Nitecore Tactical Flashlight Review – Nitecore P22R 1800 Lumens


If I had to pick, I’d say Nitecore might be one of my favorite brands because they create incredible tactical flashlights that are really durable. So I came across the Nightcore P22R tactical flashlights and, of course, I had to review this. It’s an impressive handheld tactical flashlight that’s a little too big to be considered everyday carry. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty simple flashlight to bring with you. So let’s get into the features of this LED flashlight and I’ll tell you my opinions at the end.

Ultra Powerful Nitecore Flashlight

The Nitecore P22R delivers 1800 lumens, a great amount of light. It features a more focused beam so you have a nice hot spot that diffuses into that spill. It has a maximum beam distance of 262 meters. So the beam is going to be a good balance between the hot spot and spill.

The P22R is about 6 inches in length. The design on the LED flashlight itself is fairly unique, a little different from other tactical flashlights. You’ll notice that there are two small sections on the flashlight with a knurled texture rather than having knurled texture all over the body of the light. It gives the flashlight itself a different look from other lights on the market. 

Nitecore P22R Tactical Flashlight User Interface

best tactical flashlight nitecore p22r

The user interface on this LED flashlight is quite robust. It features dual tail switches which are by far my favorite tactical flashlight user interface. With the main switch you’ll have a momentary on and will be able to turn on and off the flashlight. With the secondary switch, you have an instant strobe you can access whether the flashlight is on or off. Just hold the switch down to get the strobe and, when the light is on, click the switch to cycle through the brightness levels. I’m seeing this dual switch design on more and more tactical flashlights and I really like it. It’s intuitive and a quick operation.

Multiple Outputs on the Nitecore P22R

The P22R features four brightness levels and a strobe mode. You have the turbo at 1800 lumens, high at 380 lumens, mid at 75 lumens, and low at 1 lumen. With that low mode you’ll be seeing a maximum run time of 250 hours which is really impressive for this tactical flashlight. I have to say I’m a little disappointed not to see another brightness level in between the high 380 lumens and the turbo 1800 lumens. This is a huge jump between numbers and I think they could have made a 1000 lumen or 900 lumen brightness level to go in between the two.

Three User Modes on the Nitecore P22R

One feature that makes this flashlight so versatile is that it has three user modes. The first mode is the Daily Mode where you have access to a momentary on, a memory mode, all four brightness levels, and the strobe. Cycling through the brightness levels, you’ll go from low to high. This mode is pretty general, perfect for everyday carry or general use. It’s a good mode to have your flashlight in on most days I think.

best police flashlight nitecore p22r

Next is the Law Enforcement Mode where you can access the turbo mode and the mid mode as well as the strobe. There is no memory mode, so you will access the turbo mode anytime you turn the flashlight on. This is a great mode for police officers and security guards who need a couple brightness levels with instant access to turbo and strobe.

Finally you have the Tactical Mode where you can only access the turbo and the strobe. This is a great mode for extreme tactical situations where self-defense may be necessary. Between these three modes, all tactical modes seem to be covered. If you’re using the flashlight as a general use tactical flashlight, that Daily Mode is the way to go. If you’re using it as a police officer or security guard, that Law Enforcement Mode or Tactical Mode may be perfect. You can switch between the modes pretty easily which is definitely a plus.

Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

To top it all off, the Nitecore P22R tactical flashlight is USB-C rechargeable! That means you’re going to have a faster charging time on this flashlight than with a micro USB flashlight. Unlike other rechargeable flashlights that will feature a small silicone protective cover on the port, the P22R features a rotary design that allows you to twist it to reveal the USB-C port. I do like this design because with many other silicone covers you can pop them off by accident, especially if you don’t push them down all the way. With this rotary switch, you don’t really need to worry about losing that port cover.

nitecore p22r rechargeable tactical flashlight

Also, the USB-C port in the flashlight is waterproof so if you forget to close off the port and take the flashlight out in the rain, you should be totally fine. I really appreciate any manufacturer that makes the USB port waterproof because it can be really easy to pop the silicone cover off or to just forget to cover the port.

This is an 18650 flashlight and can run on two CR123 batteries. There is a power indicator on the tailcap that flashes and lets you know how full the battery is. It’s a good idea to check on that from time to time. I was surprised that this flashlight is not a 21700 flashlight, but I still do appreciate 18650 flashlights. 18650 lithium-ion batteries are still a great option.

Final Thoughts

Pros: There’s a lot to like with this flashlight and it has a lot of unique features. I appreciate the high output of 1800 lumens and the 3 user modes are really great. I also really like the tactical dual tail switches. This is by far my favorite user interface for any tactical flashlight. The USB-C charging function is great and I really do like the rotary cover for the USB-C port.

Cons: As I mentioned before, I’m not really a huge fan that there’s not an in between the turbo and the high. It’s just too big of a brightness level jump.

Conclusion: Nitecore has impressed me again! I’m not in the least surprised because they are a phenomenal brand. I think that this is one of the best tactical flashlights because it’s so versatile and features those three user modes that are great for any tactical situation. So if you’re a police officer or security guard or are wanting a tactical flashlight, check out the Nitecore P22R.