Nitecore P12 – 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight


Nitecore P12 Specs

As you know, Nitecore has manufactured many of my favorite tactical flashlights. With their superior craftsmanship, Nitecore lights are sturdy and built to last. The flashlight I want to talk about today isn’t a new Nitecore flashlight, but a flashlight that is still popular and reliable. The Nitecore P12 is a powerful compact flashlight that has really impressed me. The performance of the P12 is outstanding and I’m excited to talk about the features of this light with you.

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Nitecore P12 Tactical Flashlight Review

The great thing about the P12 is that this is a light for everybody from the casual user to law enforcement professionals. It has a variety of features, a simple operating system, and has a sleek and compact body design so you can fit it in your pocket or on a holster. The P12 is great for a tactical situation like searching a house for an intruder, but it’s also great for just a walk at night or a camping trip.

Great Features of Nitecore P12 review Ultimate 1000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight:

Nitecore flashlights never let you down and the P12 is absolutely no different. It packs a punch with it’s power and with it’s tail switch and side switch and user-friendly interface, you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong mode when it counts the most.

1. 1000 amazing lumens! The Nitecore P12 busts out some serious power with a 1000 lumen output! With its Precision Digital Optics and Crystal Coating Technology, the P12 has a high-performance reflector that throws the beam up to 222 meters. I went outside and shined the light down the street and it was insane how far I could see! I could shine it all the way up in this tree and found a squirrel’s nest pretty easily. That’s some serious throw and power.

Nitecore P12 Flashlight in hand

2. Multiple brightness levels. As impressive as a 1000 lumen brightness level is, you don’t really need that much power all the time. That’s why it’s so great that the P12 has four brightness levels: High (1000 lumens), Medium (240 lumens), Low (70 lumens), and Moonlight (1 lumen). Along with these different brightness levels, this flashlight also features three specialty modes for emergencies: SOS, strobe, and location beacon. With all these options, the P12 is a very versatile illumination tool that can fit most needs.

3. Excellent flashlight design. The P12 is made from aero-grade aluminum alloy making this flashlight really durable. It also has an HAIII military grad hard-anodized finish. The LED is protected by a toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating. With this kind of material you can be sure the flashlight will withstand some harsher conditions. The P12 features a tail switch for momentary quick activation and a side switch that allows you to cycle through the brightness levels. With the tail and side switch you have the best of both worlds. You can use the tail switch to immediately turn on the flashlight instead of fumbling around for the side switch.

4. Convenient battery power indicator. You can equip the P12 with either an 18650 battery or two CR123 batteries. It’s really convenient for a flashlight to be able to run on different battery types. While many users prefer rechargeable batteries, others prefer to use disposable, less expensive batteries. I prefer to use rechargeable batteries and use CR123 batteries as a back up. The side switch on the P12 also functions as a battery capacity indicator so you. This is especially helpful when you go out on weekend trips. By knowing how much battery power you have left you can plan the usage of your flashlight accordingly.

Specifications of NITECORE P12 review LED Handheld Flashlight:

Let us have a look at the specifications of this cool flashlight in detail now.
Cree XM-L2 U2 LED technology: Thanks to this technology the P12 delivers an awesome 1000 lumens.

Nitecore P Series Light

Superior power and optics: The smooth reflector throws the beam really far, 232 meters. It has a great hot spot and has a precise beam.

Nitecore P12 LED shining

Compact design: The P12 is less than 6 inches in length so it can fit in a larger pocket or be put in an edc bag.

Multiple brightness levels: A flashlight isn’t really versatile without multiple brightness levels. With these different levels you can use the flashlight for different reasons from just lighting up your pathway at night to finding an owl in a really tall tree.


  • Compact and lightweight for easy carrying and one hand operation.
  • Features both a tail switch and a side switch giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Has a battery power indicator so you know how much charge the battery has left.
  • Has a beautiful finish on it thanks to the aluminum alloy and hard-anodizing.


  • No programmable features
    • Conclusion
      The Nitecore P12 is a compact handheld light that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a flashlight that is reliable, can take a beating and still function like it’s new, and last you a long time then you can’t go wrong with the P12.

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