlights, or a ton of rechargeable batteries.

The NITECORE D2 might look like a better option for many people, because it is only a two bay charger, and is capable of charging two batteries simultaneously. Just like the D4, the D2 is able to auto detect the battery type and status, and apply the appropriate voltage. My favorite feature of the NITECORE D2 is that, when the charging is complete, the D2 will automatically power off, so you don’t need to worry about overcharging your battery.

For many people who don’t know, rechargeable batteries can lose a bit of their holding capacity any time that they are overcharged. The fact that the D2 will automatically power off, when the battery is fully charged, is an awesome feature that will, in the end, prolong the life of of your battery. Of course, the D2 also has that display screen on the top. And just like the D4, you can see the charge status, charge mode, or the voltage, the charge time, and monitor the battery charging. That’s a lot of features for a battery charger.

When it comes to rechargeable batteries, you’ll want something that’s the best bang for your buck. NITECORE will definitely deliver on that. Between the awesome NITECORE chargers, and the awesome NITECORE flashlights, we’re always excited to see what else their going to come out with. I haven’t had too many complaint about either NITECORE flashlights, or NITECORE chargers. They’re reliable, practical, and are just generally awesome products.

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