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Nitecore SRT9 – Tactical Flashlight Review

Nitecore has really been coming out with some amazing flashlights. The brand has always been great about delivering high-quality tactical flashlights that you can rely on. With Nitecore, its technical team keeps on pushing and challenging itself to see what new product it can come out with. 

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Nitecore SRT9 Tactical Flashlight, which comes under the Smart Ring Tactical series. These range of flashlights are great for law enforcement, security, search and rescue, and then of course for outdoor enthusiasts.

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In this review, I will go over the features of the Nitecore SRT9 flashlight and its pros and cons. I will also mention what you need to take note of before buying it, and other important information you might want to know.

Nitecore SRT9 Multi-LED Tactical Flashlight

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What’s Included in the Packaging?

The SRT9 comes in a standard Nitecore black and yellow package. Printed on both sides of the box are the major features of the flashlight, design features, and plenty of other information.

 Inside the package, you will find the following items.

  • Nitecore SRT9
  • Nylon holster with D-ring and belt loop
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • A spare o-ring 
  • A spare rubber boot for the switch
  • Lanyard
  • Pocket clip (already attached)

The user manual is detailed and is printed in 8 languages. Also printed on the top of the box is the 5-year warranty promise on the flashlight.

Nitecore SRT9 Built-in Auxiliary Lights


Quite simply, the SRT9 is definitely not your average flashlight and comes with some interesting features. Just by looking at this flashlight, you can tell that this tactical flashlight is something completely different. 

Let’s jump right into the features. 


The SRT9 is a powerful flashlight delivering 2,150 lumens of blinding power in Turbo mode. The peak intensity at this level is 15100 candelas.

Even though it has been around for some years, that’s a respectable amount of lumens for a flashlight that just rests comfortably in your hand. The maximum beam distance is 269 yards. It’s equipped with a CREE XHP50 LED that delivers that amount of power.

As impressive as 2,150 lumens is, that’s not what makes this flashlight special. The primary light source is the white LED. On top of that, you get a red LED, green LED, blue LED, and UV light. 

You may wonder why you need all these different colors, and I’ll go into why each one has a specific purpose.

Starting with the red LED, this one is 13 lumens. Now, red light can protect your night vision, as the light is less blinding. That also makes it good for the wildlife or the environment. For me, one more plus of red light is that it attracts lesser bugs while camping.

The green and blue LEDs deliver 19 lumens. Now, these colors are excellent for sensitive eyes. It’s a softer light and is ideal for checking documents at night. They provide a good amount of illumination while not blinding you or drawing attention to yourself. You can also use the blue light also helps to attract fish during night fishing trips.

Overall, the secondary LEDs make the SRT9 a versatile option. Still, the color LEDs could have been brighter. 

Okay, let’s talk about the last light, which is the ultraviolet light. The UV light has a wavelength of 365nm and delivers minimum visible light. UV light is widely used in counterfeit detection., criminal investigation, and things like that. 

Wondering where that smell is coming from in your living room? UV lights are great for detecting hidden pet stains.

A UV light is also good for tracking blood trails as blood appears black under this light. However, an average flashlight user probably won’t be using UV light very often.

Apart from that, The STR9 also has  ATR intelligent temperature regulation. This will regulate the output of the flashlight to make sure that it performs at its best and prevents any damage to the flashlight or the components from overheating.

Nitecore SRT Smart Selector Ring

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Look and Feel of the Nitecore SRT9

Moving on to the design of the flashlight, it feels sturdy with a hard anodized surface. This tactical flashlight is constructed from aero-grade aluminum alloy and has been die cast to ensure superior structural integrity. Frankly, I expect nothing less in a Nitecore flashlight. 

Aggressive cooling fins run along the flashlight’s body and make it easy to grip. Thanks to the heat-dissipating fins, the flashlight has a 30% larger cooling surface area. In addition, there are dimples on the body that prevents slippage from the grip even in wet conditions.

This tactical flashlight is impact resistant up to 1 meter. There is peace of mind knowing that if you accidentally drop your flashlight, it will still work just as perfectly as if it was brand new out of the box. 

The flashlight is also waterproof in accordance with IPX8 standards. Nitecore mentions that the SRT9 is submersible by 2 meters in water for 30 minutes, pull it out of the water, and it will still work just fine. 

I don’t see any scenario where you will need to immerse a LED flashlight in water for prolonged periods. That said, it helps prevent any damage from accidental drops in a water body.

Combined with the seamless die-cast body, the SRT9 delivers excellent cooling performance that keeps it working at its highest efficiency for longer periods. You will find the flashlight heating up significantly in the Turbo mode and cooling down quickly.

Nitecore states that the SRT9 has been designed as a tail-standing flashlight. But in reality, it’s difficult to keep the light balanced on the tailcap for long unless the surface is extremely flat.

There’s a stainless steel retaining ring on the top of that flashlight that protects the glass as well as the LED. The lens is made from a toughened ultra-clear mineral glass that has an anti-reflective coating.

Nitecore SRT9 Brightest Tactical Flashlight

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Beam Profile

Nitecore has used a textured Orange Peel reflector that delivers a smoother beam pattern. Also, the transition from hotspot to spill is more uniform. The spill angle is around 70 degrees for the white light. For the secondary LEDS, it’s around 50 degrees. This is expected as the reflector is designed to provide wide-angle lighting.

The SRT9 generates a nice flood beam, which has a wider angle rather than a more focused spot beam. That flood beam is really great in outdoor flashlights, especially with those other colored LEDs.

The color of the white beam is neutral and there’s a slight blue tinge near the edges of the spill. The hotspot is bright enough to highlight a specific area in the dark.



Now, I want to talk about the user interface because it’s definitely different. Don’t get me wrong. The UI is pretty simple and the flashlight can be turned on and off by using the tail switch. Once you turn it on, there’s a side beacon that blinks to indicate that the light is activated. It also acts as a location beacon in the dark.

When it comes to mode selection, the SRT9 has a smart selector ring. Those familiar with the SRT series for Nitecore,  may already know how this ring works. The ring is similar to the one used in the Nitecore SRT7GT flashlight. It’s located just below the head of the flashlight, right above the body. 

Simply twist that selector ring clockwise to pick which brightness level or LED color you need. From Ultralow to Turbo, the adjustment is stepless, and then you move into the other modes. 

Nitecore mentions that it has used a third-generation selector ring that offers better performance. The knurled design makes it easy to use and each twist is marked by a reassuring click. Still, I wish there were mode markings on the ring. Unless you remember the mode sequence you have no way to know which mode is already. 

If you don’t know how that smart ring works, I highly suggest you read the user manual just so that you can know what everything is. Also, be sure to play around with it just so that you get used to all of those settings.

Now that you know a bit about the user interface, let’s talk about the different brightness modes. With that primary white LED, you have the turbo mode, which as you know is 2,150 lumens. Then you have the Ultralow mode which is 0.1 lumen. 

Then of course you have the red, green, blue, and UV light along with a strobe mode. With this in mind, this tactical flashlight really shines using those multi-colored LEDs. 

If you’re looking for a flashlight where you just need that primary white LED, I might steer you away from this one. In that case, you may prefer a flashlight with just white LEDs and a better throw.

However, if you’re an outdoors person and you need the RGB colors along with UV light, the Nitecore SRT9 is an excellent light. It’s easy to get used to and those different colored LEDs do come in handy.

Nitecore SRT9 Orange Peel Reflector

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Included Accessories

The SRT9 doesn’t pack much in terms of accessories but covers all the essentials. To start with, the nylon holster feels robust and makes carrying the flashlight easier,

The attached stainless steel clip is good but not the best quality we have seen from Nitecore. It works well while attaching the flashlight to a pocket or a belt. But it’s not sturdy enough to connect the light with the brim of a hat. In any case, the SRT9 is too heavy to be used as a headlamp.


Let’s move on to the batteries. The SRT9 is powered by either two 18650 lithium-ion batteries or four CR123 batteries. Note, the runtime varies depending on the batteries. The 18650 li-ion guarantees higher run times and you really will want to use that for long outdoor trips.

It’s always great when flashlights give you multiple options. You are not limited to a single type of battery, and if the 18650 batteries run out, you can go ahead and put some CR123s in there. 

The downside is, this isn’t a ‌USB rechargeable flashlight. If you prefer using flashlights with batteries that can be topped with a USB charger, look elsewhere.

The SRT9 tactical flashlight does come with a battery power indicator. It’s a little blue indicator light on the body of the flashlight that blinks once every two seconds when the battery power level is about 50%. 

Then it will blink rapidly when the battery power level drops below 10%. This is a practical feature, as you don’t have to worry when your batteries are going to run out. 

The battery runtime is good in the turbo mode and the output remains linear. In the Ultralow mode, the runtime gets extended to 250 hours. However, most users will use the SRT9 somewhere in-between these two modes.

Due to the thermal regulation, the max output doesn’t last long. The cooling mechanism kicks in after a few minutes and once the temperature drops, the output rises again depending on the battery level.

Dimensions and Weight

Coming to the dimensions, the SRT9 is 148 mm (5.83 inches) in length and the head diameter is 40 mm. It’s larger than typical EDC flashlights but not too big either. It won’t fit into small pockets though. The weight without the batteries is 7.9 oz. (224 g).


  • Great build quality and ergonomics
  • Well-designed selector ring
  • Superb heat management
  • No aggressive step-downs



  • Lacks ring markings
  • Too long to fit into small pockets
  • Lacks integrated charging



With five different colors, this is a versatile flashlight with plenty of practical features. That said, the Nitecore SRT9  isn’t perfect. If you want a typical EDC or keychain flashlight, there are more compact options like the Nitecore Tini 2.  It also lacks the incredible beam throw of flashlights like the Fenix HT30R

But the excellent battery life and the functionality of the selector ring set the SRT9 apart. I also like the feel of the flashlight and it’s super comfortable in your hand.

In conclusion, this is a great outdoor flashlight. If you prefer using a flashlight with multi-color LEDs, it’s definitely worth a look. Nitecore has never let me down and I’m certain they won’t let you down either.

Check out the upgraded model on Amazon

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