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Olight Arkfeld Flashlight Review

In the crowded market of EDC flashlights, it’s not easy to come up with a product that is impressive at every level. Olight has a solid reputation when it comes to illumination and with the Arklight, it has tried to combine solid performance with cutting-edge features.

The Arkfeld is a uniquely designed flashlight with a built-in laser pointer. And the fact is, not many flashlights and laser combos are designed well enough to make them worth buying.

Does the Olight Arkfeld deliver the right level of performance?

Yes, it does. Even though the Arkfeld has a few limitations, I consider it a solid product in every aspect.

Let’s dig deeper and find out more.

olight arkfeld colors

1.1 What Is Included in the Box?

The Arkfield is nicely packaged in a white box with a pull tab on top. It doesn’t pack a ton of accessories and includes three items. But they are enough to start using the light right off the bat. 

Here’s what you find inside the box.

  • The flashlight
  • Proprietary MCC3 magnetic charging cable
  • User manual
arkfeld in box

1.2 Olight Arkfeld Flashlight: Overall

Once you unbox the flashlight, the first thing that stands out is the form factor. The Olight Warrior Mini 2 has a killer design but the Arkfeld beats that with its unique shape.

Unlike other cylindrical EDC flashlights, the Arkfeld has a flat rectangular shape. Keep it lying on the table and someone can easily mistake it for a TV remote.

I find flat flashlights easier to keep in a bag or in a pocket. If you are used to handling cylindrical flashlights, you will be pleasantly surprised by the overall ergonomics of the Arkfeld. 

The body of the Arkfeld is machined from a single rectangular bar of aluminum alloy and the edges are nicely curved. As expected from Olight, the build quality of the Arkfeld is fantastic. 

It has an IPX7 waterproof rating and is resistant to drops from 1 meter. The Arkfeld is available in multiple bold colors. I picked the desert tan version and the surface finish looks great.

The top surface contains the central button with an outer ring. On the other side, there’s a sturdy and tight pocket clip. Admittedly, it’s not the best clip for deep carry. I wish Olight had used a reversible clip as in the Olight Baton 3 to provide a more secure carry.

Below the central button, there’s a battery level indicator. When you switch the light on, the indicator displays the battery level. Whether you use the Arkfeld in a pencil grip or a forward grip, the button is easy to operate.

The bottom face contains a built-in magnetic charging port that connects to the charger. The magnet also allows you to attach the light to any metal surface- a feature that comes in handy when you need to use both hands under the hood.

The Arkfeld is super compact with a length of 4.33 inches and a width of 0.98 inches. And since the thickness is just 0.59 inches it simply vanishes in a pocket. Weighing just 3.07oz, it’s an ultralight option too.

1.3 Specifications

Note, the Arkfeld is available in two color temperatures. You can choose from cool white LED (5700K~6700K) and neutral white LED (4000k~5000K) options. Olight was sticking to high-performance cool white flashlights for some time. It’s great that they are offering the neutral white option to users with the newer models.

Considering the small form factor, the Arkfeld delivers an impressive top output of 1000 lumens in Turbo mode. Apart from the white light LED, Olight has also added a green laser to the Arkfeld.

The max light intensity is 2,560 candela. The max beam distance is 331 feet (101 meters) and the light meets the throw specifications that Olight has listed.

Olight doesn’t reveal the LED-type used in the Arkfield. The beam has a decent amount of spill and the hotspot is very bright. As expected from Olight, the output is super stable.

The green emitter is a Class 1 laser with an output of ≤0.39mW. The running time for the laser is 122 hours. This isn’t the brightest laser you will find, but it is powerful enough to function as a laser pointer. But don’t expect the laser to be visible on a bright sunny day. 

While Olight doesn’t have the best UI among the top flashlight brands, it isn’t something that I would complain about. The UI in the Arkfeld is simple and a quick look at the manual will be enough for regular users.

arkfeld buttons

1.4 Lighting Modes

The Arkfeld has 5 brightness levels and an additional strobe mode that is activated by triple-clicking the button. Holding the central button allows you to cycle through the modes. Double-clicking will activate the Turbo mode. The snappy outer ring allows you to toggle between the flashlight and the laser. 

The Arklight also has a memory function that remembers the last setting (except strobe and turbo mode). There’s no mechanical lockout, but holding down the central button while the light is off activates the electronic lockout.

It goes without saying that the Arkfield is too small to deliver the max output of 1000 lumens for long periods. To control the heat generation, it steps down to Mode 2 after around 3 minutes. In reality, you don’t need to use 1000 lumens for more than a minute or so during regular activity. 

Interestingly, the Arkfeld also has two timer modes for turning the light off automatically. These are 9 minutes and 3 minutes long. 

Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Mode 4 Mode 5
Output  1,000~300  300~60 lumens 60 lumens 15 lumens 1 lumen
Runtime  4+110 minutes 126+34 minutes 11h+50 minutes 41 hours 8 days
Beam distance         Max. 101 meters 56 meters 25 meters 12 meters 3 meters

1.5 Features

Time to take a quick look at the main features of the Olight Arkfeld.

  • The flat shape and ultra-thin profile make it easy to fit in a pocket or a tool kit.
  • Easy to operate through the central button and selector. 
  • The output is timed to prevent overheating.
  • The strobe mode delivers 1000 lumens which makes it great for self-defense.
  • Multiple lighting modes including a moonlight mode to preserve battery life.
  • Olight offers a 2-year warranty on the Arkfeld. The charging cable is covered by a 1-year warranty.

1.6 Batteries and Charging

The Arkfeld is powered by a 1050mAh lithium polymer battery that’s inaccessible. So there’s no question of using compatible batteries. Olight packs its standard MCC3 Magnetic USB charging cable with the Arkfeld. The LED indicator of the cable glows red while charging and turns green once the battery is fully charged

I have used this charger with the Olight Warrior 3 and it’s easy to connect. The charging time is over 2 hours and considering the battery size it isn’t very fast. It seems Olight has reduced the charging speed to extend battery life.

For me, magnetic charging is as convenient as using a standard USB-C charger. However, if you want a flashlight that can use multiple battery types, look elsewhere.

olight arkfeld specifications

1.7 Pricing

Compared to other cheaper LED flashlights available on Amazon, the Olight Arkfeld may seem pricey. Even the Fenix PD35R which has a higher peak output, is available at a cheaper price at present.

But keep in mind that Arkfield has excellent ergonomics and packs a UV light as well. Besides, it shines in terms of build quality and light output. 

One flashlight that can compete with the Arkfeld is the Streamlight Wedge and it has a slightly lower price tag. However, the Wedge lacks a laser mode and has only two light modes. Considering the overall performance in this size range, the Arkfeld offers better value with its $89.99 price tag. 

In case you don’t need a laser pointer and prefer a smaller keychain flashlight, check out the Nitecore Tini 2.

1.8 Who Should Use the Olight Arkfeld Flashlight?

Anyone looking for a reliable EDC flashlight will find the Arkfeld a solid option. It has all the features for indoor use during emergencies and also works in outdoor situations like a walk in the dark. And let’s not forget that the laser pointer is a practical choice for teachers or contractors.

arkfeld dimensions


  • Excellent fit and finish along with good durability. 
  • Great ergonomics
  • Available in two LED options
  • Magnetic charging
  • Built-in laser pointer


  • Only uses the built-in battery
  • Lacks USB-C charging

Final Thoughts

Quite simply, Olight has done a great job in combining a laser and a flashlight and delivering a rechargeable flashlight with an unusual but super-functional design. And even with its compact form factor, the Arkfeld packs a punch with its output. 

The Olight Arkfeld flashlight is an easy-to-use EDC tool and the best light+laser combo on the market at present. Without a doubt, it’s a rare dual-light source flashlight that I would recommend without a second thought.

Go for it!

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