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Olight Maverick M10 – EDC Flashlight Review

EDC Flashlight Reviews – Olight Maverick M10

I’ve been focusing on a lot of tactical flashlights as of late and I want to now focus on a flashlight that fits more in the everyday carry category than the tactical. So today I want to talk about the Olight M10 Maverick, a pocket flashlight that you quickly grow to love. It’s part of Olight’s beloved M series flashlights and once you know more about this flashlight, you’ll love it too. The M10 is an excellent EDC light, but it also has some tactical flashlight features which is what I like to see in everyday carry flashlights. As usual, I’ll talk about the different features of the M10, the pros and cons, and final thoughts. So without further delay, let’s start this flashlight review!

Olight Maverick M10 Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight Review – Olight M10 Maverick

So why review the Olight M10? Well, what really attracted me to this flashlight at first was the design and the size. It’s thick enough that you can easily hold it with one hand while your thumb is ready on that tail switch. It’s compact enough that I can carry it in my pocket and it’s very lightweight. So I picked one up for myself and tried it out for a bit to see if it would meet my expectations.

Powerful EDC Light

Don’t get me wrong, I love the really powerful thrower flashlights and the 2000 lumen tactical flashlights, but there’s something simple and efficient about a flashlight like the M10 that delivers 350 lumens. Of course, I get really excited and stoked to see just how powerful the newest tactical flashlights are, but I really don’t use the turbo mode on many flashlights nearly as often as I use the medium or low modes. With a flashlight like the M10, I’ll be using the turbo mode more often than I would a more powerful flashlight.

The M10 is equipped with a CREE XM L2 LED and has a maximum beam distance of 107 meters. What I really like about the beam is the width of it. It illuminates the area around you nicely. I know some people prefer a more focused beam for their EDC lights, but I really rather have a wider and more diffused beam.

Since the Olight M10 is discontinued, we would recommend checking out the M1X Striker! You can see it below.

It’s always great to see a flashlight, specifically EDC, that has an easy to understand user interface. The M10 has a tail switch and a side switch. The tail switch turns ON and OFF the flashlight while the side switch allows you to cycle through the three different brightness levels. For the outputs you have Turbo which is 350 lumens, Medium which is 80 lumens, and Low which is 5 lumens. This is a great range and you’ll be surprised by how much 350 lumens will illuminate. For your standard suburban backyard, the 350 lumens will definitely illuminate what you need it to.

There’s more to the user interface that’s important to know. The M10 does have a memory function so if you prefer to leave it in the medium or low mode then just turn the flashlight off in that mode and when you turn it back on it’ll remain in that mode. If you want to immediately access the turbo mode you can by just double tapping the tail switch.

Olight Tactical

Tactical Flashlight Features

So this flashlight was made with some tactical features in mind which is brilliant considering you don’t see a lot of smaller tactical flashlights. So first, I’m really excited to see that the M10 has a momentary-on function. Simply press the tail switch slightly and the light will turn on immediately. Then you can press the switch further for constant-on or just remove your finger and the light will turn off. In any tactical flashlight momentary-on is a must-have feature. This way if you find yourself in a dicey situation you can immediately access the light and not wait any longer to click the switch all the way.

To access the strobe mode on the M10 you can either triple tap the tail switch or hold down the side switch while the flashlight is ON. It’s excellent to see that you can access the strobe mode from either switch. Usually with a tactical flashlight that has a side and tail switch you can only access the strobe mode using the tail switch. In this case, you can access either so you don’t need to worry about fumbling around trying to get to the strobe mode.

I’m a huge fan of memory functions because it’s a great way to conserve the battery or continually use one specific brightness level. But I love that you can access the turbo mode on the M10 at any time by double clicking the tail switch. This way, if you need to access that turbo mode immediately you can without needing to turn the light on and then cycle through the modes. In a tactical flashlight, you want fast, convenient, and intuitive. That’s a perfect description of the M10’s interface.

Extra Details

A little thing that attracted me to the M10 Maverick is the two way pocket clip. I think it’s great that you can choose which way you prefer to pocket the flashlight and it gives you a few options. I’ve seen some people use the two way clip to clip the flashlight onto their baseball caps and I’ve seen others clip it to their shirts. I usually just clip it to my pocket, but I like that you have options with the two way clip.

The M10 runs on a single CR123A battery. If you’re a flashlight enthusiasts, odds are you have several of these batteries in your stock. If you don’t have these batteries, no worries. They’re very inexpensive and pretty easy to find. The M10 comes with a spare rubber tailcap button in case your tailcap button gets beat up or torn up somehow. I haven’t seen that happen yet, but if your dog got ahold of your flashlight then it could probably happen. It also comes with a comfortable and sturdy lanyard which is nice.


I’m a huge fan of the balance between the tactical and everyday carry sides of this flashlight. I think Olight did a great job melding the two categories together in the M10 flashlight. I like the wide and diffused beam that allows you to see the area around you rather than just a focused beam. I also really like the user interface. It’s easy to pick up on, very intuitive, and doesn’t require me to remember a lot about how the flashlight works. At this point that’s a major benefit with how many flashlights I have.


My only complaint about this flashlight is that I wish there was a lock out function. I’m concerned that the light will turn on by accident in my pocket or in my bag and it will just waste the battery. With any light that has a protruding side switch I think it should also have a lock out function for it.  This flashlight may be difficult to find since it is discontinued.  We would recommend the Olight M1X Striker or the Klarus XT2C which can be found below.

Olight M1X Striker 1000 Lumens Cree XM-L2 LED Flashlight Double Switch Tail Switch 18650 Battery Tactical Olight Flashlight Klarus Upgraded XT2C 1100 Lumens Tactical Every Day Carry LED Flashlight w/ Klarus 18650 Battery

Final Thoughts

Wow did this flashlight meet my expectations! I am so pleased to see an everyday carry flashlight that has important tactical flashlight features. I’ve heard the M10 Maverick makes a perfect back up flashlight for law enforcement officers or security guards and I can see why. It’s so lightweight, compact, and has all the features you need.

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