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Olight Warrior X Pro Tactical Flashlight Review

Olight always comes out with interesting tactical flashlights and I’m excited to review this one. Today I’ll be reviewing the Olight Warrior X Pro which is an upgraded version of the Warrior X. Now I haven’t actually had the Warrior X so I don’t really know anything about it. This means I’m reviewing the Warrior X Pro with fresh eyes. I can definitely tell you that this flashlight is interesting and quite a bit different from many other tactical flashlights on the market. In this review I’ll go over the features of the Warrior X Pro and tell you my opinion overall.

Upgraded Olight Warrior Tactical Flashlight

best tactical flashlight olight warrior x pro

As I said before, this is an upgraded version of an already beloved Olight flashlight. I had seen the Warrior X and considered reviewing it, but it just never crossed my path. I’m excited however to review the Olight Warrior X Pro. I really like the look of it, as I do with most Olight flashlights. It has a really good tactical bezel that could do quite a bit of damage if necessary. It has a removable pocket clip which is always a plus. This LED flashlight is 5.87 inches in length so you could consider it an everyday carry flashlight if you wanted to. I probably wouldn’t carry it as an everyday carry just due to the design of the flashlight itself. But it could easily be put in a car or carried on duty.

I do want to talk a little bit about the holster that the flashlight comes with. One of the first things I noticed is that the holster closes with a magnet rather than velcro. I think it’s great that it closes with a magnet. I’d like to see more flashlight holsters using magnets rather than velcro especially since velcro wears down. I also really appreciate how thick and sturdy this holster is though it is a little on the wide side which I know could bother some people. The good thing about the holster being wide is that you can actually carry the flashlight either bezel down or bezel up, whichever your preference is. With most flashlights I review, I find that the flashlight will need to go either bezel up or bezel down. More often than not you don’t get a choice so good on Olight for this one.

Also, this holster has a hole on the bottom of it which actually serves a couple purposes. First all, if you put the flashlight bezel down, you’ll notice if the flashlight is accidentally turned on. LED flashlights, especially powerful ones, get extremely hot very fast. Many of you may have already experienced this, but if a flashlight turns on in the holster and stays on for a period of time, it can often burn the holster. Having the hole not only allows the heat to go through rather than directly into the holster, but it also allows you to see the light and turn the flashlight off to prevent any further damage. Not only that, having the flashlight on can drain your battery so it’s just good to know if your flashlight accidentally turned on.

If you were to put the Warrior X Pro bezel up, the tail switch would rest on the hole. This prevents any accidental illumination. It’s actually very difficult to press the switch through the hole in the holster. With that being the case, you don’t need to worry about the flashlight turning on accidentally meaning that your holster and battery are safe again. It’s a great holster and I can see myself using it for more than just this tactical light. 

2250 Lumen LED Flashlight

I was impressed by the lumen output of this fairly compact flashlight. It delivers 2250 lumens and features an extremely defined hotspot. Not surprising considering that the maximum beam distance is 600 meters. I’m actually extremely impressed with that beam distance. This flashlight is like a mini throw light. I’m a really big fan of compact flashlights that have a really good throw to them. A lot of throw lights are larger either with massive and bulky heads like that of the AceBeam K75 or it’s just extremely long, usually requiring two batteries. This LED flashlight is not going to have an incredible beam throw the way the AceBeam K75 does. Nonetheless, 600 meters of beam throw from a flashlight that’s less than 6 inches is extremely impressive. Not only that, but it’s an easy flashlight to carry around.

Interesting Tactical UI

olight tactical flashlight warrior x pro

I’m going to be upfront about the user interface. I’m not the biggest fan of it. It definitely takes some getting used to even though it is fairly simple. To better understand the user interface, let’s talk about the multiple brightness levels first. There are only two brightness levels. You have high of 2250 lumens and you have low of 300 lumens and that’s it. Now the high 2250 lumens is actually more of a burst mode. According to the specs on this Olight flashlight, the 2250 lumens will last 2 minutes before it drops to 1000 lumens which will then last 100 minutes and then will drop to 300 lumens which it will then last 23 minutes. The low is 300 lumens and is going to give you a maximum run time of 8 hours.

I bet you know what I’m going to stay here. I want more outputs. At the very least, I want a lower brightness level. 300 lumens is still very powerful and is just too bright in small spaces. Not only that, I’d like to see a strobe mode. I prefer my tactical flashlights to have a strobe mode and I’m extremely disappointed that this one doesn’t. I do like that Olight tells you the drop time on the high mode. Dropping from 2250 lumens to 1000 lumens is pretty good. 1000 lumens is still a great amount of light as a duty flashlight or just as a general use tactical flashlight. Also, the high mode lasts 100 minutes so you do get a decent run time.

Now that we’ve covered the multiple outputs, let’s talk about the actual operation. You have a single tail switch with the Warrior X Pro light. The tail switch is metal and features these little teeth around it to help prevent any accidental illumination which is a little touch I appreciate. You can do a quick half press to go to low or a full press to go to high. You have to push and hold for momentary on. It sounds simple enough, but it’s not as intuitive as I would like it to be. I would have preferred the half press be momentary on and the push and hold to go to low. I’m so used to tactical flashlights having an instant momentary on that it throws me off that the momentary on is accessed by pressing and holding. So even though there’s really not much to this user interface, it still doesn’t feel intuitive to me. I like how simple it is, but I really wish that the quick press to low and the push and hold for momentary on were switched around.

21700 Rechargeable Flashlight

rechargeable olight flashlight warrior x pro

The Olight Warrior X Pro is a 21700 flashlight! Not only that, it’s a rechargeable flashlight! It features a magnetic charging function with a 2A fast-charging. With a 21700 battery, you definitely want a faster charge. They can take a while to charge. I really do like the magnetic charging. The magnetic cable secures onto the charging port nicely and I like that it makes the tail cap magnetic. So you can attach this flashlight to metal surfaces.

There’s a downside to the magnetic charging function. Not only do you have a proprietary charging cable which, thankfully, Olight provides, you also have a proprietary battery. Olight does provide this battery as well, but it means you can’t use any of your other 21700 batteries. If you want backup batteries, you’ll have to buy this particular battery. This is a not actually uncommon for Olight magnetic rechargeable lights. Earlier this year I reviewed the Olight M2R rechargeable flashlight and it has the same thing going for it with the magnetic charging and the proprietary battery. The good news is that Olight does provide you with both the cable and the battery so you can use this flashlight right out the box.

Final Thoughts

Pros: I like the look of this flashlight and the feel of it. Olight creates durable designs for their flashlights and the Sarrior X Pro is no exception. I do like that it’s a 21700 flashlight and that it is rechargeable. That strike bezel is also pretty intense and very tactical. I also really like the beam throw on this. It’s a really nice focused hotspot that gives you a good distance. I appreciate those handheld throw lights that are compact.

Cons: I’m not a fan of the user interface. I really think Olight should have the half press for momentary on and the press and hold for the low mode. Not only that, I would have really liked to see a moonlight mode in this flashlight.

Conclusion: Olight always creates interesting LED flashlights that are very innovative. This is an extremely bright tactical flashlight and it would make a great flashlight for police officers, security, and other law enforcement personnel. If you’re a fan of Olight products, I do recommend this particular flashlight. So if you’re wanting a high-powered rechargeable tactical flashlight, check out the Olight Warrior X Pro.

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