Powerful Searchlight – Acebeam K75 6300 Lumen Flashlight


I know I recently reviewed a searchlight, the Streamlight ProTac HL 5-X, but it got me looking into other searchlights and I found another one that caught my eye. The Acebeam K75 searchlight is a unique looking light that boasts an insane peak beam intensity and output. So today I’m going to look at the Acebeam K75 searchlight, talk about its features, talk about some pros and cons and give you my overall opinion.

6300 Lumen Searchlight

First of all I want to say that this light is not for everyone, but it is definitely a lot of fun to play with. The size of the flashlight makes it difficult to carry anywhere. The length of it is not so bad at 8.5 inches, but the head diameter is nearly 5 inches whereas the body diameter is about 2 inches. This extremely enlarged head is going to give you a super amazing hotspot and spill but makes it cumbersome to carry around. The good news is that this flashlight does come with a removable handle which is going to make carrying it a lot easier.

acebeam flashlight k75

This LED searchlight delivers 6300 lumens which is definitely an impressive amount of light but what really caught my eye was the peak beam intensity of 1,562,500 candelas. So you’re going to get an amazing hotspot that will shoot clearly into the distance giving you incredible sight super far away. In fact the maximum distance on this light is 2500 meters which is mind-blowing to say the least. This may be one of the best searchlights on the market today due to that amazing beam intensity and beam throw distance.

Acebeam K75 Operation

So how do you operate this LED flashlight beast? It actually is operated using a single side switch so the light itself may look intimidating but the operation is not. You just single click for on and off and long press to cycle through the different outfits. The side switch also comes with a few shortcuts including a double-clicked for turbo and a triple click for strobe. You can also lock this flashlight out and, given how powerful that output is, it’s a good idea to have a lockout feature. Simply hold the side switch for 5 seconds to lock or unlock the flashlight. Simple and straightforward which is exactly how I like my user interfaces on any LED tactical flashlight.

Power Mode and Eco Mode

Normally I would discuss the outputs before discussing any modes or settings on the flashlight, but the settings on the K75 change up the outputs so I’m going to talk about those first. You’ve got two settings to choose from with the K75 throw light. You have the Power Mode and the Eco Mode. The biggest difference between the two is the outputs and the run times. The Power Mode is going to have that 6300 lumen turbo whereas the Eco Mode has less than half of that for its turbo mode. If you’re really not needing 6300 lumens and would prefer to conserve energy, that Eco Mode is really the way to go and it’s great that Acebeam included these two settings to choose between.

best throw light acebeam k75

Acebeam K75 Multiple Outputs

So the Acebeam K75 does have multiple outputs and, like I said before, it depends on which setting you have the LED flashlight in. So let’s look at the brightness levels on the Power Mode first. You have the turbo mode of 6300 lumens, the high of 2500 lumens, the mid 2 of 1250 lumens, the mid 1 of 380 lumens, the low of 150 lumens, and the ultra-low of 7 lumens.

The Eco Mode has a turbo of 3000 lumens, high of 1700 lumens, mid 2 of 600, mid 1 of 250 lumens, low of 150 lumens, and ultra-low of 7 lumens. So you can see the difference between the Power Mode and Eco Mode. The Power Mode is great if you’re needing to see extremely far away and the Eco Mode is great if you just need to conserve that battery.

The good news is that it’s easy to switch between the two settings. So you could switch between settings at any time without too much fuss. It’s also easy to remember how to switch settings because all you need to do is lock out the flashlight and then tap the side switch 10 times. If the light goes from dim to bright that means it’s in the Power Mode and if it goes from bright to dim it means it’s in the Eco Mode. Once you do it for the first couple times, it’s really easy to remember.

18650 Flashlight

The Acebeam K75 takes four 18650 batteries which isn’t surprising given how powerful this flashlight and how large it is at that. By using the Eco Mode, your batteries could very much last a long time. In fact, the maximum run time in the ultra-low mode is 7.5 days which definitely blew me away.

acebeam k75 searchlight

One thing you want to remember with this flashlight is that not all 18650 batteries may fit. It comes with a battery carrier that rests inside the body of the flashlight so you want to make sure that you’ve got a battery that fits. Acebeam recommends using their own 18650 batteries so you could go with that option. If you do choose to purchase any other 18650 batteries, I would recommend that they match the dimensions of the Acebeam 18650 batteries. This way, they’ll be more likely to fit inside this battery carrier

This throw light also features a power indicator so you’ll know the status of the battery anytime you want to. Given how long the flashlight run times are, it’s a good idea to occasionally check your power indicator to get an idea of where your batteries are at so that you know when it’s time to change them out. It’s always positive to have a power indicator especially in any searchlight or outdoor light.

Final Thoughts

Pros: Wow is that beam pattern amazing! 2500 meters is such an incredible being throw and that peak beam intensity is just impressive. This whole flashlight is really just astounding. Given the enlarged head and length of the flashlight, I think it’s a good idea that Acebeam included the removable handle so it gives you an easier way to carry the light. I also like the two different settings that you can choose between. Since the light isn’t rechargeable, I like that you can choose the Eco Mode over the Power Mode to conserve the batteries’ power.

Cons: I would have liked to see this flashlight be rechargeable in some way or even the battery carrier to be rechargeable. One way or another, rechargeable flashlights are becoming more of a necessity for flashlight users so I would have really liked to see some sort of recharging capability with this light.

Conclusion: If you’re searching for the perfect throw light, I don’t think you can get better than the Acebeam K75. 6300 lumens is amazing and the super intense hotspot really allows you to see extremely far away. This is just one incredible searchlight. So if you’re wanting a powerful LED flashlight, make sure to check out the Acebeam K75 searchlight.